Feb 21, 2010

A Li'l Color & A Li'l Loungin' Never Hurt Nobody

Some recent color wonderful gifts reminded me how superfun it is to splash vibrant hues together.
This look combines the new, vibrant print $1L leggings gift from LemonGinger + a new sweater + supercute belt by 1 of my fave stores, Luck Inc. -- How fabby is this thick lime green belt?
This roses headband is free for the Red Packets Hunt at one of my hands-down fave accessories stores, Atelier AM (there's actually 3 awes flower headbands here as part of the hunt, for anyone who dies for that kind of thing like moi) + the multi-ropes pearl necklace is a $60L Weekend Fever item that you can grab thru the end of today at Acid & Mala (NOTE: there's 2 versions available that are kinda similar, so just make sure you get the one you want).

free skin by Leafy has gotten a ton of blog attention + for good reason: it offers that rare mix of both the gamine + the sexy, pairing a plump-cheeked, girlish like face with coquettish pert lips for a smexeh effect.
I'm wearing Leafy's free Red Packets Hunt skin here, but there's another "Strawberry Fields" skin for free in the store's lucky boards (with a green-blue eye makeup) + additional shape, etc. gifts in the store.

These free pink and white wedges with a wooden heel by
Surf Couture are worth a closer look. For anyone who doesn't know this store, the textures here are always baked so prettily (check out the grainy, tactile feel of these pink leather toes). *NOTE: This subscribo does not give past gifts; however if you were already a member as of about a week ago + didn't receive these via their subscribo, I would recommend contacting creator Emma Gilmour directly (this is what happened to me + she was very gracious about it).
Onto the loungin': now as some of you know, I'm obsessed with fun SL food items + this free chocolate sofa (that includes 1 pose) is like, my chocolate bar relaxation dream come true. Om. Nom. Nom.
Likewise, this free Starlust Hunt "egg bed" gift by BP was just too cute to not be shown. There's 3 poses + the last egg on the right "eats" you when you sit on it. Heh. -- Here's my homies Dorothy Button + Gavin McGinnis indulging my hard-boiled egg fantasy here.
Since I already dragged them out, I shamelessly used Dorothy + Gavin to also show you the new free cardboard box 3-person pose group gift by Avoid. Here we are living out our rare moment of cardboard chic. -- Lemme tellya, the life of a cardboard box crew is not easy. You get rats, garbage + a lotta weird smells types of issues. -- Luckily for us, we discovered that Dorothy has all these crazy assassin skills, so we had nothing to worry about! Heh.And now a quick word for a group that has stayed very close to my fashionista heart. My dear friend Margaux Dufaux's group Freebie Fashionista remains one of the most genuinely friendly groups on the grid for helping new (and old) fashionistas live a better SL life. -- I've recently also discovered that Marg is somewhat of a SL + Emerald Viewer guru (but shhh-h-h don't tell her I said that 'cuz now she'll be bombarded with all sorts of annoying questions). *blows a troublemaking kiss to Marg*

To celebrate her group's recently reaching 1K members (yaaay Marg!) a ton of designers have dropped gifts into the Freebie Fashionista group's Notices. This lovely "Roman Lounge" by Creative Insanity is one of these. -- I just luhs wearable furniture. Not only is it so so handy for when you wanna do lucky board stalking in a more fashionable way, but it's just good clean fun. -- This is moi sneaking some "me" time here. As in, /me is so totally procrastinating cleaning out my inventory -- again.
Hope everyone can work some color + chillaxin' into what is hopefully a lazy Sunday. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who wants every day to be a lazy Sunday)

Sweater: Luck Inc. - Cashmere Top Longsleeve Liver (new!)
Belt: Luck Inc. - Wide Leather Belt Solid Colors - Poison
eggings: LemonGinger - (LG) Leggings - Pose (modifiable) - $1L (limited time only)
Earrings: Glow Studio - Red Diamond Valentines (Starlust Hunt gift) - free (shown above)
Necklace: Acid & Mala - My Favorite Necklace - Honey - $60 Weekend Fever #16 sale (thru this Sunday only)
Shoes: Surf Couture - [SC] Surf Couture - Spring Fling Wedges - Valentine (subscribo gift) - - previously free
Skin: Leafy - *L*Miso Lumiel_Golden-DB (Red Packet Hunt gift) - free
Flowers headpiece: Atelier AM - Mulan *pink (Red Packet Hunt gift) - free
Hair: Zero Style - Sharon - Dark Chocolate
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes - Raven
Lashes: Glow Studio - Avantgarde. eyelashes - linka's - previous $14L sale
Star body tattoo: HUZ-Tats - Funky-Shirt (lucky board prize) - free
Tummie tattoo: Moloko - V-day Love Wings Tattoo - $10L
Floating chaise lounge: Creative Insanity - CI Floaty Roman Lounge (join Freebie Fashionista group for $0L + look in Notices) - free
Chocolate sofa: Shop NN - *NN* Chocolate Sofa (Lover's Hunt gift; look for a chocolate bar) *HINT: Is it studying time already? - free
Cardboard boxes pose prop (3 poses): Avoid - Cardboard Lounger (group gift) - free
Egg bed (3 poses): BP @ Starlust - BP's Starlust Valentine - Egg Bed (Starlust Hunt gift) - free
*NOTE: If you join the BP Updates group for $0L + check the Notices, there's a suuuupercute, texture-change "double purse" that I keep meaning to shoot + forgetting (so totally worth a grab)
Poses by: Esme for (pda) - myth.takes


Mags said...

Bright print leggings are perfect way to set off a single color belt!!!!! Very nice styling here.....love the range of moods for looks here!!!!!!

Margaux said...

looks great and thanks so much for the shout out!! more goodies to come!!

Gavin said...

Amazing post. All of the bright colors makes me wish spring was here even faster.
I had so much fun doing this shoot. I named my box Fort SLexy.
P.S. The egg came first. LOL
No baby chickens were harmed in the process of this shoot.

Tesh said...

LOL thanks guys ;o) FORT SLEXY RULES!! hehe xoxoxo

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