May 31, 2010

Slouchy Stylin'

The latest free pale pink jean skirt + slouchy black tank top gift (with a subtle floral detail) by So Many Styles is old news on the feeds by now, but it was perfect for my slouchy mood today. Some other recent gifts added to the subtle floral theme, like these so totally adorable floral-capped Mary Janes that are currently free by S@BBiA + some girlie-wirlie daisy floral socks that came to me free courtesy of the Elymode subscribo.
I've also been rediscovering the most recent Belleza "Elle" skin gift (which you can still scoop at the store; there's a $250L group join fee to grab it). I then remembered why this innocent-yet-kittenish face skin remains one of my fave Belleza gifts to date. *mwuahs Tricky Boucher*
Hope everyone was able to work in some RL Memorial Day sales shopping. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who wants to wear slouchy tank tops everyday)


Pink denim skirt + black slouchy tank: So Many Styles - SMS Jeans Mini Pink and Rose Tank Monochrome - subscribo gift - free
Socks: Elymode - RubyStar socks - pink - subscribo gift -
Shoes: S@BBiA - Flower Pumps:Black - group gift (join group for
$0L; touch sign) - free
Tattoo: Elymode - Simply Starry (tintable) 3 -
previously free
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Aurora -
previously free
Hair: AY.LinE - Apricot[[Cocoa]] - Group Gift[[May]] -
Skin: Belleza - Elle BR Med (cleavage) Group Gift -
Poses by: Izumiya -

May 30, 2010

Doubleheader Sunday

I've been obsessed with the latest I Ce Coco free skin gift lately + wanted to show you 2 different looks with it.
Diamonds + gems dressed up this first casual style, featuring the lush polka dot $1L bodysuit by Wave that's already been plastered all over the feeds. Check out the tres killer denim miniskirt I found to go with it (these feather waist attachments are both unusual + supercute). I also love how these Donna Flora gems come with a handy-dandy HUD to change the gem color! *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
This 2nd look features another Donna Flora creation that I've been meaning to blog forever: this spectacular "Jazzy" fur jacket, impeccably textured with subtle streaks of blue + caramel beige running thru the fur. It's kinda undeniably fierce. The glam red bow adds that li'l something extra too.
I finally scooped these Pixel Mode "Baby T" pumps that every fashionista in SL apparently owns +I must say that these are really some of the most spectacular pumps I've seen yet in SL. -- Let me repeat; these shoes are To. Die. Love the anklet socks version too.
Between the crazy good shading on these pumps + the many droolworthy colors, it was bye bye $L time today.

Happy Memorial Day weekend BBQs everyone (+ please do take a moment to remember the very somber reasons why we have this holiday). Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really believes that regular 3-day weekends would so totally improve everybody's quality of life)


1st look:
Skin: I CE COCO - Scarlett freckles - group gift (join I CE COCO group for $0L; in Notices; on SLURL necessary) - free
Top: Wave - [AV]swimsuit small dots white seethrough -
Socks: Pig - Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Hortense - subscribo gift (NOTE: this subscribo does not give past gifts, but does gift lovely things on a regular; be sure to click it to receive the next one) -
previously free
Hair: 69 - Neguko - Brown
Skirt: **=KtH= x *S** (creator Yui Starship) - *S Feather J-Skirt
Necklace + earrings:
Donna Flora - Jojo set + HUD (new!)
Hair feathers: Fashionably Dead - (fd) Hair Stuff (Puddy Tat)
Indyra Originals - Kidskin gloves: Off-white
Shoes: Pixel Mode - [PM] Baby Ts: Plain - Hot Yellow
Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Azur

2nd look:
Skin: I CE COCO - Scarlett freckles - group gift (join I CE COCO group for $0L; in Notices; on SLurl necessary) - free
Fur jacket: Donna Flora - Jazzy red
Necklace + earrings: Donna Flora - Lorena
Dress: Cupcakes - Red Devil Dress
Gloves: Atelier AM - Aya V Fur Gloves - free
Shoes: Shoes: Pixel Mode - [PM] Baby Ts: Plain - Blood
Hair: Hair Solutions - Shae - Nutmeg
Hair feathers:
Atelier AM - AA Chinese headpiece red (previous Red Packet Hunt gift) - previously free
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Azur

May 28, 2010

Dress Up Friday

It's hard to find simple designs that are really superbly made. This stunning gown by Designing Nicky Ree is unbelievably free + I love the confidence of this clean style: a single seam, running vertically down the torso, trails down into a subtle darkening of fuscia color + a darker, prism-like purple hue. It's like wearing a shimmering jewel.
The latest free AY.LinE hair gift + some gorgeous free pink bracelets by Sigma added simple flair. Such a simple design was the perfect canvas for setting off beautiful jewels, like one of my favorite ruby necklaces by Donna Flora. (Btw sorry these images aren't perfect, RL job demanded that I had to upload ASAP! Grrrr).

