Jan 29, 2010

Casual Friday

I've been in a major minidress mood lately + wanted to show a quick look I threw together mostly as a hooray since I finally got the Junwave lucky board to show me some love. -- Now I realize that the writing on the side of this cap might be whatevs, but this hat hair is still tres cute.
I didn't realize it, but Junwave has a whole wall of $20L gatcha games (random gift giver). It's along the same side of the store as the Profile Picks rewards (to the right, when you walk in). My $20L got me this cute white skully wristband, which totally fit my mood with this look. The smoky purple rose ring is another gatcha at Mocha (for $10L per play), where you can win all sorts of rose, heart + gem rings in fun colors.
I've been seeing this Glam Affair necklace on the feeds paired with more dressed-up looks, but to me, this chunky gold chain accented with these way fun white and gold stars begged for a more chillax style. I also liked how this $1L navy blue tattoo echoed the deep, rich hues of the dress.
The tiny cherry red heart pendant necklace I'm wearing is part of the new Valentine's Day $1L gifts set out at Mayden Couture. This necklace features tiny little metal studs that give off a subtle sparkling effect + comes with matching earrings with the same sparkle. (They have 4 gift bags here, including some pretty "bow" lingerie + some stuff for men too). Gotta love the whole layering the necklaces thing.

Hope everyone is TGIF'ing the day away. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

แƒฆTeshan2222 Wycliffe
(who wants Casual Friday to happen every day of the week)

Hair: Junwave - Knit*Butterfly*Gold* - lucky board gift - free
Gold chain + white stars necklace: Glam Affair - Lonely Necklace White - $1L
Heart necklace: Mayden Couture
- Valentine's gift - $1L
Dress: Ema's Secret - Tinker Dress Blue - MM board gift (navy blue, red + smoky lavendar colors included) - free
Tattoo: HUZ-Tats - [HUZ]-Cuteness-Freebie - $1L
Purple rose ring: Mocha - Classical Rose Ring [dark violet] - $10L ring gatcha
Wristband: Junwave - Wristband*Scull_WH* - $20L gatcha
Socks: Mischief - ***MIS*** November Group Freebie - Baggy Socks - Plum (click subscribo, then History, then "9" for socks gift) - free
Sneakers: SoReal - Superstars Pink/White (small)
Skin: Laq - Jewel 05 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Jan 27, 2010

Holy $1L Homestuffs Sale, Batman!

Sometimes even us frugalistas come across something that we're like, "No way!" And then we're like, "Get outta my way!"

PopArt Furniture is having one of those. It's a crazie sale where you can scoop supercute furniture (many with animations) + other lovely homestuffs for the whopping price of $1L. Check out what you can score at this dollarbie sale:

An entire kitchen (in 2 parts, each part for $1L each). Strangely, the nondescript microwave (shown below on the far right hand side) is inexplicably priced at $40L. LOL.
This pretty wall of double sinks, towels, mirrors + a little plant is $1L. The running water on the sinks is tres cute. There's oversized bathtubs nearby too, also priced at $1L each.
Cute beds (with sex animations included) are $1L each. Here's 2 of several styles thruout the store. The little white square/cube "poufe" chairs are seperate (you get 2 for $1L); there's 2 sit animations included (one being a particularly cute, arms-in-front stretching animation).
The layout of this store is also kinda cute, with furniture, lighting + smaller things assembled in a homey way. In the setups like this one, typically the rug, paintings, lamp, etc. will be priced out separately (i.e., each item will set you back $1L).
There's also $1L retro photo cube frames, lamps + even a super-adorable stack of books (with a mug of steaming hot tea!) How great would this be near a bookshelf or on a table, or even on the floor?
Nice art like this can be found on the walls for the $1L plucking.I just really liked this plant. Especially for $1L. Hee hee.
2 of my fave things here are this cute panda anime art montage (sorry that a lamp was somewhat in the way when I shot this) + this white granite fireplace with marble texturing -- each for $1L.
How adorable is this $1L shelving unit packed with towels, storage bins + baby stuff? The wooden box of Johnsons & Johnsons on top is sold separately at $1L. I scooped this despite the fact that I don't have the faintest idea what I'm going to do with it. LOL.
If you walk outside the store, you'll find this elegant outdoor pool ($1L), which you can buy with or without the deck ($1L) + additional poolside furniture (the vase, outdoor chaise, and chairs are $1L each). How relaxing is this?
An outdoor BBQ/kitchen, complete with open-flame oven, is next to the pool ($1L); barstools are an additional $1L each.
There's even an entire modern white home for -- you guessed it, $1L. (The home itself is $1L; sofa is $1L; the framed art is $1L). Gavin particularly noticed the modern shower big enough for 2 upstairs (which comes with the house). Heh.
*NOTE: I did find a few random items scattered thruout this store that were not $1L -- so if dollarbie shopping is your plan, make sure you price-check everything before hitting "Buy." (These were one-off, single items like a flowers vase, a modern art painting, the microwave mentioned above, etc.).

