Sep 27, 2009

Belleza Skin Gift, 1 Obnoxious T & A Beautiful Gesture from Glitterati

My gf DreamAngel Larnia + I were getting ready to do our usual shopping + grid-skipping when I happened to see fellow blogger Gabby McCollough's post about this gorges Belleza skin gift. Ohhh boy did I do a total 180 on my usual "What? Me? Pay to join a group?" stance when I saw her in this one. Exquisitely glowy body with a soft facial expression, perfectly sexy (but not overly dramatic) eyeliner makeup, full but (not overly full) perfectly pouty lip -- what's not to love? So so worth the $250L group join fee. ***NOTE: this skinmaker is better known for its men's skins but this group gift is only for women (sorry menz).
Since it was a lazy Sunday (i.e. casual wear only), I slipped on the delightfully sassy "I TAUGHT YOUR BOYFRIEND THAT THING YOU LIKE" T-shirt subscribo gift from Mischief that's been all over the blogs. Love how this hot pink color exactly matches my Violet Voltaire "Cameo" jewelry. This teeny tiny jean skirt (imprinted with adorable small white stars) was a previous find from Paper.Doll before it closed (I got it when the entire store was like $10L or something crazy like that). And the J's "Sand" color Ankle Boots Round are more fashion lemmings finds (I've seen these blogged + successfully resisted, but then alas, spied someone wearing these while hair shopping and all resistance flew out the window). OK, so I'm a member of the "Mees Likes So I Must Forfeit My $L Now" crowd. Shoot me.
A note about these poses: all of these poses here are by the Glitterati store and I was so touched with the way they are doing gifting these. Glitterati has created a special set of 10 poses that anyone can get for free. You tap the Breast Cancer Awareness poster to get them; above it is a square you can tap to donate whatever you like. -- These are such awesome, sexy poses (most involve a boob grab) + the store is matching donations (I believe upon a certain threshold amount). -- This "silent killer" disease is just not something we women can afford to be ignorant of in RL, so even if you only have $1L to spare, please do stop by the store to grab these poses + donate whatever you can. Glitterati folks -- you absolutely rule.
Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


T-Shirt: Mischief - Subscribomatic gift (click to Subscribe, then click History + "1" to get) - free
Jean skirt: Paper.Doll - previous $10L sale (store closed)
Hair: Fri.Day - Cassie - previously free
Hair bow: Fascino - group gift -
Eyes: Gala & Rita Design Announcements Group - group gift - free (join group in Search; gift is in Notices)
Lashes: Jade - Flugelin Brise lashes - free
Skin: Belleza - group gift (join Belleza group in Search; $250L group join fee; gift is in Notices)
Violet Voltaire - Cameo Kawaii - not free
Violet Voltaire - Cameo Kawaii - free (from demoing their in-store pinata, so fun! Whack out all your aggressions for the day, LOL)
Cuffs: Dark Mouse - Colored Bangles - previous $25L sale
Pearl Bracelet: Salire - former group gift - previously free
Back necklace: U&R Dogs (purchased at their Le Look location) - Bolero Necklace (long back necklace)
Boots: J's Ankle Boots Round - Sand - not free
Poses: Glitterati - Breast Cancer Awareness poses gift - free
Pearl Belly Chain: Alienbear - "Cyrus" Kitty Belly Chain - $10L

Sep 26, 2009

Good Sale Grabs: Atomic + Bangin' Body Designs

Two of my favorite stores are having sales this weekend and I wanted to show you this look combining items from both.

Atomic is doing its month-end 50% off sale and I grabbed this pretty "Faith" Caramel skin. Love this luscious, candy-colored rose pink lip that "fades" out (for a nice 3-D effect) at the bottom lip edges. I like that you get a freckles/no freckles option; there's also an additional sexy nude beige shiny lip that comes included with the pack.
At $500L its not supercheap even on sale, but anyone who is a fellow Atomic group member knows that their skins are really something special. Admittedly I like the faces more than the bodies of the Atomic skins, but I enjoy the expressions on my avi while wearing these skins. . . the look is take-no-shizz confident (i.e. not too girlie/innocent/sweet like most skins).

I discovered the Bangin' Body Designs store kinda by accident a few months ago and have been going back ever since for their sexy, curve-hugging designs. The entire store is 25% off this weekend.
Check out this retro-styled polka dot bodysuit which is so simple yet utterly sexy. Designer Beauty Fratica really knows how to show off a woman's assets. The classic black-and-white polka dot pattern and wide red cinch belt totally gives this look a '40s pinup style.

I found this long trailing back necklace at my old jewelry standby U&R Dogs and have been wearing it with everything. I really enjoy this piece; I rarely see back necklaces that I like and its nice that there's a "long" or "short" option. Also, its so appreciated that you can wear it with other pieces at once (loooove it when these attach to your spine so you can layer 2 necklaces at once -- all jewelry designers should please do this).