I also scooped this $50L Fridays dress by a designer that is new to me, Casa Del Shai. The texture on this dress was so shimmery + pretty that all it needed was pair of dangly earrings for chic summer style. I'm also showing the tres fabby Glam Affair "Sofia" skin line that I love with a beautiful peacock-like eyeshadow.
Happy long weekend Friday everyone. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who loves any excuse to dress up)


Dress: Designing Nicky Ree - *NR* Gift Satin Shine Pink (buy box on floor near gift area) - free
Hair: AY.LinE - GroupGift[[May]] - Apricot[[Komugi]] - group gift (join group for
$0L; touch sign) - free
Sigma Jewels - Bangles in Wood Colors - Cherry - Fuchsia - Fashion Freaks Hunt gift (buy pink candy for $0L) - free
Hair roses: AtomicBambi - Hair Corsage - Fiji (Cerise)
Necklace: Donna Flora - Ruby Tears parure 2
Skin: Laq - Julie - 10 [Peach] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar eyes - Water
Tattoo: dEVOL - Hibiscus Tattoo -
50% store closing sale (until May 31, 2010 only)
Pose by: Juxtapose - Dolla'bie 2 Poses -
Dress: Casa Del Shai - La Capricciosa Maxi Dress (blue) - $50L Fridays sale
Skin: Glam Affair - Sofia Natural Skin - makeup 5
Hair: Kookie - Chiggy - chocolate brown
Earrings: Gems & Kisses - Summer Hunt - Turquoise -
previously free
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Mae (White)
Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Azur
Gloves: Indyra Originals - Kidskin gloves: Off-white
Pose by: On the Cover

May 27, 2010

The Hunt for Those Effin' Red Clogs

What do you get when you combine scrumptiously baked textures, hidden apartments + 1 fabby pair of missing red clogs? Why, a li'l SL adventure made just for us fashionistas.
Some of SL's best designers have taken up hidden "residence" in the brand new Saikin SIM (the Saikin + Boom stores are on the ground level). Several floors of half-open, mostly closed doors hide secret "apartments"; cam around to find crazy detailed builds inside, like these glowy DJ decks in this abandoned car garage.

I must've over-indulged a teeny bit prior to all this SL exploration. Luckily, a golden toilet + spinning disco ball bathroom made this private moment tres glam.
Ahhh my own grassy patch, right next to the facilities -- with a shower + bubbles! How convenient.
Since I was in a casual girlie explorer mood, I slipped on the free subscribo gift by Trashy Girls In Style. This striking floral print short set (with adorable mini-gold belt included) was just perfect for some fashionista wanderings. A free double bangles set by Sigma Jewels (you get a free pink set included too) + free lace-up driving gloves by Butterfly Effectz finished this look.
There's many gifts thruout these crazy apartments (don't miss the free skybox in one of 'em -- it's the one with the fancy paintings). I also loved the apartment by creator Chocolate Arashi of Couverture, where you can buy all the clothes hanging in the closet. Make sure to scoop this pretty plant for a mere $20L (how cute is the stenciled pot on this thing)?
Some of the rugs are tricky when you click on 'em. I was lost in headhphones land, so I didn't even notice until I got rolled up tight. Hee.
My search for those free Saikin red clogs was quickly turning into temper tantrum time when when my manshionistas came to the rescue with their superior clog radar skills (awww thanks dudes)! *mwuahs Ethan + G* Here's SLexy Fashionista model Ethan Kanahoe enjoying a bunneh moment in this toy-strewn apartment (this bed had a really cute animation in it).
Finally, the elusive free cherry red clogs! Check the Styling Credits for the best hint I can give ya. -- Fair warning: they're a li'l bitch to find. But: the exploration here really is exquisite, plus these clogs are so totes worth it. I mean just check out the wooden wedge heel! Yummies.
Once again I gotta nod to my girl Val Southard for the awes tip-off for these clogs. *mwuahs Val* Explorer love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who lurves fashionista exploring but really sucks at hunts)


