Jul 29, 2010

London Legs

I've been in London for most of the summer, mainly attending garden parties (yawns!! on the immaculately manicured lawns), a few gallery openings, and a smidgen of work (even greater yawwwwwns!). However mainly just been hanging around, shopping and catching up with all the juicy goss!
There I was around the back of Covent Garden ( had to pop a review of some tedious insignificant off-westend parody play to the "Thesbians rag") having a small spritzer to quench my thirst, when guess who I see laden with bags and walking at 5000mph - Tesh, OMG!!! " what the hell are you doing here? you never call first".
Chat and banter ... yadi yadi yack yack yack ( joking xoxoox Tesh hahha).
A big thumbs up and congrat Tesh on ONE YEAR of Slexy!!!!! muah muah muah ( yes yes, we have been doing 3 muahs for ages over here, muah ( I do 4 now hehhe).

(click pic for full size)

Tesh insisted I blog my look, so here it is Tada! Just shorts and shirt I thought , but ok I took a photo and below are the details.
Must rush byeeeee everyone keep looking fabby and CONGRATS again Tesh!!

Armidi theWarehouse SALE shorts outfit: shorts & shirt with prim belt cuffs and sleeves. & shades. http://slurl.com/secondlife//43/176/712 . Lots of great deals to be had, I'm not sure how long the sale lasts, make sure to join the group first.
Maitreya Gold IXkin Champagne-Duo : sculpty feet. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Maitreya%20Isle/178/175/23
Curio skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Sunny-Parasol 2 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Curio/128/130/38
Coco: ShortVest_StripeGray waistcoat http://slurl.com/secondlife//43/176/712

Panda in the Garden

This gorges dress by M2M that you can scoop for $1L + a silly panda cap (that's actually much like the one I own in RL, heh) made me feel like a li'l garden stroll today.
There's several $1L scoopies you can grab at M2M, like another pretty "Damask" paisley print dress. Look for them on the upper back wall in this cute shack store. *mwuahs Yumi Chiuh*

On a personal note, I was so touched by the li'l surprise bday soiree last nite for SLexy! *mwuahs to G + all our SLexy friends*

Awwws love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's kinda like a panda bear stuck in an urban jungle)


Dress: M2M - Spring Balone-Dress - $1L
Mary Jane shoes: Bitter Bunnie - [BBD] Alice Heels ::Classy White - lucky board prize -
previously free
Panda hat: SOS-Nebula - PANDA-CAP **SOS-Nebula GACHA! - $0L gatcha prize (click for free every 2 minutes) - free
&Bean - Pillow Tan three SB FR
Dernier Cri @ Summer of Love - Heather - Jet
Pose by: Everglow

Jul 28, 2010

Happy Birfday SLexy Fashionista!

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since my very 1st blog post. A huge *mwuahs* to all of the SLexy friends who have inspired this blog + shared a laff with us along the way.
My look today was inspired by these brand-new droolworthy lace-up platform booties that my girl Indyra Seigo dropped on me. This luscious cherry color is the yumz. *mwuahs Indyra Seigo*

I was in a girlie braids kinda mood, so I slipped into this free poofy pigtails hair by Heart Softens. A free bohemian babydoll top by C'est La Vie, some free ripped denim by M*Motion + free striped sox by Sey finished this non-matchy matchy, technicolor look.
And now a huuuge smooch to mah SLexy crew: G (without whom there'd be no SLexy), Dream, Dorothy, Rene, Ethan, Catherine, Marg + our lovely guest bloggers like Sileny + Jasmine who have shared in our many adventures along the way.
Like we do in NYC: it's cocktails + cupcakes all around. *raises glass* Here's a cheers to another year of more fabby styles + silly SL adventures. SLexy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who does the mini finger applause for SLexy . . .WOOT!)


