Oct 31, 2010

Sunday Style: Sherbet Sweets

A colorful look for you today showing 1 of my fave color combos ever: hot pink + sherbet-y orange, which I achieved by mixing 2 colors of The Plastik's new vine-trimmed dress (peach worn as shirt layer; pink worn as skirt). *mwuahs Aikea Rieko* A candy sucker + some heart-shaped shades sweetened up this girlie look.
Sunday Styles love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's planning on a lazie Sunday)


Ponytails hair: Truth - Cleo Streaked - hotpink - subscribo gift (NOTE: not sure if this is still available for new subscribers; current subscribers should have received on Thursday of this week, with a note re: the new color palettes at Truth) - free
Dress: The Plastik - [Plastik]-Jaida Dress-Peach/Rouge (peach top + rouge bottom worn together) -
new! *mwuahs Aikea Rieko*
Belt: fri.Day - fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Fruit.Punch) - Small

Boots: Surf Couture - [SC] Surf Couture - Olea Boots - Worn - $50L Fridays
Glasses: Artilleri - /artilleri/ Love love glasses! *hot pink*
Bracelets: Artilleri - /artilleri/ Lulu bracelet *rainbow*
Socks: Rotten Toe - pink heart break socks
Silver heart necklace: U&R Dogs @ Albero Gatcha Festival - :+*R*+: Nessun dorma Necklace Mixolydian [chest]
*mwuahs Vixanne Nightfire*
Watch necklace: Glow Studio - [ glow ] studio - Time Goes By Necklace
Lollipop: Kue - [KUE!] Lollipop Swirl Red
Tattoo: xbordeaux - pinup girls and misc. tattoo (creator Xanadu Capelo) - free *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*
Pose: Xbordeau @ Hate Me and Eat Me - (new!) *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*

Oct 30, 2010

The Glam-Pire Diaries, Vol. 2: Top Vampire Chef

Tay Wycliffe here, Tesh's vampire cousin. Tesh went on yet another of her shopping sprees *rolls eyes* so she asked me to take over for another post.

Luckily I've just been accepted as a contestant on the vampire world's newest TV sensation, Top Vampire Chef. Basically, a bunch of us ambitious foodie vamps compete each week to prove who's got bloody culinary game.
My main rival is a pesky know-it-all, Gary McGinnis. -- That Gary thinks he's such a much. He makes these avant-garde things like blood mousse and blood sorbet. -- Puh-leeeze! If we vamps wanted that frou-frou nonsense we'd all be drinking dandelion wine instead.

The other contestant is a talented girl who I really like, DreamBloodAngel Larnia (altho' the network, Vampire Television or VTV, tried to make us girls catfight with each other like, all the time. They gave that up after I scary hissed at them).

I should also probably mention that our famous TV show host, Tom Co-Leechy-Yo, is somewhat biased against me ever since I observed that his shiny, dome-like appearance strongly resembles that human hygiene icon, Mr. Clean. Some immortals are so sensitive! Sheesh.

Now to the kitchen, where things are really cookin':

Tom Co-Leechy-Yo: "Listen up contestants. This week, your Quickfire Challenge is to create that trickiest of vampire delicacies: a blood pudding. You have 30 minutes. Go!"
Gary: "I'm doing an avant-garde take on the traditional blood pudding, Tom, which we all know is really just a fried blood clot. Instead I'm making a frothy blood mousse, served in a delicate brain membrane. I'm pretty confident about this Quickfire Challenge, Tom."

Tom walks over to me with a slightly hostile look on this face and snaps, "And you? What are you making?"
"I'm sous-vide-ing some rich, chunky veins for my blood pudding, Tom," I say smugly. "I just know the nice contrasting textures will totally impress the judges."

But what's this? Tom is no longer listening 'cuz he's busy asking DreamBloodAngel out on a date! Heeeey wait a minute, is that even allowed?
The next thing I know, Tom is announcing:

"DreamBloodAngel Larnia -- you are Top Vampire Chef!"

The TV studio erupts into utter chaos! Dream screams with delight. The entire audience is whooping and cheering. Gary looks like he's ready to throw frothy blood mousse at both Dream and Tom. But I can't pay any attention anymore 'cuz I get totally distracted by a juicy noob human who's somehow made his way into the audience. Forget all these cooks in the kitchen -- it's dinnertime!
Um, that's it for this week's episode of Top Vampire Chef. This is Tay Wycliffe signing off: "Please pack your knives and go!"