I've been wearing my BAX "Prestige" black leather boots with nearly everything so I thought I would mix it up a little by slipping on the white leather version. As with the black, the zipper, sole, etc are customizable so I made the heel and soles red to match the belt here -- so fun. Thank you BAX!

Finally, a very special thanks to Long Awkward Pose creator Dove Swanson for dropping LAP's "Female Blogger Appreciation" pose pack on me. Dove's LAP poses have long since been some of my absolute faves (all of the detail in these poses are so wonderfully geared for photogs). Thank you Dove!
The Atomic and Bangin' Body Designs sales end Sunday so scoop what you can. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Dress: Bangin' Body Designs - Dotty (red/black) - 25% off sale
Skin: Atomic - Faith-Caramel-Smudge Tease Freckles - 50% off sale
Hair: Hair Solutions - Shae - Sable - previously free with subscribo member gift card
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Blue Autumn - free
All other jewelry: U&R Dogs (purchased at their Le Look location) - Bolero Necklace (long back necklace) + The Heart of the Ocean Necklace (blue heart charm necklace); Petit Bolero Pierced Earrings (beaded circle earrings); Ocean Bracelet (blue/diamond cuffs - free camping gift)
Diamond Pave Ring: Gems & Kisses - City-Love's Ring (Platinum) - former lucky chair gift - free
Pearl Bracelet: Salire - former group gift - previously free
Boots: BAX Prestige White Leather Boots
Poses: Long Awkward Pose - poses used include: F Blogger1; F Blogger3-Fist; Back To The Wall; Dropped Hot; Barbie7; RCD-Other Shoulder

Sep 20, 2009

You Were Made Just For Me

You know that special tingly feeling? No not that one. I mean when you see something and you get the Come To Mama, Where Have You Been My Entire Life feeling. It's instant and powerful and useless to fight it.

The "Maxi" dress from the newly-reopened House of Hucci gave me The Feeling. Designer Eboni Khan is my hero. This type of styling is so what I love to wear: deceptively simple, yet sophisticated and tailored to the nines. Love her belts too. I paired her silver "Diva Belt" in "Pink Diamond" with the dark "Iron" color and her silver "Blue Topaz" version with the white.

The vintage-styled white flat stone ring that is the Dark Mouse Jewelry Fair '09 goes perfectly with this dress. Here I went all-out on the pearls look: I doubled up the white fat pearls necklace group gift from Salire with the dainty 2-row "Vintage Pearls" necklace (previous gift from the Modavia Fashion Week gift bag).

The white "Creme" color of this dress is so crisp and fresh, and the sexy steel-gray "Iron" color is smexeh as hell. But the half-pink, half-nude coppery shimmer of the "Burnt Sienna" just screamed my name. Here's another one of the fabulous Hucci belts: this is their "Double Link Black Pearl Belt." Love the way it drapes low across the waist and dips into the tummy.

Tiny criss-cross lace-up detail on the back of this dress makes my heart sing.

As you may have suspected, this scrumptious design is not free but as responsible Fashionistas (that's Capital F, baby) we feel compelled to show you the very best stuff on the grid (not only the freebies). Don't despair: this luscious dress is reasonably priced at $225L, and the (first) hair, skin, lashes and eyes here are all my current favies and are free.

Here again are those yummy BAX "Prestige" black leather boots that I just can't get enough of. I heart them so much. I want to marry them. It might be possible that I shop too much.

An easy alternative to the boots would be any ankle bootie (for example, if you were lucky enough to grab the free N-Core stiletto ones previously blogged here -- scroll down to my Uma Therman outfit). Any modern pumps would work as well, like these shiny patent leather square-toe pumps you can win in the Love Soul lucky chairs (they now have a ton of adorable Halloween items in them as well). Love the "shine" on either side and that they're color change.

Being a jewelry designer in RL, I of course had to hit SL's Jewelry Fair '09 when it opened earlier this week. Lemme tell ya, one booth clearly stood out like a shiny gem: Donna Flora. That's right, the same designer who offers us all those generous freebies. -- The sexy, open bodice and sophisticated styling of the House of Hucci dress was ideal for showing you some of these Donna Flora pieces. Again these designs are not free, but they are reasonably priced (think mostly in the $200L-$300L range; some less) and you can still scoop her lovely mint green "Rose" ring for $1L at her main store that was previously blogged here (scroll down to the white glove ring close-up pic).

This icy "Blue Sky " set on the left here has almost a vintage feel; love the cameo pink "Deco" charm on the right (such a piece of jewelry candy for anyone who loves pink like me).

A little birdie told me that Donna Flora's designer Squinternet Larnia is actually a jewelry designer in RL, and lemme tell ya -- it shows. I am going to give her my highest compliment as a fellow jewelry designer: I would so totally wear her stuff in RL. Yeahz!

