Feb 27, 2010

Party, Then Relax

This free 1-shoulder black cocktail dress by Honey is so totally what I would wear to a charity gala if I was in a classically elegant kinda mood.
Gotta love all the girlish touches here. The pretty shoulder bow is so feminine + there's a wonderfully subtle shine to this satiny texture, which highlights these pretty "waves" of skirt ruffles. -- I just luhs skirts that move in a soft, fluttering motion around the waist like this one. The skirt is mod; I shortened it just a tad so that the black lace-topped stockings (free from Kyoko Couture) could peek thru.

Check out this pretty bow detail on the back too.
The free jewels I'm wearing are the new pink + gold "North Star" jewelry set that Ganked creator Misti Merryman has set out in her store. Misti's designs have been all over the feeds for her large, statement jewelry at tres reasonable prices; there's also a 2-minute flip time lucky chair here featuring a big bold black necklace/earrings/bracelet set. *NOTE: If you previously purchased anything here, all jewelry is now resizable so you can contact Misti directly to get a resizable version (this is what I did on her "Rocklove" pieces that I had previously purchased).

I'm normally not so much a pumps kinda gal but it's hard to resist when the Nardcotix people get the classic pump to a tee. These fabby Wizard of Oz-like ruby heels were 1 of several shoe finds that Dream + I scooped from the $100L moving sale there yesterday (I don't know how long this sale is lasting). The li'l droopy bow in back is so cute too.
This smexeh boyfriend shirtdress is so totally what I would slip on post-gala for that chillaxin' time at home. (I actually forgot about this previously free gift until recently + then remembered how much I love it). These awes pink pumps are yet another Nardcotix $100L sale scoop + just for a fun touch, I added this luscious grape-colored round purple gem necklace, another free group jewelry gift by Ganked. The ciggie was just 'cuz.
There's a ton of wonderful skin gifts on the grid right now + this $1L skin I'm wearing thruout this post by A.Y.Y. is one of my faves. The shading on the face especially is really nicely done + these lips seem especially pouty.
The straight bangs/messy updo hair I'm wearing thruout is another $1L find courtesy of Mikan (*mwuahs* to Dream for making sure I got this one) + I couldn't resist adding my fave fabby Mandala metal cuffs for this more dressed-down look.

After all the partyin' + relaxatin', gotta rest up for . . . moar shoppingz. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who always enjoys the relaxing more than the partying)


Both looks:
Skin: A.Y.Y. - Kimberly Dollarbie (buy black gift bag on counter) -
Mikan - Melmo_black02 (buy box on floor) - $1L
Pink + gold star earrings/necklace:
Ganked - North Star Earring and Necklace - group gift (join group for $0L + check Notices) - free
Negaposi - Glass Eyes - Violet

Partyin' look:
Dress: Honey - DressVol_0030 - lucky board prize -
Stockings: Kyoko Couture - KC*Socks No.01[FlowerDot] (Charcoal Gray) - group gift -
Nardcotix - Absinthe Scarlet - $100L moving sale (not sure how long this is going on; I bought these on Friday afternoon)
Glow Studio - Vingue - eyeliner A colour changing - previous $14L sale

Relaxin' look:
Purple round charm necklace:
Ganked - Gift Box 1 - Darkcircle Necklace Violet - free
Shirtdress: Twisted & Spoiled - Boyfriend - former lucky chair prize -
previously free
Nardcotix - Rebekah Pumps Bubblegum - $100L moving sale
Glow Studio - Avantgarde.eyelashes - Linka's - previous $14L sale
Metal cuffs:
Mandala - Takara Bangle/Buddha Cream
Honey Kitty - *H+K*(grape)lace dot socks
Cigarette: Persona - Free Cigarettes and Cigarette Holders -

Poses by:
Creamy Cooljoke @ the Free*Style Evil Lair on Horst (pay as you want/free) + Flowey