Feb 2, 2010

Winged Victory at Risk City

I was doing some shopping with my bestie DreamAngel Larnia in Kaori Masala's gorgeous dEVOL Fashion Avenue shopping district when we happened upon these ahhh-mazin' winged platform sneaker boots at Chapeau tres Mignon. As Dream put it, these very well could be the goddess of sneaker boots.
'Course I just had to throw together a look to go with, especially with these $1L angels wings by Glow Studio. These wings are so freakin' fierce.
These shots were taken at the spectacular Risk City SIM, which has tons of different builds to explore. This was the fairy ice world sphere, where you can fish for sharks, ice skate (the skates are free) or chillax in a lonely ice temple. Here I am zooming near this glowy mushroom thing, complete with it's own little swing.
This pose from Long Awkward Pose reminded me of the Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace sculpture I learned about back in my art history class days. Yes, these Glow Studio wings are just that good. LOL.

A quick word to hunters: the Cupid Heart Hunt started this weekend + it's one of the better ones, with some of SL's best stores involved. Here's just one of the goodies just waiting to be scooped: this fat pearls + red crystal hearts bracelet by Mocha (one of several gifties at that store alone; the matching necklace is great also).
There's tons of other fashionista finds on this hunt, including the glowy, sky blue ankle strap heels by R2 that are an absolute must-have. You are looking for puffy red hearts with tiny little Cupid arrows in them (the hearts can be any size) + it's a relatively short list of stores. Do not miss this fantastic hunt! The starting point for the Cupid Heart Hunt is here + you can find a really useful hints sheet by my fellow Free*Style blogger Anya Ohmai here.

Back to our SL explorations, Gavin + I met up with our esteemed newest blogger for SLexy Fashionista, the eternally fab LisaMun Aronowicz, who sadly found herself caught in an ginormous spider's web. Unfortunately I have a lifelong aversion to all things spider, so we heartlessly abandoned her + continued on with our Risk City journey. We found a forlorn dance ball hiding in the middle of this stunning underwater "valley" filled with blood-red roses, which was the perfect spot for a quiet dance. This gorgeous "sky" above us was actually the water's surface; it was raining in the valley.
To get to this valley, head to Risk City + look for a small pool of water near a hangman's noose. Take the pose where you are peering into the water below; you'll see mirror with a sad girl's reflection tucked in a hidden dressing room below. Fall into the water and head outside the dressing room into the underwater rose valley. This SIM is crazy -- ya just gotta go.

Make sure to turn your graphics up to properly view the build.

Your taxi: Risk City

Exploring is one of the way funnest things to do in SL (well, along with le shoppings). Many thanks to the all-knowing Gavin McGinnis for showing me this awes place. Explorer love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who wants a li'l SL explorer badge)


Tank top: Poison - Black & white dress - free
Shorts: Danika Design - Red Racer "Fastgirl" Hotpants - previous MM board gift - previously free
Boots: Chapeau tres Mignon - Wing Sneaker Boots Red
Blue beads necklace: SiSSi - Cutie Necklace - Tartan Blue/Taupe/Red
White pearl necklace + bracelet: Mocha - Sweet Twilight Necklace + Bracelet - Cupid Heart Hunt -
Ring: Donna Flora - Pink & jewels - Pink Ring - previous $50L Weekend sale
Thong: Nyoko's Wears - Kini Latex Burgundy underpants
Hearts tattoo: Kanival Tattoo - 90.Heart 2 - lucky dance prize -
Navy swirls tattoo: HUZ-Tats - Cuteness Freebie - $1L
Wings: Glow Studio - gift wings - $1L
Headband: Glow Studio - Pink Duck Hairband - previous $50L Weekend sale
Hair: Zero Style - Silvana - Dark Chocolate
Skin: LAQ - Jewel 03 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Poses by: Long Awkward Pose


LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Yeahh thanks for 'abandoning' me guys!! LOL!! But hey this is a great post, and those boots are amazing!!!xxxx

Unknown said...

The photos are very original and very nice styling. Thank you Teshan for this lovely post.

Tesh said...

Awww thanks so much ladies! Lisa yeah um, so sorry about that, hee hee *hides* xoxo

Gavin said...

I had so much fun exploring Risk City with you. The picture you took there look amazing.

Hey, atleast I squished the spider for you Lisa before we abandoned you in the web. I didn't want you to become spider food. LOL

Tesh said...

OMG SQUASHED SPIDERS!??? Triple ewwwwww

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