Squinternet proves herself to be a versatile designer with her showings at Jewelry Fair '09. Check out these 2 totally different styles. The "Andrea" on the left features a "cascade" of squareish bezel stones (dotted with tiny little round stones in between) builds up to the collarbone for an almost collar-like effect for a very dramatic look). I also love the totally different "Venus" necklace on the right: this dark gray metal filigree work is so feminine, especially when its cradling these light pink and violet gems.

The trailing flower blossoms in a bold hot candy pink color ("Spring," on the left) is so lovely, especially against the dark "Iron" dress as a canvas. (Love it when the blooms curl around the neck like this). I also like the cluster of dark blooms in black rhodium finish on the right, that cluster up in front of the collarbone ("Sunny Black").

Here's what I pick as one of Jewelry Fair '09's showstoppers: Donna Flora's playful, impeccably detailed "gem charm" piece called "Gabriela." The double-rope action around the neckline adds a subtle "collar" effect to this long necklace + the rich sumputousness of these gem charms is almost juicy. I absolutely adore this piece.

In general, I find that knowing what you like helps you cut out all the other nonsense and get straight to the point. A huge timesaver, really. Who says you can't learn life lessons from fashion?

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Dress (all colors): House of Hucci - Maxi Dress - not free

Hair: Noju - "No Extension" hair Peach-lucky board gift - free

Skin: Twily Thula - Panina Gift Medium - lucky board gift - free

Lashes: Jade - Flugelin Brise lashes - free

Eyes: Clover - Real Eyes #28 - Lovebirds Hunt gift - free (not sure if still available)

Boots: BAX Prestige black - not free

Jewelry in first photos:

Vintage Pearl choker necklace - Mondavia Fashion Week gift bag - previously free

Mini clock + mini pink gem charm in bottle necklace: Le*o+o - $1L

Giant pearls necklace: Salire - group gift - free

Color change pumps: Love Soul - lucky chair gift - free

Jewelry in following photos: all by Donna Flora - not free

Hair in jewelry photos: Truth - Izzy - Honey Dark - not free

Sep 16, 2009

Pretty In (Free) Pink

Sometimes a single dress will get you all excited. This pink, sexy, girlie piece o' heaven fell from the SL Gods (or rather, the ADIVA store) for all to grab for $1L yesterday + I wanted to share my excitement about it. See the little stars in the skirt? The flowy pink ribbon trailing off these gloves + their cuffs? Silvery pink sequins on the bodice? *Scrapes myself off the floor* And while the $1L special price may or may not still be there today, with the exception of these amazing half-platform pink stilettos that I'm living for right now from R2, everything else I'm wearing is free or $1L. Pink away.
Dress (includes gloves): ADIVA - Lesley - $1L special
Skin: Pink Fuel - "Diamond 5" skin - Diamond Hunt gift (on floor, near stairs) - free (these rosy lips + outrageous makeup are so pretty)
Hair: Junwave - September gift - free (comes with barrette -- adorable + love this rare brown-pink color! In my opinion, these are the nicest ponys style on the grid)
Earrings: DigitDarkes - Modavia Fashion Week gift - free
Shoes: R2 - Malama Pink - not free

Here go those Clover eyes again. These indigo-hued ones are "Clover Real Eyes #38" and are part of the Lovebirds Hunt free gift. Again, you can't buy these eyes (so strange) but you can win them in hunt gifts or sometimes as group gifts. These are also those great freebie lashes from Jade. Here's a closeup showing this wild eye makeup from this "Diamond 5" Pink Fuel Diamond Hunt skin. Isn't it pretty?
Oh and the little stowaways? They're the "Bandaged Kitty" lucky chair gift from Pink Fuel. These little guys blink and everything. It's a generous gift: you can combine/mix & match kitties that attach to your head, arm, leg, and/or shoulder, so you could literally be crawling with adorable kitties. I was wearing the "leg" and "arm" attachments in these pics. Mee-eow!!

While you are there at Pink Fuel, pick up a pair of their adorable "cartoon" pink angels wings "Chibi Wing" tattoos. So so fun. It's from their gatcha dispenser machine (small toys that look like little candies). You pay $1L to get a random color; there are 8 colors total, so for $8L you get all of them!! The blue + the pink are the richest colors.
Check out a larger pic of this Le*o+o necklace, which has a tiny clock + hot pink gem inside. The tiny strawberry + wee li'l cupcake on the back is just precious. I heart it. A LOT. Kyootsie Wootsie was a lamb. Or something like that.
I also love it when you can layer necklaces together (please, jewelry designers -- give us multiple copies that attach to different things!!) The gorgeous Rene Caerndow told me how the "Vintage Pearls" in the Modavia Fashion Week "girls" gift bag are not to be missed (thanks for the tip Rene!) Aren't they so dainty + feminine? I was able to wear them together with the Le*o+o clock/pink gem charm necklace.