Shorts + top: Trashy Girls In Style - TGIS - Jumper - group gift - subscribo gift - free
Bangles: Sigma Jewels - Bangles in wood colors (avacado-sea) - Fashion Freaks Hunt gift (buy pink candy for $0L) -
Hair: Truth - Marcelle - copper
Socks: Noju - Laceup Socks Set A - Laceup socks (smoky blue)
Gloves: Butterfly Effectz - BE Florish Gloves - What's New SL group gift -
Headphones: DJ HeadPhones (Chin) MX900 -
previously free
Skin: Laq - Julie - 10 [Peach] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar eyes - Water
Tattoo: dEVOL - Hibiscus Tattoo -
50% store closing sale (until May 31, 2010 only)
Shoes: Saikin - clog sabot sandal REST red - Saikin SIM opening gift (*NOTE: these are not the easiest find and I can't give you a LM for the exact spot. The best hint I can give you is: look for a sunlit double door w/ mailbox slots next to it. Walk AWAY from the door, around the corner + you will see some grates in the floor underneath some stairs. Fall down thru the grates to a hidden room, with a fireplace + the clogs next to it. You'll just have to explore!) -
Potted plant: Couverture @ Saikin - Flower in my Garden plant >red - Saikin SIM opening gift -
Skybox: Lucky #7 - Lost Petals Gift - Saikin SIM opening gift -

May 24, 2010

To Our Friend Kaori, The Sadist.

It's with tremendous sadness that I am sharing with you that my friend creator Kaori Masala will be leaving SL + closing her fabulous dEVOL store on May 31, 2010. -- Kaori calls herself a "sadist" (+ will giggle as she tells you that) since she loves SL + knows she will miss it, but she needs to focus more on her RL. (Boy did I throw a mighty temper tantrum when I learned all of this).
In honor of the store's closing, everything at dEVOL is now 50% off. These hot pink fishnets, tattoo, black "hoodie" shrug + jean shorts I'm wearing are all by dEVOL (I really luhs the texturing work on dEVOL's jeans + these lace-topped fishnets are the fierceness). -- I paired this look with a free motorcycle vest by Kamikaze (there's a killer Asian script detail on the back of this vest that makes it something special).

The bouncy big hair I'm wearing thruout this post is a $30L steal by Kik (there's a few $30L styles laid out that are cute!) This glam style worked so well with these looks. -- In particular I can't tell you how rawrrr-y this zebra print one-piece bathing suit is -- you just have to try it on (Gavin had many things to say about this look). A glamorous jewel attaches to the front too.
Gavin is showing the dEVOL mens jeans thruout this post (you get several versions in the pack). All of the fabby tattoos on both of us are also by dEVOL (truly, any tattoo fans really must check this store's edgy selection out).
Nuthin' like a li'l snuggling time to comfort yourself in moments of fashionista despair. This adorable back snuggle ani by Kabuki Creations did just the trick. *mwuahs Naku Nishi*
If you've yet to discover the lovely stuffs at dEVOL, now is the time to scoop everything from detailed tattoos (some of the most gorgeous "script" ones anywhere), awes jeans (for both men + women) + tons of other smexeh gear -- all at 50% off. There's also free profile picks + other group gifties too. -- And if you see Kaori, please let on that sadism is not something to be taken lightly.

A thousand *mwuahs* to our friend Kaori Masala for sharing all your beautiful things with us. You + dEVOL will be sorely missed. Le. Grrr.

Now it's time to go kick something that yet another fabby store is closing. Love + (temper tantrum) fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really hates throwing temper tantrums)


*All dEVOL items are 50% off for the store closing sale (until May 31 only)

Fishnets: dEVOL - Fishnet Leggings *Pink
Black cropped jacket: dEVOL - Hoodie Short *BK
Denim shorts: dEVOL - Jeans Short
Tattoo: dEVOL - Mahaasukha Tattoo
Vest: Kamikaze - Biker Vest Freebie (there's a few gift boxes in front for
$0L) - free
Hair: Kik - Hair-Kath (buy it on the table; more $30L styles too) -
$30L sale
Bangles: Atelier AM - *AA* snake bangle 02 - Project Themeory $75L sale
Shoes: Kookie - 50L Friday Nude Wedges -
previous $50L Fridays sale
Noirilicious- Knitted Leggings Grey - A la Noir
Skin: Laq - Julie - 05 [Peach] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Glass