Boots: Indyra Originals - Coquette Noir 2.0-Addiction Boots: Red (new!)
Top: C'est La Vie - ::C'est la vie !:: groupgift tie-dye summer tunic[BOX] - group gift -
Hair: Heart Softens - .+*HS*+. Wedding Hair ::LOVE:: Mocha (buy sign on upper floor for
$0L; 2 more gifts on bottom floor; 4 lucky boards on bottom floor + 1 on top floor) group gift - free
Ripped light denim miniskirt: M*Motion - LCS Denim-Skirt AQUA - from Beach of Summer Set - lucky board prize -
Socks: Sey - :sey 3line sox-[LOxKE]grayxblue - group gift - free
Necklace: Ticky Tacky @ The Car Wash - Mama's Favorite Little Kitten Necklace -
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Tattoo Niu Kua_GoK
Skin: Dekade @ The Dressing Room - Brooke 2 - Sunkissed/Hair/L Brows/TDR - $70L
Nails: Candy Nail - #P050 Pure Red
Poses by: Ks2cool - Poses93-100 - ProPosers Hunt gift -
free; Diesel Works - ProPosers Hunt gift - free; Bang

Jul 24, 2010

Fallen Angel

Coco has set out some lovely new free ripped white leggings, which inspired some angel stylin' with my fave Glow Studio wings.
This pretty roses bandeau top is also free, courtesy of the December lucky boards. Grab the matching free rose rings to go with it (1 for each hand + color change!) tucked away in the li'l shelving unit at the far end.
I'm also showing the latest group gift by IrEn, which is a redo of their fabby "Shane" skin, which features this mysteriouso black lace eye mask. -- We angels gotta maintain our air of mystery, you know. It's tres exclusive up there.

Ooh la la it's le weekend! Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who'll be safely hibernating near the A/C all day today)


Roses top: December - Roses Vitamins Top Only for Lucky Letter - lucky board prize (4 lucky boards set on 15 mins each; 2 with roses tops + 2 with a little roses top hat) - free
Leggings: Coco - Gift_WhiteLeggings - group gift -
White rose ring (1 on each hand): December - Rose Ring Ver.2 (color change) -
Skin: IrEn - Shane update - group gift (
$250L group join fee; in Notices) - free
Hair: D!va - Hair "Chisa" (Smoke Topaz) - more than 3000 group member celebration gift -
Forehead necklace: Ume Mode - Takara_Line ver1.1 - group gift -
Wings: Glow Studio - Wings flexi -
previously $1L
Shoes: N-Core - Prelude -XtremeHeel GroupGift (join group for
$0L; touch gift bag) - free
Pose: Lazy Places

Jul 22, 2010

Hitch Your Wagon To A Star . . .

. . . and you might just find this free ethereal "Rainy Drop" dress, which my lovely gf Catherine Fairport discovered at Towa + graciously encouraged me to show to you. *mwuahs Catherine Fairport*
Today is a day of reflection for me, so I thought I would share some brain noodles from 1 of my fave poets and truly great American thinktanks, the awes Ralph Waldo himself. Enjoy.

A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.

The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship.

That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but that our power to do is increased.

Hitch your wagon to a star

Introspective love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really hates turning another year older)


Blue floaty dress: Towa - Rainy Drop Dress - 30-min camping prize - free
Hair: Dernier Cri @ Summer of Love - Heather - Ochre (new!)
Boombox: Katat0nik @ Albero Gatcha Festival - Panda Boombox (dk pink)
Bracelet + ring: Donna Flora - CARMEN coral set #2
Skin: Tres Blah @ Blur - Dashing Blur Makeup
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Ocean - Driftwood
Pose: Miamai