Tay Wycliffe

On Tay Wycliffe:
Chef's jacket + hat: El'n - Chef Uniform (store closed; creator Eln Alter)

Hair: Truth - Reese - espresso
Socks: Naive - Double Socks Purple
Shorts: Sugarcube - ::SUGARCUBE - pink dot Jean shorts

Skin: Glam Affair - -Glam Affair - Sofia skin - ZombiePopcorn Hunt - previously free
Fangs: DCS - DCS Vampire Fangs (creator Dimentox Travanti) -
previously free
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - ash
Wooden spoon: Slow Rezz Cafe - SRC Free Spoon -
previously free
Tay's blood pudding mixing bowl: Triad Town Chocolate Factory - TRIAD Chocolate/Eat!Eat!!Eat!!! Bowl - previously free
on Gary McGinnis:
Chef's jacket + hat: El'n - Chef Uniform (store closed; creator Eln Alter)
Skin: Belleza - -Belleza- Ewan v2 Deep Tan (bald) gift (group join fee) - previously free
Fangs: DCS - DCS Vampire Fangs (creator Dimentox Travanti) -
previously free
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - *SH* Magnoria-II Hair(Dark)
Jeans: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Dark
Shoes: SoReal - SOREAL Superstars BLACK/White (SSP003)
Gary's blood pudding mixing bowl: Slow Rezz Cafe - SRC Kitchenware - Brownie Mixing Bowl - previously free

on DreamBloodAngel Larnia:
Chef's jacket + hat: El'n - Chef Uniform (store closed; creator Eln Alter)
Fangs: DCS - DCS Vampire Fangs (creator Dimentox Travanti) - previously free

Tom Co-Leechy-Yo:
Skin: Belleza- Male gift -
previously free
Eyes: Sycophancy - :S: Feb Eyes - Ice -
previously free
Shirt + pants: Alphamale - Slate shirt - Tucked out + Formal pants II - Stripesilver - former Make Him Over Hunt 3 gift -
previously free
Shoes: Kalnins - Crossyard v1.21 -
previously free
Fangs: DCS - DCS Vampire Fangs (creator Dimentox Travanti) -
previously free

Poses include those by: With Love and Squalor (Tay alone); Del May (Gary alone); Pretzel Poses (Gary squashing Tom); Everglow (Tay grabbing dinner)

Oct 29, 2010

Xanadu, Tell the Truth

Creator Xanadu Capelo passed me some really cute shiz that I wanted to show you, including some awes new poses, tattoo + these free faux "military" print leggings that I built this red, black & gold look around. *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*
This week's Truth styles are all distinctly different from each other; this 1st pic shows the new "Tamina" style, a single streaked fat braid with tons of color options as per usual. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*

Here's another Truth debut, this "Liv" layered style with an awes flexi effect that makes these layers go ooh-la-la.
Also isn't this skin pretty? I don't usually wear LaVie skins (the face tends to be a li'l mature for me) but by sheer dumb luck, I managed to snag this one for free (see the Styling Credits for deets) + I'm kinda diggin' it. Plus you can't really tell from these pics here, but the eyeliner on this "Misfit" makeup has a unique "winged" eyeliner that I have not seen replicated exactly anywhere else. *mwuahs Pompeja Rossini*

Stay tuned for a hehe story 2mor as my special Halloween gift to y'all. Trick or treat love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's in Fun Size heaven)


Long single braid hair: Truth - Tamina Streaked - treacle (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Leggings: xbordeaux - Military Leggings! -
free *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*
Bodysuit: Boom - *BOOM* Somnium top/bottom (new!) *mwuahs Aranel Ah*
Boots: Reek - Autumn Boots - Sienna -
$50L Fridays
Tattoo: xbordeaux - pinup girls and misc. tattoo (creator
Xanadu Capelo) - free *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*
Earrings: Fore - :: fore :: feathers earring w*red
Bracelets: Boom - *BOOM* Bangled Mess Apple
Red pearls necklace: Shampooo - ShampoooBall necklace red
Gold waist cincher belt: fri.Day - fri. - Cinch.Belt (Gold) - Small
Hip slung belt: Hucci - ::HH:: Hucci Diva Belt Gold/Garnet
Pose: Xbordeau @ Hate Me and Eat Me -
(new!) *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*

