Feb 1, 2010

Love Hurts -- And You Like It

Hello everyone!! My name is LisaMun Aronowicz (or just Lisa:-)) and although I am not new to blogging, still this is my very first post in Tesh's blog:-)) Before I start, I just want to thank Tesh for giving me this honour to be part of her fantastic blog (just hope I don't mess it up LOL)!! Also, I hope you will all be patient with me if I don't meet the same standards you have been used to! *grin* But whatever I blog about is straight from the heart, that you can be sure of:-)) Ok, so here goes....

With Valentine's Day approaching (or looming, for some *grin*), it's a good time for my dear Erwin and I to reflect on our love for each other and on how easy it is to hurt the ones we love..but in our case, love never hurt so goooooooood *hee*

Missed me, Erwin dearie?

Behind every successful man is a good spanking, haven't you heard? *wink*

Having fun dear?

Our love runs deep...mmm...

Chains of love...

On me:
Dress: Bedroom Eyes Blue from Badkatz
Hair: Shakira from Ali&Ali
Choker: Pearl Necklace with Cross from Glitter
Gloves: Vivien from YV
Whip: Dragon's Tail Whip from Dictatorshop
Leash Handle: from Xcite
Boots: Gold Series Black from Utopia

On Erwin:
Collar: Tokon Collar from Xcite
Jeans: part of Destroyed V2 Dark Outfit from LaRosa
Hug & Kiss Hand Animation: from Meike
Kiss Feet Animation: from Xstreet
Cage: from Dictatorshop

P.S. No animal was abused during the preparation of this post *grin*

This is Lisa signing off on Tesh's blog at:


Tesh said...

Lisa -- this is an absolutely fantastic post. Thank you so much for sharing this peek into your lifestyle with us. Your pictures are awesome + I was LOL'ing thruout the entire thing. Welcome to the SLexy Fashionista crew lady!!



Anonymous said...

WELCOME LISA!!! WHAT AN INTRODUCTION...luv luv luv ur post and cant wait to see many many more. The pics are oh soooooooooo naughty and beautiful. Keep them coming our way! Dreamangel Larnia

Helloise McAllister said...

=) it's always nice to hear about all the different things SL/RL has to offer. Thank you so much Lisa for sharing with us bloggers!! Keep up the good work !!

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

awwww thank you Tesh, erwin and I truly enjoyed ourselves during the preparation of this post, specially when it came naturally to us LOL!!But I was nervous about how others will take it, and I'm really glad you found it entertaining LOL!! Hugs and xxxxxxx!

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome and I'm just happy that you all had no complaints about the post so far LOL! hugssss xxxxxxxx

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