SLexy What?

SLexy Fashionista is our li'l corner of the metaverse where we share our obsession with SL photography, styling + storytelling.

SLexy is as much about couture (as in, a mindset) and beauty (of imagery + ideas) as the sublime + silly (as in, if you don't have a whimsical side, you likely won't be invited to all our fancy society dinners that you will just be so sad that you are missing out on). And because we have a special soft spot for designers generous enough to pass out their beloved creations as gifties, we also like to include great free or $1L stuffs that everyone can enjoy.

You can also read more of Tesh's blog posts at Free*Style and on the fashion & photography syndication feed Style Academy.

Here's to keepin' it frugaluxe + dramz free. SLexy luhs to all!

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