Feb 28, 2010

Les Filles Gamines Qui Ne Parlent Pas Le Francais

My good friend Dorothy Button is such a 'natch at gamine style that I was inspired to shoot her look of the day + also come up with a version of my own. (Notice how my look is more like trannie gamine). *giggles*
My homie BettiePage Voyager was kind enough to pass me last year's Starlust Hunt gifts (which included this too-cute pink "balls" heavy-bangs updo) + her lovely double purse (with handy-dandy texture change options). Being a girlie-girl of the biggest, most unapologetic kind, I just had to combine these pink + red hues. (*NOTE: Some of these gifts are going bye-bye at the end of the month, so if you like any of 'em you might wanna scoopy now).
Dorothy's look is more of the true gamine, complete with this frothy-light nude pink chemise slipdress + adorable bangs-heavy hair. Her stockings + boots combo are just perfection with this single-button overcoat. *faints, dies*
This post title came about 'cuz a bunch of us were sitting around discussing how much our French rather sux. (At least mine does. Particularly shameful for someone who used to live there for a good bit). Naturally, I had to title this post accordingly. LOL.

Btw in case you didn't know, Dorothy is kinda a mad genius when it comes to interiors. (More on that later). Gamine love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's permanently in luhs with the gamine, in any life)
on Tesh:
Double purse: BP - BP* gamaguchi bag /w/click!texture change/feb2010 - group gift (join group for $0L; look in Notices) - free
BP @ Starlust - BP*'s Starlust Valentine Hair! Black 2009 (last year's Starlust Hunt gift) - previously free
Leafy - Miso - Lune_Strawberry Fields - lucky board prize - free
Dress: Aurora Shop - Aurora Shop Slip Dress - Red Packets Hunt gift - free
Gloves: Cupcakes - Devil Gloves
Socks: Honey Kitty - *H+K*(Cream-kikilala)lace dot socks
Earrings: Glow Studio - Red Diamond Valentines (Starlust Hunt gift) - previously free
Shoes: N-Core - High School XtremeHeel Red
Tattoo: CyberStarBodyArt - CSBA_full_body_tattoo_Mehndi_2_2_colours_10_pcs - former MM board gift - previously free
Atelier AM - AA Chinese headpiece *red - Red Packets Hunt gift - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes - Raven
Lashes: Glow Studio - Avantgarde. eyelashes - Linka's - previous $14L sale

on Dorothy Button:
Skin: Curio - :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Winter-Toasty
Hair: Maitreya - Alex - Coffee
Headband: LaGayo - Famous Lady headband white
Jacket: &Bean - Maps! \o/ Jacket
Necklace: Yummy - Portrait Necklace
Dress: Nylon Outfitters - Well Loved Dress - Tope
Undershirt: fri.day - Basic Cami (White) - free
Arm warmers: Maitreya - Armwarmers Black
Stockings: 5th & Oxford - The Tease - Stockings *NUDE* - previous 50L Friday sale
Boots: COCO - FlatAnkleBoots (Christmas Gift) - previously free

Poses by: On The Cover; Flowey; and Creamy Cooljoke for the Free*Style Lair on Horst - pay as you want/free


Unknown said...

You both look adorable. Both these looks are gamine indeed.

Dorothy, just love your style!

Dorothy Button said...

Nobody calls Tesh a trannie and gets away with it! Except you called yourself one so I guess I'll let it slide. At any rate you're the most believable trannie I've ever seen. Like the kind that makes someone do a double take because they're not sure what they just saw. Mercy buckets for the mad props! xoxo

Tesh said...

Hey Elaine - thanks so much for reading + I sooo agree re: D's stylistic fierceness!! :O)))

D -- awww well you know what they say, we trannies bringz Tha Fierceness!! Hee hee


Gavin said...

Cool new post Tesh and Dorothy. You both look amazing. Both of you have awesome style. I can't wait to see your first post Dorothy.

You can be my French tutor Tesh. I'm sure you can teach me a lot. LOL

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