Jul 21, 2010

Smoked Berry

Check out this luscious berry-colored cheongsam minidress that you can win for free at the Honey lucky boards (you can win it in black, too).
I was in a dark hair/darker eyeliner kinda mood, so I slipped on 1 of the Tres Blah dramatically smokey eye makeup skins from the Blur installation + this tousled, bed-mussed Dernier Cri hair from the Summer of Love fair. /me is deeply, madly, permanently in luhs with these windswept locks.
I can't ever really go too long without some o' the latest jewels at my beloved Donna Flora. Black diamond briollettes? Teeny tiny smokey purple rosebuds? ZOMG drool. *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
The ever-generous Squinternet has also set out these gorges diamond-studded cork wedges (with a touch of berry-red piping) that you can still grab for the whopping price of $1L.
Smokey makeup + berry hues never go out of season. Summertime love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who lives in a city where smokey eye makeup is never retro)


Cheongsam dress: Honey - Dressvol_0061(winered) - lucky board prize - free
Wedges: Donna Flora - Alice Shoes (buy sign near center coffee table in store) - $1L
Bracelet + ring: Donna Flora - Carmen bracelet #2 (new!)
Hair: Dernier Cri @ Summer of Love - Heather - Jet (new!)
Skin: Tres Blah @ Blur - Arsenic Blur Makeup (new!)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Quicksilver - large
Pose: Dismorph; pda

Jul 20, 2010

Boom Boom !!

Another swimsuit post in the spirit of summer. I wanted to let you all know about the BOOM infinity bikini line. Sexy and fun she has 360 pieces to mix and match to create that suit that is just right for you. Here I have on the sexy Summer Sarong in transparent blue and the boyshort bottoms from the *BOOM* Infinity Flourish Kini in Teal. I love them. To complete this look I have on skin from Virtual Diva Summer skin collection in Pure Tan and this awesome hair from !lamb called Ghost that was a 50L fri goody but you can still get it for reg price. Be sure to check the companion post to this one with a few more looks at Freebie Fashionista Style Watch. Then get down to BOOM and bring sexy back with these HOT swimsuits. See you on the beach


Jul 14, 2010

Summer's Halfway Over . . .

. . . but there's still plenty of time for skimpies + suntans. Check out the new $1L ruffled, aqua-trimmed monokini by Seldom Blue, i.e. the perfect reason to show off a smidge o' both.
SPF is your BFF! Sunkissed love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's gonna be enjoying Cali beaches in just a few days! Woot!)


Swimsuit: Seldom Blue - Sylvia Chocolate Swimsuit (buy sign on wall in back room) - $1L
Flats: Tram - Carnation Flats - beige (buy gift bag for $0L near entrance; a really free cute poses set in the other gift bag) - free
Hair: Truth - Gretel - Fudge
Redgrave - [*RG*] 06 Tan Skin -Zuri- /*deepred
Truth - Gretel - Fudge
Poetic Colors - Ocean - Driftwood
Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Pose by: Long Awkward Pose

Jul 12, 2010

Harajuku Girl

There's an adorable new "Sunkissed" skin fair at Harajukubox, where you can find limited edition skins + see giant pieces of citrus floating casually in the sea. -- I scooped this new makeup of Pink Fuel's "Ember" skin (featuring white eyeshadow+ pink eye stickers) that inspired this prettie take on a Harajuku Girl look.
A stolen moment in the spotlight is tres necessary in life.
This look mixes a few gifties: my top is free by Pr!tty + these jelly-like "toy bangles" are free by Candy Nail (grab the free July "ruby" nail gift too; my blue nails with little candies on them came courtesy of the $50L per play gatcha). This girlie wristlet is $1L by Puddles + I'm rockin' some exceptionally cute poses that are free from my gf Val Southard that are really worth a grabbie. *mwuahs Val Southard*

Now for some fervent Gwen Stefani air mic-ing in the shower. Tokyo streetwear fashion love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who would die to be Lost In Translation)

"In a pedestrian paradise
Where the catwalk got its claws (meow)
A subculture, in a kaleidoscope of fashion
Prowl the streets of Harajuku (irasshaimase) . . .

Harajuku girls, you got the wicked style
I like the way that you are
I am your biggest fan, oh

Harajuku girls

I'm looking at you girls
You're so original girls
You got the look that makes you stand out
Harajuku girls, I'm looking at you girls
You mix and match it girls
You dress so fly and just parade around (arigato) . . .

