Feb 6, 2010

Sweet & Salty

SL's own lady-about-town Sileny is not only one of my fellow bloggeristas for both Free*Style + The Sweet Side, but she's also a tres talented skinmaker for her own Mango, Mango! skinline. There's been a lotta buzz on the feeds about her smexeh new skins, some of which you can currently scoop as $1L gifts or even for free.

To salute the opening of her lovely new Mango, Mango! store, my bff DreamAngel Larnia + I thought it would be fun to combine 2 of our fave Mango, Mango! skins with another one of my obessions: SL food.

Dream grabbed this scrumptious chocolate frosted cake while I snuck a bag of salty preztels (both free on the Cupid Heart Hunt) while we headed to our favie noshing spot: this picturesque toxic waste dump. -- Nothing like a li'l chemical waste to go with your snax. Adds to the flava, ya know?
Actually this industrial photo scene + the gray/blue-walled bench room used here are both free photo studios that you can currently scoop as group gifts at Lithium. As per usual with the Lithium stuff, all textures are baked to a tee, resulting in just awes must-haves for photogs.

Sileny, we luhs you like sweet chocolate cake + salty preztel yummehs rubbed all ovah our SL selves.
Here's a close-up of how luscious these Mango, Mango! skins are. This paler tone is so pretty; check out the dramatic girlie pink eye makeup here. For our "sweet" look, Dream channeled a classically elegant feel in this striking lime $1L gown by Exclusiva that's been all over the feeds. Her $1L emerald Art Deco necklace, new $1L Donna Flora earrings + free Magika hair completed this polished look.
I'm in a tanner "Lemonade" freckled skin that really makes me long for summer. For my slightly "salty"-ier look, I'm wearing these suuuperlow-cut Luck Inc. striped jeans + one of the prettiest hair gift finds from the new KDC Hair Mall that just opened, this free ribboned hairband style from the Salon Cri-Cri lucky board. My skully armband tat is free at Kanival + these fat necklace pearls are free by Mocha (another Cupid Heart Hunt gift). My top is part of a smokin' red lace dress by Nardcotix that's not free but a smexeh new release for V-day. The free ciggie was just for 'tude (+ 1 of the coolest "smoking" ones, courtesy of Persona).
It really didn't take much to decide who was gonna be the salty + who was gonna be the sweet for this post. LOL.
Now's the time to scoop these Mango, Mango! skins since you can grab 2 at an unbelievable $1L and another cute green + pink camo-like makeup skin totally free via a lucky board. You can also catch a li'l sneak peek at a few of Sileny's upcoming skins at the Valentine's Bazaar (where everything is a reasonable $50L or under) and still others can be found her mainstore marked down to $150L.

If you see Sileny, give her some messy choco pretzel smoochies from us. Sweet & salty love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who luhs to mix the sweet + salty together)

On Tesh:
Skin: Mango, Mango! - !MM! Lemonade Tan Freckles - $150L
Salon Cri-Cri @ KDC Hair Mall - CriCri-gST04-KDC - lucky board prize - free
Red bodysuit: Nardcotix - Valentine's Noir No.14 Scarlet
Jeans: Luck Inc. - Low Rise Jeans Black Stripes
Boots: BAX - Prestige black
Feather necklace: Atelier AM - AA FEather&bullets black (S)
Pearls necklace: Mocha - Sweet Twilight - Cupid Heart Hunt -
White hearts bracelet: U&R Dogs & LVS - Tweedle Dee Bracelet -
Skull Tattoo: Kanival Tattoo - 65(arm)skull - group gift -
Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit (Peridot)(Lg)(NV) - former group gift ($250L join fee) -
previously free
Cigarette: Persona -
Gloves: YV - Vivien Gold

DreamAngel Larnia:
Skin: Mango, Mango! - Tropix Pale -
Magika - Cupcake Blonde A - fatpack gift (buy tile on ground at entrance; tons of styles inside + color fatpack included with each style) - free
Dress: Exclusiva - February dress (pay terminal
$1L; fair warning - it may be somewhat of a process to get this dress) - $1L
Shoes: Nardcotix - Rebekah Pumps Liquorice - Shoes & Accessories Hunt gift -
Necklace: {millette} - Elisabeth arrogant green necklace -
Donna Flora - Violetta earrings - $1L
Donna Flora - Ruby bracelet - group gift (look in Notices) - free
White hearts bracelet: U&R Dogs & LVS - Tweedle Dee Bracelet -
Eyes: Redgrave - Sakura Brown
Eye sparkle: Insight

Pretzels: MIU - Pretzel (open me!) - Cupid Heart Hunt -
Chocolate cake: Love Soul -Chocolate Cake Tray Pose-B - Cupid Heart Hunt -
Industrial photo studio: Lithium - group gift -
Shadowed bench room studio: Lithium - group gift -
*NOTE: grab the "free hug" on the ground + the $1L photo frame on the opposite wall too


Sileny said...

AWW you guys are adorable!! Thank you for posting <3 And now I want candy and I have none *cries* Darn you!

Anonymous said...

OMG THIS POST WAS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL AND SO YUMMY TOO! SILENY your skins are totally amazing and they "glow" in the pics also. I feel so totally beautiful in them so tytyty!

Gavin said...

You both look amaizng. I love your new post.
I now have a craving for something sweet and salty. I wonder where I can find the right mix of salty and sweet. I have one place in mind. LOL

Tesh said...

Hey dudes, thanks for the kind words!! Sileny is one of the mad scientists so you better watch out . . . she might turn us all into some sort of pretzel/choc cake/skin hybrid next!! *giggles* xoxo

Anonymous said...

I keep looking at the post and I'm like who is that gorgeous av, then I realize it's me LOL. I totally don't recognize this side to myself. I look hot as a sweet girl too. Thank you Sileny and Tesh again for making me so glamorous. WOW if I only had this much self-esteem in RL. HAHAHA

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