Long layered hair: Truth - Liv Streaked - chestnut (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Outfit: Boom - *BOOM* Somnium -Violacens (new!)
Nails: Tres Blah - -tb- Nail Colour (Candy)
Pose: Xbordeau @ Hate Me and Eat Me - (new!) *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*

Skin used in both posts: LaVie - LaVie Enya Misfit Tan *mwuahs Pompeja Rossini* - free
* NOTE: There's a few steps to getting this skin for free. The LaVie group is having a special pumpkin hunt to find several $1L pumpkins hidden in the LaVie SIM (each containing a gift); 1 special pumpkin #14 is set out daily (I believe until Nov. 1) which entitles the finder to 1 free skin of their choice. Since each skin can run you $1400L, this is a very generous gift! The hunt is for group members only (there's a $250L group join fee, but you can grab 1 makeup of the skin I'm wearing here for group members as a $1L gift now with funkier makeup). Gavin is also showing a zombie male skin that you can win in this hunt in his post here. Happy hunting!

Fifteen Men On A Dead Man's Chest — Yo-Ho-Ho, and A Bottle of Rum!

Last week Tesh threw a blogging challenge my way: to come up with a look that

a) is not a style that I would normally wear;
b) uses at least 1 freebie; +
c) still looks a little smexeh.

Its on.

Here's my look: Smexeh Pirate, a mix of old school swashbuckler and modern day Johnny Depp.

Shiver Me Timbers!

Gavin McGinnis


Skin: LaVie Design - #8 - LaVie~Kos~ - Group Hunt Gift - $L250 to join group
Hair: XS49 - Black Pyrate -skull n bones - Free
Eyes: KMADD - MADesigns EYES_PROMISE ~ green 15 - MHOH4 Hunt
Jeans: MIASNOW - MIASNOW Clothing - JEANS Ripped ~black (unisex) - $L50
Necklace: LacieCakes - *LC* [CotS] - Men's Dog Tag Necklace
Bracelet: +grasp+ - +grasp+/Leather Bracelet/for group - Group Gift $L50 join fee
Sword: Second Life Marketplace - Pirate sword - $L5
Pose: Posies - Posies Male 9 - Posies - M9-10 - $L49

Oct 28, 2010


So I was a li'l greedy today. *shrugs + makes more chocolatey mess*
I'm showing the new "Noe" skin by Esuga (which btw has the. cutest. button. nose. ever) + a chocolatey face schmear tat that you can grab for $50L in a brand-new gatcha play. *mwuahs Eilfie Sugarplum* The chocolate whoopie pies are free at a silly mart with other fun freebies (like a vacuum cleaner lucky board, via which Gavin rather impressively showed his domestic side, heh). I also thought these shoes were a real find for $50L; they're candy red, with little skullies on 'em. -- Here ya caught me in semi-private moment, i.e. in the middle of a li'l chocolate splashdown. Mmmm.
Greedy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's greedy more often than being quite this messy)


Skin: Esuga - Noe-StickyKiss-medium-T2/Bust (new!) *mwuahs Eilfie Sugarplum*
Gloves: La Petite Morte - ~La Petite Morte~ Gloves Bow-Red and ~La Petite Morte~ Gloves Bow-Blue (new!) *mwuahs Voshie Paine*
Jacket: Izumiya - =IZUMIYA=Cardigan Set/Navy
(new!) *mwuahs Izumi Homewood*
Chocolate messy face tattoo: Esuga - [ESUGA] Gatcha! Noe compatible Chocolate Smudges (new!) - $50L gatcha
Chocolate whoopie pie cookies: Poza Mart - Maxi_Chocolate_Pie_V1 -
Red tank: Luck Inc. - *Linc* Petite Carnelian
Shoes: PIA - =PIA= BOX bordello gothic pumps -bordeau-
(3 colors available at $50L each; buy the shoe boxes on the ground) - $50L
Hair: Maitreya
- Uma - Almond
Idea Motus *mwuahs Thess Larnia*

Yo' Momma

See what happens when you start trash talkin' other fashionistas + their mommas?
This free skin + hair is by a store that is new to me, [ JP ]:dsg (I think that is the name, lol). These cuts + bruises aren't scary ghastly; more like oh-no-you-didn't-just-hair-slap-me-bitch (as opposed to a 'roid rage of the WWE kind).