Style detached from content
A fatal attraction to cuteness
Style is style
Fashion is fashion
Girl, you got style!"
- Gwen Stefani, "Harajuku Girls"


Top: Pr!tty - Breezy Pink Floral Top (join group for $0L; check Notices) - free
Cuff bracelets: Candy Nail - Toy Bangle (buy on ground, across lucky boards) - free
Skin: Pink Fuel @ Harajukubox Sunkissed Skin Faire - [PF] Ember
(ltbrow) (worn with "pinky" heart stickers that come with the skin) - $400L
Wristlet purse: Puddles - Sam Wristlet - Rosy Cheeks -
$1L (new!)
Hair: Truth - Layla - bubblegum (new!)
Purple gem headband: Tram - Classic hair accessory(purple)
Yellow cameo necklace:
Tram - Classic necklaceB(yellow)
Shorts: Sugarcube - pink dot jean shorts - previously $1L
Feather earrings: Fore - Feathers Pierce w*red
Boots: J's - Thighhigh Boots Pink

Tattoo: Kanival - 91. Cute Doodle (colorful) - lucky dance prize - previously free
Nails: Candy Nail - Gatcha Toy Nail 04 Blue - $50 per play
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Ash
Cake - bedroom lashes
Poses by: Marukin - TUH #22 - The Unknown Hunt gift (HINT: things that flutter prefer a view from the roof!) -

Jul 11, 2010

Baby Doll

The brand-new "Antique Linen" baby doll dress by Tram put moi in the. girliest. mood ever. Which is just fine by me. *mwuahs Moca Loup*
Here's the same Tram dress in a pretty dusty rose color. This vintage hue + supersheer underskirt just barely peeking out make this baby doll dress something special.
There's not much more baby doll than ponytails, and these superpoofy ponys show why Truth offers some the finest streaks on the grid: teeny-tiny color stripes + oh-so-subtle shadowing create "layering" effects that are the yums. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*I'm also showing that gorges gem headband by Tram that is simply girlie girl, personified. -- Needless to say, this baby doll is gonna be wearin' tha hellz outta this thing. In all colors. Heh.

Always got time to be a baby doll. Girlie gurrrl
love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's been called a baby doll more than once)


Gray dress: Tram - Antique Linen op(black)
Truth - Layla - fudge (new!)
Necklace: Tram - Leather Frilled Necklace(w*W)
Gem headband: Tram - Classic Hair Accessory(green)
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T's: Black
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass eyes - Lagoon
Laq - Jewel 05 [Nougat] Glow skin
Turning pose: With Love & Squalor

Pink dress: Tram - Antique Linen op(pink) (new!)
Truth - Kalista Streaked - platinum (new!)
Tram - Classic NecklaceB(yellow)
Laq - Jewel 07 [Nougat] Glow skin
Gem headband: Tram - Classic Hair Accessory(green)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Ocean - Driftwood

Jul 8, 2010

Retro Mood

The latest free black & white checkered capris gift by WAvE put me in a '50s retro mood today, so I added a free loose tie by Tee*fy, a free gauzy white top (+ $1L lace undershirt) + a free fabby quilt bag by YS&YS for this girlie look. -- 'Natch I had to add a wide, modern cinch belt (with triple gold buckles!) by Pacadi Jasha just to mess up the retro mood a bit. Hee.
Retro love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who wants an old-fashioned retro strawberry milkshake right about now)


Pants: WAvE - ][AV][pant check black pathes 1 - July gift (join WAvE group for $0L; check Notices) - free
White gauzy top: Willow - Song Lyric Hunt Top (part of a dress) - SLH Note #15 (HINT: musical notes love to hide under little tables!) -
Lace undershirt top: Fore - Gift - pink -
Tie: Tee*fy - Simple Stripes Scarf - subscribo gift -
Bag: YS&YS - Summer Bigbag groupgift (join group for $0L; touch sign behind bar in store) -
Belt: Pacadi Jasha - Mairey Leather Belt (resize) (black)
Hair: Lamb - Bang Bang - Ink
Skin: Curio - :GP: Sundust Frex [Dark] Vixen-Gunmetal 2
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes - Azur
Poses by: Ribbon - Pose Sets -

