Feb 3, 2010

Grin & Bear It

I have a particular fondness for bears + some recent gifties + other bear-y cute finds seemed to call for a li'l showing.

I won these free cute slippers in the Mocha lucky board about a month ago + I've been parading around in them ever since. The lucky boards are giving them away in cream, dark brown + light brown colors, in addition to some girlie-girl high-cut panties. The store has moved slightly (a little down the road from its former location) so take this updated sLURL here to hit it. How cute are these li'l guys?
Kue just started a new MM board giftie, this free adorable bear pillow. It comes with 2 sits (shown here) + is such an awes thing to chillax with in front of a fire. The bear is even holding a little red heart. Awwws! Fair warning: the count is low on this MM board -- like, 10 low -- so if you want this thing, it's best to plan for an early slappy.
These earmuffs were a $20L find by Ruru@Pino @ Last Period. Aren't they ahhhdorables?
This red + black striped minidress that I'm wearing with these fluffy bear earmuffs was another $1L find at Last Period (I believe it's by MeteoRain but don't quote me on that). This belted mini is such a fun party look. I couldn't resist adding the smexeh schoolmarm glasses that are free by NALA for the Cupid Heart Hunt. Love the unique red "heart shadows" that sit below the eyes on these. Life is all about the fashion extras.
This pretty updo hair by Junwave can be found for $1L at the new KDC Hair Mall. In honor of the new opening, nearly all the vendors have set out free + $1L gifties. (Somebody please holla at me if you see a "T" in that Salon Cri-Cri lucky board -- that ribbon hair is just too kyoot!) This Junwave updo is really cute; you get 3 colors + there's a handy auto script resizer too.

Here's a close-up of the To. Die. necklace I'm wearing with this look, which is a spectacular emerald Art Deco design by Millette @ Switch. This is one of those exceptional finds that I just could not believe was a gift. This fastidiously detailed piece will set you back all of $1L.
I'll close this post with a quick shot of what struck me as being the anti-teddy bear: this red-pinned voodoo doll, which you can scoop as a photo studio with 2 poses by Tuft at the $50L Valentine's Bazaar (where I also scooped this pretty $50L Pink Fuel skin I'm wearing in these last shots). Too bad Gavin severely underestimated my superior voodoo powers here.
Hope everyone is having a bear-y good Hump Day. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who is known to snuggle with a bear or three in RL)


Bear slippers: mocha - Bear Slipper [Brown] - lucky board gift - free
Bear pillow - [KUE!] - Bearely Pillow - MM board gift -
Teddy earmuffs: Ruru@Pino @ Last Period [Ear muff] TeddyBrown - $20L
Emerald necklace: Millette @ SWITCH - Elisabeth Arrogant green - $1L
Red and black striped minidress: MR @ Last Period -Sweet party dress (Red) - $1L
Skin: Pink Fuel @ Valentine's Bazaar - Skye - Girly (freck) - $50L at the Valentine's Bazaar
Hair: Junwave @ KDC Hair Mall - KDC Gift Julia 3colors - Julia Gold - $1L
*NOTE: Hair mavens will want to check out the new KDC Hair Mall, which just opened + has more $1L hair gifts + lucky boards
Glasses: NALA - Heart - Cupid Heart Hunt gift - free
Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit (Peridot)(Lg)(NV) - former group gift - previously free

Voodoo photobox: Tuft @ Valentine's Bazaar - [T] Mild Vodoo Photobox - $50L at the Valentine's Day Bazaar


Gavin said...

I love your new post. It is bear-y funny. I wore those bear slippers all over the grid. LOL

A great RAWRRRR helped me escape your superior voodoo powers.

Harper Bertrand said...

Omg omg omg that necklacs.......

Tesh said...

So glad you guys liked!! Yes the necklace is beautiful, thanks so much Harper :O)

G . . . the power of BEAR!!

Thanks for commenting guys ;o)

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