These R2 Malama Pink stiletto pumps really do deserve a bigger pic because the rich, triple pink colors, plus cherry red sole, make these shoes just pop (but not in a cartoony way). Also, this shoes comes with an on/off "GLOW." How great is that! Btw if you go to this store, check out their silver knee-high boots as well. Those fabby bits o' shiny fun are slated to be my next R2 purchase.
I love to take a dress-up look + make it supercasual, so here's another incarnation of this dress, using the sequined top with the flirty "Unbuttoned Jeans" gift from Luna's Boutique in both the "camo" + "black jeans" versions she sent out today (join the group, "save" the attachments from the Notices tab -- there should be 3 jeans total). This gold-tinged, mint rose ring is from Donna Flora. The delicate rose petals + the tiny, liquid-like green gem in the center make my fingers so happy.
There are many skins of fab quality being handed out now like hotcakes, but I here's my absolute favie of the moment: free + from the lucky boards at TwilyThula. Think sultry, almost feline eye makeups, with black eyeliner that artfully "wings out" at the tips. Pair that with the luminous, almost ethereal body glowy quality of Lara Skins (btw please IM me if anyone can locate this grid-hopping store, which has apparently vanished AGAIN). -- The overall result: TO. DIE!!! Here I am wearing the "tan" version. Warning: beware the huuuge lag monster since recently it's been JAM PACKED. Low prim clothing + hair is your friend. (Not really, but just felt I had to say that).
Finally, Tazzmania was having a $5L everything sale the other day + I scooped this warm fuzzy black zip-up jacket, with stars running down the sleeves. The soft semi-shiny velvety texture on this thing is absolutely fantastic. It's not on sale anymore but still a steal at $30L. (OK I lied, I guess this jacket is the one thing in the post that's not free or $1L other than the shoes, LOL). The scrumptious colors on these detailed sneakers are lovely; free at the new FAKE store if you tap the subscribo.
Look for some of these + more freebie finds in my "Better Quality Freebies" Shopping List #9 this week.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Sep 14, 2009

More Yummy Freebies (Freebies Bounty Part 2!)

Dearest Glamouristas, thank you sooo much for all IMs and kind words re: the last "Freebies Bounty!" post. The grid is literally flooded with scrumptious freebies at the mo' so all your kind words totally motivated me to model some more of these tantalizing free or $1L looks.

First, check out this superfun mouth treat: a wearable lucky board that you can put a picture of yourself (or anything!) into -- is that clever or what? I just love it when we can be ironical with fashion, heh. I previously blogged about Famish for its awesome "Green Eggs & Ham" mouth gift also which was just toooo cuuuute.

This "Phoebe Vamp" skin is a must-have for anyone into the paler look. The runny eye makeup tattoo is supercool, but the skin itself is the superstar here: it almost looks luminescent when you have it on -- it's that good. Free!
Eyes (used throughout this section): Poetic Colors - Endless Summer - free
Skin: Lessthan3 - group gift - "Phoebe Vamp"
(find Lessthan3 group in Search; in Notices) - free
Gears chain link necklace: ChaosLotus - Steampunk Hunt gift - free
Hair: Roge - group gift - free
Sneakers: Dilly Dolls lucky board gift - free
Dark Pink Striped V-Neck Bodysuit, Shrug, + Gloves: Dilly Dolls - Addiction Hunt gift - free
Socks: Dilly Dolls - part of the Twisted Hunt gift - free
Blue and Yellow Cuffs Bracelets: U&R Dogs (Car Wash) "Gondoliera"- $1L
Hearts cuff bracelet: U&R Dogs (LVS) - LVS Hunt gift - free

Here I was chillin' at the hair salon store at Roge. Aren't the shampoo bottles + mirrored chairs too perfect? Guess I picked a slow day at the salon, since no one seemed to notice a half-dressed girl prancing around.
Next check out this gorgeous Lazolli skin freebie I been hounding you guys to get. Now you see why, heh. Seriously -- the dark eyeliner (with just a touch of shimmery eyeshadow) is that perfect balance of pretty and sexy in this skin. Love the lovely 3-dimensional lip here too. I think its one of the best Lazolli skins I've seen to date. Free!