Heads-up ('cuz some folks aren't a fan of the teeth thing): there's a peek-a-boo teeth thing goin' on that I didn't actually notice until after I started working on this image (it's not totes obvious, but it's there). The dress, tattoo, band-aid + ring were all free; check the Styling Credits for deets.

Ruffed up love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's no stranger to the Manhattan mini-showdown, of the fashionista kind)


Skin: [ JP ]:dsg - [ JP ]:dsg. Skin Kira / female K.O. - group gift (join group for $0L; touch signs on street level) - free
Hair: [ JP ]:dsg - [ JP ]:dsg. Hair *Sally / black-majestic - group gift (join group for
$0L; touch signs on street level) - free
Tattoo: Para Designs - ::Para Designs:: Black Bloom Tattoo (MM Prize) - free
Dress: Twisted & Spoiled - Twisted & Spoiled LC Fever in Midnite -
Necklace: Donna Flora - NOREZ collar - previously free (Jewelry Fair 2010 gift)
Ring: December - .:*December*:. Rose Ring Ver.2 (buy box in store for $0L) -
Band-aid: Salon Cri-Cri - CriCri-Bandaid-Type2 - profile picks gift -
Pose: Olive Juice

Oct 27, 2010

Rawrrry Raw House

Check out this smexeh ponytail hair that you can get for free by clicking the Raw House subscribo. *Mwuahs* to creator Jay Khaos for giving us the SLexy scoop on this gift!
I've been feelin' Mondo's bold prints on Project Runway (I mean, I adore Andy + all -- who wouldn't with that growing up on the fish farm bio?) but Mondo's fearless print mash-ups inspired this rawrrry look. The white leopard dress is free by Ribbon; a pink leopard belt added a splash of color + some tawny giraffe leggings finished this animaux look. (OK fine, Mondo would do like, print textiles rather than triple animaux, but I was in a growly overkill kinda mood. Heh).

Rawrrry love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who knows a certain someone who's especially rawrrry)


Hair: Raw House - RAW HOUSE :: Brookelle [BLACK] - subscribo gift - free
Dress: Ribbon
- *RibboN*Leopard Sexyonep(for Group gift) - group gift (join group for $0L; in Notices) - free
Modd G @ Albero Gatcha Festival - Sally Floral Clutch Gatcha_Red *mwuahs Vixanne Nightfire*
Belt: Luck Inc. - *Linc* Wide Leather Belt Patterns
Pink necklace + pink bracelets: Je Suis - ::je::suis::tente::pinks::whole set *mwuahs Julia Merosi*
Red necklace & red bracelets (on closeup shot): Je Suis - ::je::suis::tente::fire
Long gold necklace:
U&R Dogs @ Albero Gatcha Festival - :+*R*+: Nessun dorma Necklace Hypodorian *mwuahs Vixanne Nightfire*
loveme - loveme.Animalstory 05 (S)
Shoes: Maitreya @ The Call for Couture - Maitreya Gold - Foxy
Skin: Tres Blah - -tb- {Light} Jejune Glossy - Light Winged Brows
Tres Blah - -tb- Nail Colour (Pastels)
Pose: Xbordeaux @ Hate Me and Eat Me - free

Oct 26, 2010

That's Some Smexeh Toothpick

Mah gf DreamAngel Larnia said she had something tres important to show me in this abandoned warehouse the other day. Turned out to be her gangsta toothpick. *snatches Dream's toothpick + picks my teeth*
* For more backstory on this pic, click here.