Gold bra: dEVOL - Bronze Bra (part of Hoodie short *BK set)
Upper tattoo: dEVOL - Corinthians13-Love-Tattoo
Jeans: dEVOL - Jeans01 *Rollup
Pelvis tattoo: dEVOL - Sexy Gun Star Tattoo

Zebra one-piece bathing suit: dEVOL - Sexy Animal Swimwear *Zebra
Tattoo worn with zebra bathing suit: dEVOL - Hibiscus Tattoo
Gold stiletto heels:
Stiletto Moody - Bare Katharine (Gold Diamante)

Lying on back couples pose: Kabuki Creations - Stay - $60L weekends sale
Bikini top: Paradisis
- Glitter (MM board gift) - free
Jeans: dEVOL - Jeans01 *Rollup
All other couples poses: Wet Cat

on Gavin McGinnis:
Blue long-sleeved henley shirt:
Aoharu - BT_V-NeckShirt_Navy
Jeans: dEVOL - Jeans01 *Plain
Tattoo: dEVOL - Play Forever Love Men
Sneakers in 1st photo:
SoReal - Superstars black/white
Sneakers w/ shirtless look: 2Real - Pure

May 23, 2010

"Cannes" themed party. 2pm today (23rd)

It sure is Hot! (and that's not just the weather, hehe).
Far too many sozzled low grade celebs in Cannes, so I got my new Captain, Jeffrey, to park my yacht around the corner a bit, away from that monumental hulabalooo.
So I am throwing a proper party tonight at 2pm with Helloise and Tatianna Dj'ing. Its gonna be FAB. You are all invited but please be warned, any un-glam guests WILL be ejected!! (lol, no I'll just send u downstairs to hand out the canopes.). See you there :D
XXXX Rene.
Your taxi:

May 22, 2010

Strollin' Thru The Wheat Fields

Sometimes you see the. kyootest. stuff whilst trolling the fashion feeds. I spied these free overalls (with bikini top!) on Noir Gothly's blog here + turns out, the girl is a talented clothing designer too! Woot!
The Dressing Room has some nice new sale stock, including this "diamond bear" necklace by Glow Studio + these awes teddy bear ears (I can never resist these + Magic Nook does 'em particularly well). Some yummie Chuculet $5L ring pop candy seemed tres appropo for a casual stroll thru some wheat fields.
I also have to say that I'm in luhs with these floral boots by G Field that every fashionista seems to have already scoopied. They purdy. I caved.

Now if only there were actual nature near moi in RL. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who wants everyone to hit Rene's yacht party tomorrow -- stay tuned for deets!)

Overalls + bra: Noirilicious - May Gift - Grunge Overall Brown (buy box on floor for $0L) - free
Necklaces + ring:
Chuculet - My Sweet Ringpop Candy Necklace - Apple (worn on mouth, hand and neck) - $5L each
Silver bear necklace: Glow Studio @ The Dressing Room - Diamond Bear Necklace
Bear ears: Magic Nook @ The Dressing Room - Grizzly Baby Headband
Boots: G Field - Short Western Boot brown ver.1.1
Socks: Noirilicious - Knitted Leggings Grey - A La Noir
Tattoo: Rakan Tatoo Bottom Phoenix Smokypink - lucky board prize - free
Truth - Poppy - Caramel
Laq - Julie - 04 [ Peach] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Clover
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Poses by: Long Awkward Pose - $50L Fridays sale

May 21, 2010

Utopia, in Blue

Word to my fellow SL explorers: a truly spectacular SIM showcase has kicked off in honor of the World's Fair in RL. Linden Labs has donated 5 SIMs towards these "Utopia" builds, which feature creators like Bryn Oh and her lonely, eerie landscapes. -- Check out this half-drowned merry-go-round. Cool eh?
I just had to explore these in this sky blue bodysuit that's free courtesy of the Pig lucky boards. Some newish Truth hair + Laq redhead "Julie" skin + I was ready for my Utopian travels.
What I love about Bryn Oh's builds is the uneasy balance she strikes between the warm, rosy glow of nostalgia + the dark dread of futuristic horror. Spindly metal arcs + massive stone formations cut striking silhouettes against the sky. It's like walking thru sculpture.
The sounds are also striking. A whirring of metal here, a metallic slicing noise there. Enormous glowing blocks materialize out of nowhere for you to tread on. Everywhere, you are alone amidst isolated structures + pooling water. And that's just SIM 1!
As a caveat, these were shot on my own Windlight settings (since for whatever reason, Gavin and I couldn't get the recommended WL settings to work). I'm sure they look much more awes on the recommended. Le grrr.

All the SIMs are full of hidden secrets, like this phonograph tucked into a glowing sculpture, which plays "I'm In The Mood For Love" and a sweetly tinkling "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" while droning bees buzz all around your face (you can hear their ominous swarming sound).
A message from Bryn Oh, alongside egg-like formations of gestation and mechanized birth. I also loved how there was some utterly random trinket next to this that was $5,000L. Hee.
As a nod to the RL home to the World's Fair in Shanghai (in RL), the visual art theme centers around a Chinese folk tale of "The Whisper Tree," where you can whisper to a tree what's missing (each of the SIMs are "missing" something, from "sound" to "energy"). -- Check the Styling Credits below for a shot of the tree in Utopia 5, which I thought was one of the most spectacular of all.

We SLifers know that this is truly one of the most amazing things about SL: to lose yourself in this crazy metaverse of fantasy and imagination. It's all about the meta, baby.

You can see these spectacular SIMs thru (I believe) October, when they will be dismantled. *mwuahs* to Bryn Oh + all the other creators for creating something truly fantastic for us. Love + fashionista (explorer) kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who lives for exploring, in any life)

Bodysuit: Pig - The Helendale Azur - lucky board prize - free
Socks: Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Aqua
Laq - Julie - 04 [Peach] Glow skin
Necklace: TBP - Tahitian Pearls Necklace Gold
Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: Truth - Marcelle - copper
Earrings: Donna Flora - Violetta Earrings - $1L
Ring: Chuculet - My Sweep Ringpop - strawberry - $5L
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Azur and Fairy Eyes - Azur
Bracelets: LP vs Garage - Connected bracelet [resize]
Poses by: With Love & Squalor - $50L Fridays sale

Take Utopian flight here: World Expo - Bryn Oh (this is just 1 build -- make sure to see all of 'em!)

May 19, 2010

Twisted Twinkle

This hawt little number from Twisted & Spoiled has inspired me to do quick post. This dress Twinkle is available now as a group gift, just wear tag and it is yours for the taking. The pics I have here don't do justice to the fantastic shading on this dress, as you can see the front has a very demure halter neckline and then the back ... whoa!! all the way down to there. As if that is not enough, it comes with this really cute backlace with swinging dangle and sweet little stars.

The skin I am wearing is Doll2 from Virtual Diva. It is a new skin that is out and although not free for $300L, it is a steal for a really nice skin. They do offer a monthly gift in the shop and there is also MM there for a chance to snag other skins.

Well that is my post, short and sweet just like this dress. See you around the grid
M xxxx

Hair: W&Y HAIR New 37

May 17, 2010

Alafolie + Oceane + D!va

I was at Alafolie today and wanted to show you a few things.. there is something for every budget...

First, the lucky chair item (ROSA dress)

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 4

And a 50L promotion. The ELOYSE dress even comes with the jewlery.. worth the 50L !! It's very femme :)

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 5

But the piece de resistance... perfect for this time of year... The LAURA gown that comes in short or long version. Presently 50% off !!!! This special price is only until midnight tonight. Both versions include the shoes, the hair bandau and jewlery. Therefore, at 250L/ea you don't have to worry about finding things to match !!

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 3

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 1

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 2

Alafolie 50% promotions usualy last a few days.. I would have brought you this one sooner had I not been stuck in RL.

Hair : previous group gift from D!va
Skin : Oceane's boutique Shye not free

Visit both D!va and Oceane's they are quite generous with their gifts ! Show them some love.

Cat xx

Lost In Music

Libber's is giving away one of the. coolest. guitars. ever. for free right now in its lucky boards. This animated instrument is loaded with hip-swayin', head bangin', body strummin' movement (there's even a high kick in there!) You get several "musical" ways to move with the guitar based on music genre (rock, pop, punk, etc.); 2 different additional dances; a flying ao (so you can fly with the guitar) + even a guitar sleeping animation included too. All free!
This fabby guitar gift was such a 'natch with the new free subscribo gift by Paradisis, featuring a gold-emblazoned guitar on a simple black T-shirt that totally fit the musique theme. Free glowy "Lite Brite" raver bracelets + the newest free "floral butterflies" tattoo addition to the Kanival lucky dance platform came together to fit my lost in music mood.
Did you know that eating puffy Cheetos supposedly improves your guitar fingers technique? Something about the orange bits sticking to your fingers. -- Amazing what you can learn from magazines!
A li'l music in the morning while I'm sprinting to the subway is tres necessary in this NYCer's life. Music love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who would be sad + lost without music)

Black T-shirt + purple skirt: Paradisis - May Group Gift - Simple Days - subscribo gift - free
Bracelets: Adore & Abhor - A&A Lite Brite Raver Bracelets - free or $1L
Tattoo: Kanival - 80. Floral Butterfly (colorful) - lucky dance prize - free (new!)
Socks: Naive - Double Socks Pink
Shoes: Kookie - Powder Puff - bordeaux - former $50L Fridays sale
Hair: Shag - Somewhere Across Forver - copper
Skin: Laq - Julie - 01 [Peach] Glow skin (new!)
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Clover
Magazine w/ standing reading pose: Libber's - Libber's Magazine stand 01 - buy magazine on concrete for
$0L (near outdoor tree; cute free AFK toilet here too) - free
Guitar: Libber's @ Seed - Jamming Guitar Red (comes with various "rock out" + dance animations!) - lucky board prize -
Headphones: Noir Lolita (I think this store closed) - Dr. Dre edition headset - previously free

May 15, 2010

Noju No More

O sad day that my girl Val Southard tipped me off that Noju is closing. *lonely single tear trickles down face* Creator Noju Jupiter has set out this white lace, big-bowed concoction for free in her store. -- This shorts set has already been blogged to death, but I just couldn't resist. It's so purdy.
The Noju lucky board is also giving out this free long flowy skirt with a black mesh layer hiding a baby pink underlining.
For anyone who likes this style, there's a free matching tank top in the KDC Mall lucky boards with a matching top that I recently blogged for Free*Style here. -- A free colorful panda charm chain by Ruru@Pino, free low ponys hair by Beautiful Dirty Rich + a wide belt by Luck Inc. completed this casual look.

Cute poses at $20L each + a killer view of the ocean await you on the 2nd floor. -- I have to say that Noju's double rose barrettes that I'm wearing here (you get 3 colors per set) are some of my fave hair accessories ever (look in the knick-knack shelving with tiny little plants).
On the mashionista front, Gavin found some free sunglasses he liked at the newish Maschienenwerk location. He actually counted 15 free pairs total in all. Go G!
These were the free indie hipster, "hot nerd" glasses. G said that these were "necessary" for his "giant brainz." :P
I found it notable that on a nearby wall, there were freebies of the random industrial kind, like hanging fluorescent lamps and 2 different types of air conditioners (how great would these be for staging a warehouse photog scene or background)?

Huge wet smoochies to Noju Jupiter for gracing SL with your lovely creations! Your stuffs will be sorely missed. *mwuahs Noju Jupiter* Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really hates it when her most beloved stores close)


1st look:
Shorts + top: Noju - Thank you gift - Spring Lace Rompers (join group for
$0L + click signs; this gift comes in various pant lengths. *NOTE: hair + other gifts near this one also) - free
Gloves: Atelier AM - Aya V fur gloves (buy off column sign towards back of store) -
Earrings: Frangipani Garden on XStreet - Petite Flower Necklace & Earrings (Baby Pink) - buy on XStreet for
$0L here (many thanks to Karla Scorbal for this tip!) - free
Hair: 69 - Nina - Lightgoldenbrown
Skin: Laq - Jewel 01 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Glass

2nd look:
Skirt: Noju - Antique Lace Skirt (LB limited) - lucky board prize -
Hair: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Noelia Hair Majestic - profile picks gift -
Necklace: Ruru@Pino - [Pa*N*Da]*WA*POP (tp to garden level; buy box for
$0L) - free
Tops: both from Luck Inc. - Open buttoned Top Lilac Pulled and Petite Eggplant 2
Belt: Luck Inc. - Wide Leather Belt Solid Colors (color change) - black
Barrette: Noju - Antique 2-rose hair clip(purple)
Skin: Laq - Jewel 01 [Nougat] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Moonlight
Poses by: Noju (*NOTE: make sure to grab the pack of
free poses with the other group gifts)

Gavin McGinnis:
Sunglasses: Maschienenwerk -DG_Sunglasses (there are 15 free pairs here; tons more freebies around the store) -
Sunglasses: Maschienenwerk -Jagu_Glasses (there are 15 free pairs here) -
Shirt: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_V-NeckShirt_Black