This look is a combo of some various gifts on the grid right now. This cherry red, fat round bead necklace from Shampoo might look simple, but I for some reason (maybe the size or exquisitely shiny glint on these beads?) its just so so fun to wear. I've been living for this deVOL keys lock strap necklace so here it is again too.
skin: Lazolli - "Yoko 3" - join the Lazolli group in Search + get in the past Notices (NOTE: there are 2 Lazolli groups, only 1 of them has any past Notices + the skin...FYI in case you initially join the wrong one like I did) - free
brown short bangs mini-buns hair: Dilly Dolls lucky board gift (both the hair + ribbons are color change) - free
red fat beads necklace: Shampoo - lucky board gift - free
key locks black strappy necklace: deVOL - free
Blue and Yellow Cuffs Bracelets: U&R Dogs (Car Wash) "Gondoliera"- $1L
Hearts cuff bracelet: U&R Dogs (LVS) - free from the LVS Hunt (look for a hearts card sticking out of the wall at + "Buy" for $0L)
green camo strapless top: deVOL - Profile Picks gift - free
green striped gloves: Dilly Dolls - part of the Addiction Hunt gift - free
jeans: Luna's Boutique - Unbutton Jeans - group gift (in Notices) - free
moss green flats: 50 Flats by Ding and VPoses - free
Rainbow hearts open hoops: U&R Dogs (Car Wash) - $1L

Here's one of the free Twisted Hunt hair gifts from Vixen (there are 4 hunts total that this store is giving away right now -- a perfect time for a visit! 3 lucky chairs too, although as a warning, "T" never seems to come up, LOL). This style is sexy and flowy, with just a bit of poof on top -- a great hunts find. You get additional colors within this generous gift too.
Some of the free dresses right now are simple yet totally sexy designs. I love this purple, superlow, button-up $1L shirtdress from Tyranny (there's even a cute pink pig face on the back). This hair is a MM board giftie that comes with little blue butterflies trailing down the side pony. Unusual + cute. -- Also, I was curious about the Corrupted Innocence MM board gift since I really loved their Black Pearl Hunt "crying skin" gift. Here's their MM board gift (with yellow eye makeup), also lovely.
Dress: Tyranny - $1L
Pink fat beads necklace: Shampoo - lucky board gift - free
Fishnets: SHi (touch panel in back - my fave fishnets ever!!) - free
Trailing Butterflies Hair: Sharodie's MM board "Black Butterfly Hair" gift -
Eyes: Clover - Lovebirds Hunt gift -
Corrupted Innocence - "Envy" MM board gift - free
Black leather double cuffs (w/ metal buttons): Grasp group gift - free
Black stiletto ankle boots: N-Core XtremeHeel Ankleboots group gift -
previously free
I paired it with from
Clover (a Game Day hunt gift - free).

A word about the eyes from Clover: truly, these are some of the best eyes I've seen on the grid -- suuuper-luminescent, richly detailed, multi-hued + perfectly glowy (thanks for the tip Marg!) Strangely, you can't actually purchase any eyes in the store -- you can only receive them as a Group Gift or in their hunt gifts. (If you check my post congratulating Marg on her wedding, she was wearing Clover eyes). -- Also, aren't these lashes a find? Free from Jade. Love how thick they are + how they feather out, Shu Uemura-style at the edges.

This next pretty dark pink number from niciLINE would be even better if the skirt was mod, but its still lovely. Check out these red kisses body tattoos also -- so so fun. The hair with mini-crown (and falling snowflakes -- hard to see here but really cute) is the "Snow Queen" style from the Magika $10L hair wall upstairs. And aren't these bright, colorful knees band-aids just adorable?
Dress: niciLINE group gift - free
Necklace: DM Designs - Profile Picks rewards necklace - free
Hair: Magika
"Snow Queen" Red 03 - $10L sale (head upstairs for the $10L wall)
Bandaids: CORE - "Owies" subscribo gift - free
Skin (used for rest of the following sections): Staged - "Elizabeth 2 Winged Coral" group gift - free (NOTE: Staged ups their group join fee to $50L right AFTER they do a skin gift distribution. If you want to join the group, wait until it goes back down to $0L again, which should be later in the month).

Throughout this section I'm wearing one of the best shoe freebies to pop up on the grid lately, the N-Core black XtremeHeel Ankleboots group gift that was free thru this past Sunday. Look at the matte texture of this heel + the little tiny diamonds studding the top all around, and that the laces are undone at the top. To. Die. Plus all stiletto fans know that this store's XtremeHeel series is really hard to resist.

Next up, the lucky board at Dreamin'g Alice has been drawing a crowd lately for this sexy military uniform dress. The skirt is mod and its such a sexy number. See how I'm totally channeling Uma Thurman with this Magika "Hate Me" black hair? This Lantian "Planetary Gears" necklace is one of the coolest things I've seen to date: a charm with TINY TICKING WATCH-LIKE MOVING GEARS that are meticulously detailed + simply eye-popping. Do not miss this gift from the Steampunk Hunt. It is soooo pretty + unique! Let's just see a bigger picture of it here, shall we?
Dress: Dreamin'g Alice lucky board gift - free
Brown cuff floral bracelets: Jill group gift - free
Black leather double cuffs bracelets: Grasp group gift - free
Red lips kiss marks tattoo: Foxxy Designs
Ducky Hunt gift - free
Moving gears charm necklace: Lantian
- Steampunk Hunt #58 (look in sunflowers) - free
Magika "Hate Me" Black 01 - $10L sale (head upstairs for the $10L wall)
Curtsey pose: FD Poses "Curtsey"
- $1L
Last but not least, there's an awesome freebie for guys right now at the Jill store: this lovely 2-tone blue argyle zip-up sweater that my supersqueezable guy Gavin McGinnis is wearing here. The Jill store is such a find (many thanks to my gorgeous gf Diamondzz Destiny for this awesome tip!!). Their designs (mostly for women) are well-made and classy, with just a touch of sexiness. -- Head to the 2nd floor, join the group for $0L to grab a row full of these awesome looks on the wall. Bring your guy friends too since this is hands-down one of the best-quality freebies I've ever seen for the guys.