In other random news, check out this hissyface python that came to me free via the Tea subscribo. -- Eat your heart out Britney Spears (um, circa when she wuz pop culture relevant). Heh.
Biatchy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(Dream - you mah biatch 4evs gf! *mwuahs*)


on Tesh:
Bikini: Nyoko's - Nyoko's Kini Latex BabyPink
Tattoo: Para Designs - Star Blast Tattoo - lucky chair prize - free
Hair: Dernier Cri - (Dernier Cri) Kira - All Shades
Gloves: Para Designs - Leather Kitty Gloves ~ Dark Pink
Skin: Tres Blah - -tb- {Light} Jejune Luminous - Dark Winged Brows
Makeup: Kyoot - Kyoot Makeup - Smokey (Purple)
Necklace + earrings: Violet Voltaire - {Violet Voltaire}LollipopGuildSetRainbow
Socks: Scribble - ~Scribble~ Floppy Bow Socks (Pink Scribble Group Gift) - previously free
Shorts: Sugarcube - ::SUGARCUBE - pink dot Jean shorts
Shoes: Maitreya @ The Call for Couture - Maitreya Gold - Foxy Brown-Champ
Gloves - Emery - Gloves Studded #Yell
Couples pose: Hate Me and Eat Me *mwuahs Riri Bazar*
Single pose: With Love and Squalor
Snake: Tea - My pet snake [wear] *group gift* - subscribo gift (creator Tea Soup) -

DreamAngel Larnia:
Hair: Elikatira - [e] Say - Brown 10 -
Jacket: Coco - COCO Shirt&Parka (CheckRed) Jacket - group gift (many more gifts here) -

Oct 25, 2010

Messy Marvin

I was halfway thru my morning pastry when I remembered that I should prolly share with you. Please 'scuze the mess; I couldn't decide which flavor, so I just had to sample 'em all. *licks fingers*
This delightfully messy free "sprinkles face" skin by Esuga has already surfaced on the feeds, but it was too yummehs to pass up for a pic. -- Aren't frosting + sprinkles + powdered sugar a reason to live? I think so!

Extra toppings love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who can be a Messy Marvin)


Skin: Esuga - Noe-icingsprinkles-blondebrow-medium/Bust
- lucky board prize - free
Tattoo: Para Designs - Star Blast Tattoo - lucky chair prize - free
Makeup: Kyoot - Kyoot Makeup - Smokey (Purple) - $50L Fridays sale (NOTE: this sale item was still $50L at last check)
Hair: Truth - Sabrina Streaked - honey *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Dress: Katat0nik - *katat0nik* (dk pink) Beary
Bear hat: El'n - Teddy Uniform Hood w/out hair (store closed; creator Eln Alter)
Necklace + earrings: Violet Voltaire - {Violet Voltaire}LollipopGuildSetRainbow
Nails: Tres Blah - -tb- Nail Colour (Candy)
Doughnuts: Concrete Flowers - Yummy Donuts -one hand- (wear!)
Pose: Kyoot - free

Oct 24, 2010

Floating Away

There's been 2 supergirlie dresses in the Ribbon lucky boards that I finally managed to grab. Love how these 3/4 sleeve dresses wear more like a fall coat.
I'm showing the free polka dot print that I thought was particularly sweet. A free candied apple mouth treat (with sprinkles!) added extra sugar, while this free caramel apple chair helped create what Gavin called my "sticky butt" look. *Mwuahs* to mah girl Whisper Despres for telling me about these gooey treats!

As everybody knows, balloons are the pleasantest form of non-fast transportation -- especially when you have to get nowhere in particular. Here's me grabbing myself some non-fast transportation under a starry night sky.
Non-fast love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who fully intends on floating away from all civilization. Someday)


Dot dress: Ribbon - *RibboN*ReToRo-Blouse(Dot) 1 - lucky board prize (NOTE: 1 more lucky board + $1L gifts nearby; hunt for a hidden pink box for another free pink & white dress) - free
Hair: Zero Style - * 0 Style *Belinda*(Strawberry Chocolate)_M - group gift (join group for $0L; touch sign) - free
Hair ribbon: Fishy Strawberry @ The Call for Couture - *Fishy Strawberry* Eos Ribbon Hairpin - free
Candied apple & caramel apple chair: Pole - Hallows Eve Hunt Object #111 - []pole[]CarmelApple for your mouth & []pole[] Carmel Apple Seat - All Hallow's Eve hunt (find/buy white ghost for $0L) - free
Lipstick & makeup: Djinn & Tonic - Lipstick, SWEETLY
Shoes: R2 - "Pumehana" L Green (FB)
Ring: Chuculet - [chuculet] my sweet ringpop - apple - hand
Skin: Laq - LAQ ~ Tess2 - 04 [Peach] Glow skin
Floating pose: Hate Me and Eat Me