Also, most of these items appeared to be not copyable, but transferable (i.e., if you want 2 of something, you need to get 2 -- clearly no biggie at these prices). I found that most single items appeared to hover around 10-15 prims; some smaller stuff, even less. Not too shabby for us prim hogs short on prim count.

Special thanks to KawaiiNicole Piers + her wonderful blog, where I first read about this crazie sale. No idea how long this sale is lasting so if you like any of this stuff, scoot yo'self on ovah!

Your taxi: PopArt Furniture

Dollarbie l
ove + fashionista kisses to all!

แƒฆTeshan2222 Wycliffe
(who quite possibly got every single thing at this crazie sale)

Jan 25, 2010

Attack of the Awwws . . . . (+ the Craziest Home Giveaway Ever?)

You can always tell that Valentine's Day is around the corner when hearts + bears + chocolate + [insert commercially viable "WUV" stuff here] start popping up around every corner. -- But you know what? That's okay. 'Cuz I'm a girlie-girl + every so often, an Attack of the Awwws is just fine by me. Hee.

Here's some recent stuffs I thought was le kyooot and/or worth a laff quietly to oneself -- nearly all free:

Free "Love bite" tattoo by Stellar. What I like about this thing is that it erm, begs for a story behind wearing it. -- For example, I could easily say here: Do you see how a certain someone manhandles me? *giggles*
Free cream-colored hoodie at Nodari @ Cheesecake with little strawberries + whipped cream tucked into the hood (by 1 of my favie skybox designers, Jordan Giant). So handy for when you need some quick refreshment!
Free kiss mark by Bee Make that gives off floaty pink hearts to the wearer. The lipstick mark is a nice bright red, so there's no mistaking the WUV aspect. Somehow Gavin managed to make this girlie-wirly thing look a smidge macho.
$10L blow-up "AFK" doll box that you wear, by Ol'Dirty Bastard's Paw. You get 2 verisons for $10L (this is one of them). *immature giggles*
Free dressers + furniture featuring cute teddys trying to crawl out + over, by HomeStyle Tia (associated with the Gabriel clothing brand). See how these li'l guys can be such troublemakers? Awww.
There's more free teddy dressers located inside the model homes on the grass (you can "Buy" a copy of those for $0L).
This next find isn't so much Awww -- more like awww-esome! This fantastic free home (note: not skybox -- home!) comes courtesy of the 2 lucky chairs set out by HomeStyle Tia (the same creator as the teddy dressers above). --This gorgeous house sits on stilts, so it begs to be rezzed over a coastline or a beach. See how fitting it looks on top of the water?
Here's a peek at the marble floor + stairway inside (the home has 2 levels).
This thing comes with horizontal blinds, inset glass tile panels, "X" wire detailing on the windows + even a back deck on the upper level.
So totally one of those ridic awes gifts where you're scratching your head like "Um this is free? How/why/huh?"
Other really nice homes start here at an eminently reasonable $200L. As Gavin observed, even if you already own a home, there's something about this lucky chair gift that feels very tropical/coastal. So for the low price of . . . free, it's great to pick one up + have as a possible vacation home at the ready.

Finally, check out this (non-free) "scented sexy spray" by Joke Factory. These are the same creators that did that crazy "refrigerator monster" (i.e., the fridge that licked you with a giant tongue, rolled around + then spit you out in a daze). Here's how this particular li'l device works:

You wear it. You scent yourself with its oh-so-sweet smelling spray. A poofy pink mist envelops the other person.
Such other person promptly becomes totally enamored of you.
A little dance ensues.
You stand aloof as they get all misty-eyed over you.
Spray, mist + repeat.Now here's the real question: when can somebody invent this stuff in RL?

There's still another 2+ weeks before Valentine's Day so stay tuned -- I'm sure this is just the beginning of all the Kyootsie-Wootsie, especially with the oodles of hunts starting on the 1st.

Awww-shucks love + fashionista kisses to all!

แƒฆTeshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really needs to stop saying awww)

PS. Quick FYI to my much-beloved SLexy Fashionista readers: I've been invited to join the kickass Free*Style blogging crew + will be dropping posts on that particularly awes site in addition to this one. The primary focus at Free*Style are free or $1L items; here on SLexy Fashionista, we'll continue to show our usual mix of freebies + non-freebies, stories + image pictorials.

The idea is to show different blog posts on either site (so what you read here, you can't read there + vice versa). If you like reading my posts here, you can check out my 1st Free*Style post at this link here. So basically, now there's another place where you can catch my "fashion nut"-iness (as my ever-to the point gf Rene puts it).

*Huge mwuahs* to all of you for your continued support -- it means more than I can say.

Neck hickey: Stellar - Love Bite neck tattoo (buy small square on top right of desk for $0L) - free
Whipped cream hoodie: Nodari @ Cheesecake - Cheesecake Hoody -
Face kiss mark: Bee Make - kiss mark -
AFK blow-up doll box: Ol'Dirty Bastard's Paw - Blow Up Doll AFK Box (2 versions; buy box on ground in front of MM board) - $10L
Love spray w/ animation: Joke Factory - Scented Sexy Spray - $250L
Teddy dressers: HomeStyle Tia (set out next to lucky chairs; additional
free dressers available inside the model homes) - free
Wooden deck home: HomeStyle Tia - lucky chair gift -

Jan 21, 2010

Leggo My Aoharu

If the words frugalista + fashionista reside anywhere in your SL shopping soul, you've likely been trying to battle your way into the Aoharu + Anexx SIMs to do the grabby grabby thing at their much-anticipated 50% off sale.

Because these stores have such classic pieces for guys -- it's definitely one of Gavin's faves -- we thought it would be fun to shoot both guys + girls looks to show you. -- For my frugalistas: as usual I've tried to incorporate at least one freebie or other gift into nearly all of these looks, so even if you have zero spare $L, hopefully you'll still see some things you wanna scoop below.

I have a thing for jackets + when I saw this candy pink cropped leather one with roll-up sleeves + a blue denim lining, I was a goner. (Or more precisely, my $L were Just. Gone). This thing is bursting with details, from the gold studs on the jacket to the "rough" collar texture. I layered this jacket on top of one of my go-tos tank tops, the free white lace-edged pink "Spicy" tank by PARADISIS. -- Gavin's black vest + gray hoodie combo is one of my faves on him -- especially with these black "vintage wash" jeans. To me, this guys' look oozes relaxed cool, with none of that TTH-ing (you know, Trying Too Hard) thing.Here's a close-up to show a second look at the open black lace "patchwork" that's inset into these jeans. (Sorry this image is a tad fuzzy, SL refused to cooperate with me on this shot). The little scratchy textures might be '80s-retro but as in RL, that style period throwback simply refuses to vanish completely. LOL.
Isn't this 1-sided pony cap hair cute? It's also free, courtesy of the MM board at IrEn. It comes with your several color change optionns for both the hair + the cap. There's more cute free hairs here scattered thru the store (as hunt items + other gifties) too; be sure to scoop the free "Geisha" tattoo on the ground which is kinda cool (look near the freebies table).
I've had my sad, /me-wants-those eyes on these Anexx "ribbon pumps" for awhile now. Good thing 50% off sales are like, instant mood lifters! *happy dance*
One of the best men's holiday gifts previously at Le.Look! was the men's brown leather jacket by Aoharu. Gavin liked this jacket so much that he scooped the black leather version as well, which comes with the option of wearing a just-wrinkled, button-down black shirt inside (that's nicely unbuttoned at the bottom). -- Here I'm wearing Aoharu's belted black snakeskin trench dress which I have a feeling is gonna become my go-to for when I can't decide what to wear. You literally just slip it on + hey presto! Instant pulled-together look.

