Review Policy

Review copies: We do accept review copies for consideration. Please do respect, however, that our contributors create blog posts out of love (not obligation) for styling, fashion and photography, in our sole discretion, as to what works on this blog. Please also note that due to RL and other time constraints, we simply cannot promise coverage of your item(s).

What to include: It is strongly recommended that if you send a review copy, that you also please send:

- an IM or notecard explaining what you have sent, 
- a landmark (or SLurl to your store) + 
- the release date (otherwise, we may not have even realized that you sent something to us). 

Please also note that for any new items, gifts, store openings, or launch events, it greatly helps to have any items and accompanying information at least 24-48 hours prior to its debut, to allow us time to prepare any blog posts in a timely manner.

We are more than happy to purchase what we like to blog and review items are not mandatory for coverage. 

Upcoming events, press invites/previews, hunts, new SIM openings + other blogger inquiries: We especially appreciate notices of upcoming events, new SIM openings, hunts, freebies or other gifts. Please contact Teshan2222 Wycliffe or Gavin McGinnis in-world.

Men's stuff: Any men's fashion, shoes or accessories designers interested in providing review copies of men's items can please send items directly to Gavin McGinnis in-world.  

SLexy scoops: If you are interested in offering 1 of your items for free or $1L for a limited time for a SLexy exclusive, please contact Teshan2222 Wycliffe or Gavin McGinnis in-world.

*NOTE: Due to constant notecard cappage, IMs are a safer bet to reach any of us (Tesh's offline IMs go to an email account).

Our warmest SLexy vibes to all!

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