Oct 23, 2010


The big frugalista news last night was that Dark Mouse creator Mouse Mimistrobell decided to set 5 items down in her store to $0L for 24 hours. I got the notice yesterday evening (EST time), so you still have time to grab her fabby accessories today for free (the neighboring Miao store also has 5 nice items set to $0L; I'm wearing a mix of both here).
I built this apple-'n-pumpkin striped look around these free caramels (1 of my fave RL candies) that I nabbed at a cute "pumpkin patch" hunt (see the Styling Credits for deets). A new free striped jacket by Wave, a free geometric print body tat by Para + some more 2-toned new Truth hair finished this auburn-toned look.

A word about these nails: I've been on a hunt for shortie nails (since the prim ones can drive me bananas) so I was most def oooh-ing when I spied these red polka-dot ones at Tres Blah for a very reasonable $75L (you get 20 colors in the pack). My $L zoomed to Julliette Westerburg faster than you can say caramel stuck between tha teef.

And now for some caramel treats in RL. Sweet & sticky love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's had a hankerin' for caramel apples)


Hair: Truth - Robyn - almond (new!)
Jacket: Wave - ][AV][jacket striped redgreen short - group gift (join .:*WAvE.:* group for
$0L; look in Notices) (new!) - free
Silver necklace: Dark Mouse - Dark Mouse Divine Deco Necklace - Silver -
Earrings: Miao - =^^= MIAO Isabeau Medallion Earrings -
Black pearl charm necklace: Miao - =^^= MIAO Cratus Black Pearl Necklace -
Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL - bright - gold beach
Tote bag: Dark Mouse - Dark Mouse Beach Bag - Red -
Cuffs: Dark Mouse - Dark Mouse Stain Glass Green Bangles & Earrings (Blue) -
Tattoo: Para Designs - Black Bloom Tattoo (MM Prize) - MM board prize - free
Bag of caramel candy: Sprinkles & Bingles - S&B Pumpkin Prize #1 - S&B Candy Bag Nom - Caramels (look for smaller pumpkins hidden in pumpkin patch; buy for $0L - free
Nails: Tres Blah - -tb- Nail Colour (Polka Dots)
Skin: Tres Blah - -tb- {Light} Jejune Adored - Dark Winged Brows
Pose: Xbordeaux @ Hate Me and Eat Me - free

My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

I couldn't help but think of Kelis' catchy tune (maybe 'cuz she's worn my jewelry in RL, hehe) when I remembered my fave strawberry milkshake treat by Love Soul, to which I couldn't resist adding the matching mini-milkshake earrings. *slurps my milkshake loudly*
I'm diggin' the 2-tone hairs new by Truth this week. This new "Jackie" style comes with the usual color-change streaks + bow options; I personally really like the half-up styles for an everyday look. So handy for when you wanna show off your earrings + such. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*

Slurpy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who craves milkshakes with cheeseburgers. Mmmm)


Hair: Truth - Jackie - latte (new!)
Shirt: Ingenue - Lepidoptera Blouse :: Blouse :: Hot Cocoa
(new!) *mwuahs Betty Doyle*
Gloves: Cynful - [ Cynful ] Gloves Kiss Pink - Tattoo
Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL - bright - gold beach
Makeup: Kyoot - Kyoot Makeup - Feline (Soft Brown)
Undereye tattoo: Bubble - [ bubble ] Face Tattoo Bottom Flower (both sides)L
Milkshake earrings: Love Soul - [ Love Soul ] Pierce*Shake-Strawberry*
Milkshake treat: Love Soul - [ Love Soul Shake*Strawberry*
Necklace: Caroline's Jewelry @ The Call for Couture - Butterflies in Paris Necklace
Skin: Laq - LAQ ~ Tess2 - 02 [Peach] Glow skin

Kawaii Halloween

I kinda have a thing for kawaii finds, so imagine my delight when I saw this "marching" wearable halo of 2 teddy bears + a ghostie that you can grab for free. These li'l teddy paws + legs actually "march" up + down all around you (!); the ghostie's hat even "pops" up as it floats. ZOMG is this thing kyoo-ooot. -- Did I mention that it's cute?
I slipped on more Halloweeny gifties to kitsch up this look, like this the free devil's hair + wings by Yuna's, a $1L cherry-red minidress by MPD + this crimson-lipped Tyranny Designs skin that I just can't seem to take off. A special *mwuahs* to Olive Juice creator IsabellaGrace Baroque for passing me her candy pumpkin gatcha Albero goodies (a very reasonable $20L per play). Such a cute way to stow away your Halloween treats!