NOW: notice what Gavin is wearing on his feets -- a truly rare discovery, flip-flops with PRIM TOES!! OK OK, maybe this is only something a hardcore SL fashionista would get excited about. But I mean really, you never ever see these -- let alone for free! The metallic "electric" blue color is for guys + there's a yummy, candy-like metallic grape purple for the ladies. Skip over to Grasp and grab these lovely treasures (the black leather double-cuffs used throughout here are a free Grasp group gift too).

Here was a little break from our shooting that's just a cute picture, hee hee.
Look for these + more freebie finds in my "Better Quality Freebies" Shopping Lists (both #8 + #9) this week + for next week.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Sep 13, 2009

Peek-A-Boo Buttie!

Sometimes people ask me what I wear when I'm not blogging the freebies. This is a look I've been parading around the grid in lately. Notice how I am quite literally + quite shamelessly putting around my buttie out for all to see here.
Buttie cleavage is not the only thing going on in this smexeh number . . . I heart the rich, rarely-seen light plum color + I'm such a permanent Luck Inc. devotee now (their naughty halter overalls are my next purchase!) The U&R (@ Car Wash) "Blume" hoops, Poetic Colors "Endless Summer" eyes, DM Designs rose cuffs bracelet (July subscribo gift, still available - hit "4" on the subscribo History) + Shampoo Lucky Board necklace are all free or $1L (love how the cherry reds on the Shampoo necklace + DM Designs roses bracelet totally match); the Dark Mouse "Colorful Cuffs" were a steal at Mouse's $9L birfday sale this week (happy bday Mousie!) These fabby fishnets are the still-available SHi freebie (truly the most detailed, finest quality fishnets I've found to date -- free!), although unfortunately this fabulous Pr!tty hair is not (but it comes with 2 very pretty and unusual "sideways" headbands).

Many thanks again to the gorges + soooo helpful Gabby McCullough for convincing me to get these black leather BAX "Prestige" boots. I am sooo utterly + completely in luuurves with them. The fit like a glove + you can color change the metal parts (even all parts of the zipper!) Some of the best (mucho $L) I ever spent. This razor-thin stiletto heel even doubles as a weapon. (Kidding, but it so could!)

Love + fashionista kisses to all!!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Sep 9, 2009

Freebies Bounty!

We haven't done a freebies fashion roundup in awhile and the start of the month seemed like a great time for it since SL is basically now like a li'l freebie bonanza. There's currently a ton of hunts either in progress or just starting, so we wanted to show you some of our current fave gifties scattered across the grid.
Check out this candy-like princess concoction (love the white lace trim on the bodice + dainty white lace underskirt peeking out) which is now free at Feather. Lemme tellya this thing will totally put you in a girlie girl mood. I'm wearing it here with my new fave hair from Pr!tty that comes with this retro sideways headband (thanks so much Linda for the tip!!)
Here's my smokin' hawt gf Ela Teardrop modeling a suuupersexy jewelry find -- this Salire necklace with fat pearls that "dips" into the cleavage with a sexy 2-row, 2-size bead look. The rope around the neck is a smaller bead; and the necklace is shaped to look like its "nestling" between your bewbies) Comes in 2 colors: a strawberry pink + also a refined ivory cream white. And -- each color comes with a matching fat pearls bracelet.