See how dressed up we get for sushi here.
Yes, I am a Truth hair addict. This "Saskia" style is one that I actually purchased by mistake (by chatting + not paying attention + hitting the "Buy" button . . . danger!) -- and then promptly fell in luhs with. My $L have a deep + abiding connection with the Truth store and I am powerless to stop it. *sighs*
These Aoharu lace-up platforms are both dramatic + sexy; the gold-tinged ribbon at the back adds just the right oomph of color contrast. These are such a statement, especially when worn with a clean or relatively simple black look, so that the ribbon lace-ups on these really pop against the legs.
Gavin + I decided to do a li'l record shopping, so a more dress-down vibe was in order. Check out this slouchy, off-the-shoulder zebra top that I'm modeling here, that I paired with these black lace "patchwork" gray jeans (both by Aoharu). The PacMan necklace is free by Ducknipple + this ridic sexy "Reese" hair (with choppy layers that fall longer in the front) is -- yup, from Truth.
Isn't this skin divine? It's free in the Cupcakes group Notices (the group join fee is currently $0L until I believe this coming Sunday). These undereye bags are somewhat of a novelty in face-perfect SL skinland; there's funny "drunken" skins included in the gift too.
Gavin is modeling the Aoharu men's jeans in "vintage blue" wash here. He's also showing last week's $1L men's fashion week giftie from Connors, this beige henley with a nicely shaded V-neck collar.
Of course a certain someone couldn't resist the 99 cents bin.

"Geez, they don't they have any old Boyz II Men albums here! -- Wait! Is that an original Britney Spears in this 99 cents bin? Score!"
Meanwhile I was having awes vinyl scoring luck too. Here's me getting my paws on an original De La Soul 12" -- also in the 99 cents section! Somebody really needs to pay better attention about their store inventory here.
These Anexx yellow gold "fringe pumps" were so yummehs that I had to score the fatpack (actually the best deal for how many colors you get, especially after the 50% off). -- See how my SL gfs failed at preventing me from yet another shoes splurge? *giggles* Oh wellz. Life goes on.
Check out how snuggly these light pink Anexx boots are. You get your choice of 2 textures; I'm showing the "Nordic" legwarmers knit here. My calves are so warm + toasty now. Oh yes.
This is another denim jacket by Aoharu (it comes with an optional leopard print which I've left off here), which I've paired a sexy sheer cami from Sassy! that you can get for free in its subscribo. I'm also wearing the free Fhang Candy skin that you can win in the store's MM board. The skin has intensely-hued makeup with a candy-pink lip, and a gorgeous tan glow. *mwuahs Michi Fhang for the bazillionth time*

is wearing the free unisex sunglasses gift for the the Shoes & Accessories Hunt by Kumaki Glasses Style (this is such an awes store for both glasses + sunglasses), which come in your choice of customizable tints + shading colors. I'm wearing another color of the Aoharu black lace "patchwork" jeans here. -- Aaaah this brisk winter air is so great for striking these super nonchalant poses.
Now for just the thing after a hard day of elbow jostling + battling the dreaded lag monster . . . a foot massage . . . by a guy! This sweet + funny foot massage animation chair is the Burning Hearts Hunt gift from Kabuki Creations + comes with a gentle foot stroking ani. -- Ladies: this is life as it should be, no? Many thanks to Dudda Susa for helping me with this one . . . . my weary feets were thanking you girl! *mwuah*
The Aoharu + Anexx SIM sale runs thru January 24, so you have time. If you've got some $L to spare, shoe mavens will wanna do an Anexx drive-by. At the 50% off price, most shoes seemed to be under $300L (with some under $200L). -- At Aoharu, a single piece of women's clothing started roughly around $150L-$200L; guys' clothing started even lower (for example, jeans and tops seemed were around $100L per color). Fatpacks were also a far better deal per item so make sure you check them before you buy the single (I found these worth it if you really like 2 or more colors of the same style).

O you amazing sales. Why do you always end up costing me more $L? *sigh*

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

แƒฆTeshan2222 Wycliffe
(who finds it physically impossible to resist any great sale, in any life)


on Tesh:

Pink jacket look:
Jeans: Aoharu - Aoharu_BT_LaceCrashDenim_Black - 50% off sale
Belt: Aoharu - Aoharu_BT_LaceCrashDenim_Pink(Belt/Studded)
- 50% off sale
Pink leather jacket (comes with or without denim shirt inside): Aoharu - Aoharu_BT_RollupRidersJK_WithDenim_Pink - 50% off sale
Pink tank top: PARADISIS - Spicy - Top pink - free
Black stilettos w/ pink-red ribbons: Anexx - Anexx_RibbonBeltPumps_Black/Red
- 50% off sale
Ring: Fairy Tail - Rose Ring - previously free (shown right)
Hair: IrEn - Tasha brown MM board gift -
Hairpin (2 pink roses): Noju - Antique 2-rose hair clip(red)
Skin: Curio - :GP: Sundust Frex [Dark] Winter-Chestnut 1
Hand tattoo: This Way! - 8Ball Nails - $25L (shown right)
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar - Water (Large Iris) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Black trenchcoat look:
Black trench dress: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_SnakeTrenchCoat_Black - 50% off sale
Lace-up shoes: Aoharu - AOHARU_WALK_CrossLacedUpHeels_Black - 50% off sale
Necklace: Donna Flora - Spring red necklace (shown above)
Hair: Truth - Saskia - Espresso
Skin: Curio - :GP: Petal [Dark] Elf-Soot 2
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Zebra top look:
1-shoulder zebra top: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_KawaiiBaggyT-Shirt/Zebra - 50% off sale (shown above)
Jeans: Aoharu - Aoharu_BT_LaceCrashDenim_Gray- 50% off sale
Yellow ankle fringe pumps: Anexx - Anexx_FringePumps_Gold - 50% off sale (shown below)
Necklace: Ducknipple - Pacman Necklace - free
Bracelets: Crazy - Gift Bracelets (Golden Brazelet and Serengeti Bracelet Left worn) - $1L (shown left)
Earrings: Glow Studio - Glam Earrings (Gold)
Yellow ring: Elate! - Sunny Rose Ring - previously $1L
Purple rose ring: mocha - Classica Rose Ring - $20L gatcha - Albero Sweethearts Festival
Purple Double rose barette: Noju - Antique 2-rose hair clip(purple)
Hand tatoo: Cyanide - Tattoos - In the Dead of Night - former hunt gift - previously free
Tattoo: I Heart Rien - Natural Girl - lucky board prize - free
Hair: Truth - Reese - Espresso
Skin: Cupcakes - JDiamond - Nutmeg - Hungover - Jan group gift - free (*NOTE: $100L group join fee is wavied only thru this Sunday)
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Legwarmers boots + denim shirt look:
Jeans: Aoharu - Aoharu_BT_LaceCrashDenim_Blue - 50% off sale
Shirt: Aoharu - Aoharu_BT_VintageDenimJK_Washed_WithShirt/Leopard - 50% off sale
Cami: Sassy! - Wet n Wild tank top - silver sheer - subscribo gift - free
Knit boots: Anexx - Anexx_KnitLegwarmers_Pink
Hair: Argrace - Standard Casket & Straight
Skin: Fhang Candy - [FC] Bianca//Crazed/FhangCandy - MM board gift - free
Tattoo: I Heart Rien - Natural Girl - lucky board prize - free
Negaposi - Lunar eyes - Azur - Large Iris - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Mouth ladybug: IrEn - Your Own Ladybug - Snail Hunt gift #34 - free

Foot massage chair with animation: Kabuki Creations - Special Memories - Burning Hearts Hunt gift #55 - free

Poses include those by: Penny Dreadful Arcade @ Haiti disaster relief event (thank you OMGWTF Barbeque for organizing this heartfelt event!) - Esme for (pda) myth.takes - Haiti Disaster Relief special - $100L; Ks2cool - $5L per pose pack; Izumiya - free; and Sunflower Poses

on Gavin McGinnis:
Black vest with gray hoodie + black jeans look:
Black down vest w/ gray hoodie: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_DownVest_with_W-ZipHoody_Black
- 50% off sale
Black jeans w/ vintage wash: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Black - 50% off sale
Black boots: Nardcotix - NX-Nardcotix Claudio Boot Black - (SAH) BOYZ - #85 hunt gift - free
Tattoo: Broken Rulez - Dragon Tattoo - previously free
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Hair: Junwave - Natural Short (black) - previous $50L sale
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Lagoon) - $30L

Black leather jacket + black button-down shirt look:
Black leather jacket + black jeans:
Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_LeatherTailoredJK_withShirtBK_Black - 50% off sale
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria II (Dark)

Beige henley + blue jeans look:
Beige jersey top: Connors - *Connors* CountryBoy_Beige - group gift - free
Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Dark - 50% off sale
Shoes: Hoorenbeek @ LE.LOOK! - l'homme - Boots -previously free
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria II (Dark)
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Lagoon) - $30L
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Tattoo: Broken Rulez - Dragon Tattoo - previously free

Dark brown henley + jeans look:

Brown henley: Saikin - henley neck shirt brown - previous $50L sale
Jeans: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Dark - 50% off sale
Sunglasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs SAH GoodWorld 1.00 - Shoes & Accessories Hunt #24 - free
Shoes: Hoorenbeek @ LE.LOOK! - l'homme - Boots -previously free

Gavin's poses by: Long Awkward Pose and Izumiya - free