Jul 6, 2010

Catch the Tram

It's not often that a piece of virtual fashion will make me do a double-take, but the petal-like folds of this thick, organic drapery by Tram did exactly that.
This entire store is tres adorable; the items are displayed in ankle-deep shallow water + there's some lovely jewelry pieces here too, like this dangly "lips" charm necklace.
For a splash of color, I added this candy apple red sequin bag (stuffed with candy) that you can snatch for $1L at JE*Republic.
Luhs such unique designer finds. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's totally heading back to Tram for the gem headbands)


Hair: Truth - Tabatha - pumpkin (new!)
Dress: Tram - Drape tunic(navy)
Bag: JE*Republic - La Vie Est Belle Bag (buy near other gifts beneath lucky boards) - $1L
Red hair rose w/ golden sparklies - Tomoto @ Twinkle Night Bazaar -
Twinkle Corsage Red - $35L gatcha
Lips necklace - Tram - Lips Necklace(red)
Shoes: Anexx - RibbonBeltPumps_Black/Red
Skin: Laq - Julie - 07 [Peach] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Glass
Poses by: Tram (buy gift bag for
$0L on ground near entryway) - free

Jul 4, 2010

Happy Bday USA!

Quickie post to say: Happy Bday USA! + to grab this lovely July 4 siren-lipped skin (free for today only) at the Glam Affair subscribo. Many thanks to Sileny for this awes tip! *double mwuahs Marilyn + Sileny*
The blue argyle mini + tank set is free by Ducknipple + the adorable "M&Ms" red glasses chain (+ white rose ring) are both free by December. I'm also showing the latest braid hairstyle by Truth, which I find utterly messy + adorable. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*

Enjoy the gifties! Patriotic love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's off to enjoy grilled Italian sausages + fireworks)


Hair: Truth - Josephine - fudge
Skin: Glam Affair - Sofia Skin - 4th of July - subscribo gift -
free (TODAY ONLY!)
Tartan miniskirt, ripped sweater + tank outfit: Ducknipple - Hurley - Black/Blue (buy yellow duck on wooden dresser for
$0L) - free
Glasses necklace: December - Glasses No.40 on GlassesHolder Marble Choco - Group Gift over 1000! (join group for
$0L; touch sign in store on 2nd floor) - free
White rose ring: December - Rose Ring Ver.2 - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Azur
Pose: Olive Juice

Jul 1, 2010

Utopians Fashion Weekend

A weekend of fashion at Utopians.

There I was sunning myself in Sardinia ( yes, even "moi" needs a proper holiday ) and I stupidly switched on the blackberry to see if Hugh had remembered to send me the link to the Milan shoot contact sheets.... and (omg) there was a message from Louise McWinnie, she was setting up a fashion weekend at my Gallery complex ( btw, we have some fab new artist showing, make sure you have a wander around ), anyway, omg! this wekend too!
So... Back to blighty I fly and hurriedly tie back my hair, roll up my sleeves and begin to order and direct the staff around, setting up for the show (my staff are so very good, and I wouldn't want to break any nails ).

Everyone, you are ALL invited to the "Utopians Fashion Weekend" on the
3rd (casuals and trendy)
MEB Fashion
and 4th July ( Haute Couture).
Eshi Otowara

There will be designer displays up all day and a Fashion show @ 1pm(slt) each day.

Louise tells me the high and mighty of sl fashion and press will be there, (I'm telling you now, if they're not! grrrr, I'm gonna pond hop & join Tesh, never to return),they will be there Phewwwwey!

xxxx Rene.