On Tesh:
Dress: Feather pink dress - group join gift (join group for $0L + click the gift board in-store) - free
Necklace: Fairy Tail - group join gift -
Blue and yellow pave cuffs bracelet set: U&R Dogs (Car Wash):
Shoes: G Field Brown satin "Rosette" chunky platform heels - Subscrib-o-matic gift (hit subscribo twice + get from "History") -
Eyes: Poetic Colors "Endless Summer" eyes -
Hair: Pr!tty - "Runway Model" (blonde) - not free
Gloves: Twisted & Spoiled white lace gloves -
previously free (July 4th gift)
Ring: Gems & Kisses - City in Platinum (Love's Ring) - diamond pave ring -
previously free (lucky board gift)
Skin (with Candy Heart Eye Tattoos) + Pink Bunnies Necklace: Avatar Crossing Hunt gift package from Pink Fuel (skin name: Skye - Ganguro) - free. LOVE this glowy, luscious skin + the pink lips (that have just a tiny touch of deeper rose color in the center) are soooo detailed + pouty. The candy hearts (and stars!) are a separate feature you can add to this skin. *NOTE: This hunt is not for the faint-hearted unless you have Zino "Hunt Master" Indigo at your side like my lucky buddy Ela (fortunately I had Gavin "Jeopardy King" McGinnis to brainstorm thru this one with me). You need to go here to grab a wearable HUD to start the hunt; when you have collected all the items the robot asks for, click him again + head to the secret room to collect this + tons of other cool gifties. (Feel free to drop me a NC for sLURLs that might help locate the obscure clues).
On Ela:
Black cocktail dress: Petunia - black dress with bow -
free (white box in corner, on floor)
Hair: Amacci "Adena" group join gift fatpack -
Necklace + bracelet: Salire double-row, 2-size pearl long necklaces (cream) -
Skin: Aimesi "Elena" skin - group gift -
free (pick up the free bikinis also there)
Eyes: Poetic Colors "Endless Summer" eyes -
Shoes + mouth cherries: Asylum Designs - lucky toilet gift -
free (these adorable shoes with little black bowties are really worth grabbing!)

Next, we wanted to show 2 casual looks. Doesn't Ela look so so cool here? Her look is a total mix of highbrow + lowbrow. The top is from the evening gown group gift at Azul (this 1-shoulder, side-cutout look is sooo sexy... and love the olive green sequin texture) + the bottom multi-color denim skirt is the SOS Hunt gift from Joy Love.

We added the aaahdorables rainbow gems cuff bracelet + "open" heart hoops earrings from the U&R Dogs (Car Wash) cart. The deVOL bike chain necklace is so hipster + the black veil skin adds an elegant and yet mysterious touch. These booties are free from N-Core (!!) so join the group + grab while they last.

On Ela:
Top: Azul group gift (top shirt portion of dress) -
Jean skirt: Joy Love - SOS ice cream hunt #25 -
Bike Chain Necklace: deVOL - group gift (join group for $0L + touch the sign on the wall) -
3" Ankle Boots - N-Core - group gift (join group for $0L + touch the sign on the floor) -
Skin: Wig Wam Bam - "Kylie" black veil skin (options for no veil too):
Hair: Ay.Line - "Ai" September group gift -
Rainbow hearts open hoops: U&R Dogs (Car Wash)
- $1L
Rainbow X-cuff: U&R Dogs (Car Wash) - $1L

I love clothes that blend cute + sexy, and this panda top (where the heads are boobieliciously placed) is just awesome. This top is a gift from Sweet.Little in the SOS ice cream hunt, which has already been blogged to death but the gifties are sooo cuuute that I have to say its one of the only hunts I'm doing in order, from start to finish, LOL. These polka dot patches (front + back) denim shorts from Sugarcube are seriously some of the most darling jean shorts. The eye mask is from 1 of SL's best lingerie designers, WTW.

I also must confess a weakness for fastidiously detailed jewelry. The ever-popular U&R is doing some incredible pieces right now that are really worth grabbing for free or $1L. One of my new favies is this lovely cuff bracelet studded with puffy, shiny cherry-red hearts.

On Tesh:
Polka Dot patches jean shorts: Sugarcube Pink Dot Jean shorts -
$1L (this location only)
Panda PJs top - Sweet.Little panda top - SOS ice cream hunt (stop #35) -
Hearts cuff bracelet: U&R Dogs (LVS)
- free from the LVS Hunt (look for a hearts card sticking out of the wall at + "Buy" for $0L)
Necklace: Monochro "Stars" black and white bead necklace -
$1L (gift bag in window)
Boots: Eva - Cream Canvas boots -
free (NOTE: unfortunately, the freebies at The Vinyl Cafe/The Dominion, where this store is located, disappear quickly so this may not still be available. Fortunately, they do gifties OFTEN so I totally recommend joining their group)
Eye Mask: WTW - Blue and Pink sleepwear eye masks -
Colorful Bangles: Dark Mouse -
$9L birthday sale (previous price this week)
Gloves: Twisted & Spoiled white lace gloves -
previously free (July 4th gift)
Hair: Pr!tty - "Runway Model" (blonde) -
not free

It's hard to resist cute freebie goodies from the Lucky Chairs + I am so in love with the 2 lucky chair gifties at Needful Things. Check out this ready-for-winter black zip-up jacket with this flowy striped scarf. The skin is the SOS Hunt dramatic makeup freebie from Posh. See how quite a bit of 'tude is totally baked into this one?