In other kawaii news, check out this multi-pose, colorful bed that you can win for free at the Kue lucky boards. -- The background is just my particular vision of where this bed would ideally be located for us chocoholics (say, perhaps, teetering on a brownie mountain). Mmmm!
Kawaii Halloween love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(whose inventory does not love Halloween freebies, no matter how kawaii)


Teddy bears + ghost halo: Wing Factory & Maiworks - TOKOTOKO HALLOWEEN! ::maiworks:: - buy sign on wall near other cheapies/freebies for $0L - free
Hand puppets: Wing Factory & Maiworks - typing tool puppet mypet halloween edition ::maiworks:: - lucky board prize -
Hair (includes black wings + horns): Yuna's Hair - [YunA'sHAIR]-[HW]gift-forLB- - group lucky board prize (join group for
$0L to touch board) - free
Dress: Multiple Personality Designs - *MPD* Miss Betty -
Orange candy pumpkin: Olive Juice @ Albero Gatcha Festival - Olive Juice- Trick or Treat Pumpkin 8 (wear) -
Black candy cauldron: Olive Juice @ Albero Gatcha Festival - Olive Juice- Trick or Treat Cauldron 10 (Rare) -
Pumpkin sucker: Kue - [KUE!] Halloween Sucker - MEOW (daily Halloween candy treat; click cauldron for $0L daily for a random treat) -
Boots: R2 - "Pumehana" `elua L Scarlet (FB) (new!) *mwuahs Rei2 Aya*
Devil Panda: Pink Fuel - [PF] Devil Panda (R shoulder)
Skin: Tyranny Designs - Grixdale. -- Teagan - Wheat - Autumn & Junk
Pose: Everglow

Oct 22, 2010

Curtain Call

I've been obsessed with the Deviant Girls brand lately + wanted to show you this peek-a-boo knee-length skirt, framed with miniature "curtains" (!) on either side of the buttie, which I think really displays the nottie-yet-sweet quality of this unique line. A free thong + some League suspenders covered up the bare necessities. *mwuahs Ruby69kill Moonites*
Here's a better look at this deliciously choppy "Robyn" hair that's new this week by Truth. *mwuahs Truth Hawks* -- The free nose bandaid was me taking, um, anticipatory exposed posterior measures. Heh.
Peek-a-boo love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who never admits to being nottie)


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Thong: Deviant Girls - vampie stocking bottom (from "Vampie" gift in Hateween Hunt) -
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Boots: R2 - "Pumehana" `elua Scarlet
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Stockings: Sheer - *Sheer* Leggings: Zebra Black Long -
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Oct 21, 2010

Campy Vampy

Check out this smexeh vampiress lingerie that Deviant Girls creator Ruby69kill Moonites has set out in the Hateween Hunt (hehe) for free.
This campy, dinner theater-esque collar + tattered cape went so perfectly with this free multi-pose coffin by Glitterati. I was so into trying all the superfun poses on this thing that I totes forgot to put on my vampiress fangs. -- O well, 1 more puny human life spared. Heh.

Campy vampy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who likes how Halloween lets us embrace our inner campy)


Black vampiress outfit: Deviant Girls - *dg* vampie - Hateween Hunt gift - find/buy yellow pumpkin for $0L (new!) - HINT: the view's mighty fine from up here, oink oink! - free
Coffin (w/ poses): Glitterati - The Coffin (new!) - free
Halloween lights (on coffin): Leia*Galaxy - *Halloween-Light(1024) - buy box on stairs for $0L (NOTE: these are really cute + resizable!) (new!) - free
Earrings: U&R Dogs - :+*R*+: Smiley Pierced Earrings - customer appreciation gift (uses 1 point) (new!) - free
Hair: Truth - Gigi - espresso
Skin: Tyranny Designs - Grixdale. -- Teagan - Wheat - Autumn & Junk - this week's Project Themeory special - $200L