Feb 17, 2010

Black, Reloaded

Shine on black = subtle smex + that's what I'm in the mood for today.
I spied these ridic awes shiny leggings at Fishy Strawberry + liked the way they worked with this free shiny top at GoodLook. This midriff top comes included in a color fatpack + you get your choice of fluttery arm attachments + a collar too (these are cute but not worn here just 'cuz they didn't work with this look). -- This GoodLook top is a such a find, courtesy of my favie shopping badass mofo -- a certain DreamAngel Larnia (you got the fashionista eye gf!)
I glossed up this look with a black feather armband + some black plastic earrings by Glow Studio, my fave Kosh ebony skinny belt and . . . the boots. -- Ahhh yes, the boots.
My friends over at Redgrave passed me these freaking stunning new versions of the Girls Bikers Reloaded boots which still make me do the *ahhh!* happy dance. *mwuahs Viola + Emilia* Flop-over leather tops, matte gold lining, metal hardware details . . . it's all yumster but I'm also tres in heaven with the name itself. -- It's fairly rare that I'll get an instant visual scene from a name alone, but these badass puppies are just crying out for some throwdown situation. Throw these on, wander yo'self into a biker bar + get ready to wail on some leather-wearin' ass. It's sorta a preordained deal.

A word to all my hardcore jewelry fanatics (ya knows who ya are): I scooped these cuffs at the Mandala store + lemme tellya, if bold statement jewelry is your thang, the pieces here are really worth a look. Check out this evil looking "Tankara" double bracelet I've got on here. This metal detail is simply sick + it even comes with a full bright option -- plus rings + nails! *faints, dies*
Btw this background image was a RL party I attended recently. I just thought this black look was totally something I mighta worn there. Hee.
A li'l black is just the thing for slipping on something much more important -- a take no shizz 'tude. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(whose RL urbanity basically makes black the go-to uniform of choice)

Black leggings: Fishy Strawberry - Sequins Leggings - Black
Top: GoodLook - Slinky Gloss Shirt black - free
Boots: Redgrave - [*RG*] Girls' Bikers Reloaded Black
Feather armband: Glow Studio - Egyptian Night bangle
Glow Studio - SHE earrings - $14L sale
Lashes: Glow Studio - Hollywood Lashes - Madame Mirage - $14L sale
Cuffs bracelets, rings + nails: Mandala - Takara Bangle/Buddha Cream
Finger tapes: Luck Inc. - *SL* Finger Tapes w/ nails - free
Belt: Kosh - Ring Belt Ebony
Curio - :GP: Sundust Frex [Dark] Winter-Cashmere 1
Hair: Maitreya - Jaiden Peroxides - Beach Blond
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Water (Large Iris)
Poses include those by:
Flowey, Niqotine, Posies


Anonymous said...

hey girl <3
you look sooo hot!!!! you did an awesome styling and your choice of words make my face go deep-red ;)) keep on the great work and THANK YOU!!
*big hugggs*
love, Viola Leigh

Gavin said...

I love you new post. You look amazing in all black.
Keep those boots ready because I'm sure they will come in handy kicking some leather wearing asses. LOL

Tesh said...

Hey thanks so much guys!! + Viola -- you iz a MAD GENIUS!! *dies* kisses xoxoxoxoxoxo

Monte Teardrop said...

Redgrave new boots are very nice!!!
but nothing ever will beat the first version of Black Biker Boot !!
well worn...so comfortable..so simple..so loved by
Monte lol

Anonymous said...

IHY for those boots!! <<3 Rhia

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