Jacket + scarf: Needful Things @ Zephyra - lucky chair gift - free
Skin: Posh "Blame It On The Fame" - SOS ice cream hunt gift #51 -
Eyes: Poetic Colors "Endless Summer" eyes -
Hearts cuff bracelet: U&R Dogs (LVS) -
free from the LVS Hunt (look for a hearts card sticking out of the wall at + "Buy" for $0L)
Colorful Bangles: Dark Mouse -
$9L birthday sale (previous price this week)
Hair: Pr!tty - "Runway Model" (blonde) -
not free

The other lucky chair gift is a supercute limited-edition cyan color semi-sheer tank, featuring teeny tiny criss-cross spaghetti straps in the back (+ is sheer from the bust down). Sooo smexeh + yet utterly adorable.

Cyan cami top: Needful Things @ Zephyra - lucky chair gift -
Barette hair: Hair Solutions "Shae" (Sable) -
free (with $300L group appreciation gift card)
Hoops earrings: U&R Dogs (Car Wash)
- $1L (these are my new fave hoops!! Really really love these)
Gloves: from the other Needful Things @ Zephyra - lucky chair gift -
10-rope pearl choker necklace: +plus "The Vintage White" necklace -
not free (but sooo worth it!!)
Skin: Corrupted Innocence - "Eva" (tan/navy) - previously free (prior Black Pearls hunt gift)

Here's my drop-dead gorge bff Phoenix Metaluna modeling one of the sexiest hunt gifts recently, the Twisted & Spoiled red plaid "Twisted" shorts + top gift. (Notice that this top is so revealing that she had to wear some ribbons pasties bewbies tats, heh). She's also wearing those wonderful, previously-blogged Envy Designs "Goth" style black boots with a previous Vinyl Cafe black stockings gift (isn't the white "run" detail splitting down the middle just too perfect?), with one of my still-favie skins, the Corrupted Innocence "Eva" crying skin (a previously free Black Pearls hunt gift). See why the guys go just nuts over her?

On Phoenix:

Halter top + shorts: Twisted & Spoiled - Twisted Hunt red plaid "Twisted" top + shorts -
Boots: Envy Designs - "Goth" thigh-high boots MM board gift -
Pasties tattoos: I<3>
- subscribo gift - free
Silver bangles:
Laciecakes - Buncha Bangles - $1L
"Power Doll" gun leg tattoo:
I<3> - subscribo gift - previously free
Hair: "Cassie" (Anxious Blonde) - previously free
Stockings: Vinyl Cafe "A Night In Paris" Half-Stockings (black) -
previously free
Earrings: Alienbear "Blue Wooden Balls" Earrings -
free (prior hunt gift)
Black gloves: Luna's Boutique - Little black dress gloves -
previously free (prior group gift)
Skin: Corrupted Innocence - "Eva" (tan/navy) -
previously free (prior Black Pearls hunt gift)

Finally, I was exploring the secret schoolroom at the eerie, haunting Immersiva SIM with male model Gavin McGinnis, who was looking polished in the free male group join gift from Alphamale & Blacklace. Here I am recalling school days at this animated desk. Guess I've been a bad girl or something, heh.
Aren't these poses cute? They're from the free Duckie Hunt gift from S.LOVES. Gavin does look like he's grabbing something inappropriately here tho.
I'm wearing my (not free) but to-die BAX "Prestige" black leather boots here (seriously -- these custom fittable, metal-changeable beauties fit like a glove + were worth every single $L). BUT -- notice how these free strappy deep rose sandals from MJ+Dada @ LVS (a LVS SIM opening gift) would totally go with this dress. Click the sign on the desk all the way to the right (at the LVS location only).

on Gavin:
shirt + pants: Alphamale & Blacklace - current subscribe-o-matic gift -
slippers: A.S.S. - Burberry slippers -
hair: Junwave - Natural Short (black) -
previous $50L sale
eyes: Reale - Vivid Eyes Enhanced (greenish blue) -
not free
tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded) -
not free

on Tesh:

pink/fuscia sash dress: Aoharu - Chiffon Ruffle Dress - 25ans group join gift -
free (this floaty, superbly tailored dress is one of the prettiest freebies available now on the grid -- do not miss it!!)
lashes: Symphony Skins -
previously free (Skin Fair '09 gift)
red lipstick crying skin:
Corrupted Innocence - "Eva" (tan/navy) - previously free (prior Black Pearls hunt gift)
pink lipstick skin: Pink Fuel - Skye - Ganguro - Avatar Crossing Hunt gift package from Pink Fuel (see above for details) - free
earrings: Violet Voltaire - Kawaii Cameo Hearts earrings -
not free
necklace: Violet Voltaire - Lollipop Guild necklace -
not free
Boots: BAX Prestige (black) -
not free (BUT my hands-down favie new black boots!! Thank you Gabby!!!)

Look for these looks + more freebie finds in my "Better Quality Freebies" Shopping List #8 for this week.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe