Oct 31, 2011

hi :DDD

jacket : *ARAI* Leather Jacket 02 (camel)
dress : tram 'Fringed Orchid'(ivory) [ past event item ]
pants : [Pumpkin] Loose jeans G [ LB ]
bag : (Milk Motion) My little leather bags (bats)
earring : PIDIDDLE Oh So Gawdy Earrings [ the seasons hunt prize ]
tatoo : AITUI TATTOO The Dancing Crow
shoes : Tokidoki forgotten loafers (milk)
hair : [kik] hair-Kane I (ginger)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Ruka(A)4teeth
face tatoo ( make up ) : [label mode] la vie makeup (orange)
pose : don't freak out! [mixed] 045

cardigan : Beetlebones Light Cardigan in ivory [ past the dressing room blue ]
shirts : -LaViere- Chinese Fushion Shirt Color (Rose)
skirt : Tokidoki belt skirt (amber)
scarf : Color.Me.H.O.F StatementScarf (Black)
bag : Tres Blah Haute Tote Bag
glasses : -CLEMATIS- glasses set (green)
socks : *UnTone Quilt* Mokomoko Socks (brown) [ store closed ]
shoes : Tokidoki forgotten loafers (earth)
hair : .: vive9 :. Charlie in Bomb
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Madison II [ @Lavanda event prize ]
pose : don't freak out! [lb] you are quite the skittish kitten

from Hibari Foden

Happy (Sheer Nottie) Halloween!

There's a free deliciously floaty long dress up for grabs at the lush Deviant Girls waterland build (where I took this shot below), featuring some sheer nottieness happening in the rear parts.
Speaking of sheer nottieness, you can also scoopie a tres nottie baby doll lingerie set for free at the neighboring Chocolate Atelier store (you get 2 luscious raspberry + strawberry sherbet-y shades), that I paired with some runway-high platforms by the Haut Monde store (a new brand to watch out for by former Republic creator Teresa Republic).
Finally, since it's Halloween, and since I've been feeling a bit yawn with my pix lately, I've started experimenting with the occasional nottie one. You can check my Flickr here in case this sort of thing interests you; in the meantime, here's my tribute to Halloween, featuring Gavin in the free Tableau Vivant skin gift for men. -- I blame the skin for bringing out the tres bossy side in him, hehe.
Many thanks to our most talented DJ/blogger/creator friend Bouncer Criss for doin' up this pose for us yesterday. Happy Halloween love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


1st pic:
Dress: Deviant Girls - *dg* zucca pumpkin - find/buy pumpkin with gift inside it - free
Es' cusi @ Seraphim - my broken winged back; Es' cusi - join Seraphim group + click around the walls for tons of gifts - free
Stiletto sneakers: Glow Studio @ TDRblue - TDRgift 2011 autumn shoes (beige) - buy left shoes at TDR Blue for $1L; buy right shoes at TDR for $1L - $2L
Gloves: Hermony - .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Fingerless / Army - buy gloves on shelf - each color $1L
fri. - Wide Waist.Belt (Sour.Apple) - Small (NOTE: this was in a box of free stuff; not sure if it's still available) - free
Hair: Truth @ Truth District - Becky Streaked - swedish - previously free
Pose: pda

2nd pic:
Truth - Cate Streaked - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Necklace: Donna Flora - RUBY tears necklace
*mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Shoes: haut.monde - Bilson Wedges - Honeysuckle
(new!) *mwuahs Teresa Republic*
Babydoll lingerie: Chocolate Atelier - ::c.A.:: Fluffy lace babydoll "Rose Pink" - group lucky board (join group for
$0L to touch board) - free
Lashes: [ glow ] studio - Eyelashes. Touched - Arranged
*mwuahs Jocelyn Anatine*
Socks: Kyoot - Lacey White Knee Socks (Lace 3)
Pink heart necklace & earrings: *League* - Fly Me Away Amore -Pink- Necklace1
Bracelet: *League* - Coin Collector Bracelet -Warm Silver L (hand)
Skin: LAQ - Tekla - [Milky] 01
Poses: Long Awkward Pose, Xbordeaux @ Madeleine

3rd pic:
Couples pose: "The Taking" by
Bouncer Criss (coming soon!) *mwuahs Bouncer Criss*
Skin (on Gavin McGinis): Tableau Vivant -
Zero Halloween Group Gift - free

Oct 29, 2011


Today me + my free bear Squirt were messing around with my new giant free paint tube that I won at the Kue daily gatcha. I had no idea paint was so drippy; luckily this poofy tulle skirt dress was free, so I simply grabbed myself another one when it got a li'l messy.
Drippy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Hair: Truth - Cate Streaked - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Dress: ::C'est la vie !:: - ::Tule dress(Zombie popcorn Hunt5)
- find/buy red & white popcorn bag for $0L - free
Bear on arm: *^@RD@^* - Kumapon(wear) - buy boxes + other things along the wall for this + other gifts - free
Shoes: Elikatira - [e] Move Pumps - Fire - 70% off sale (NOTE: thru 10/30 only!) - $55L
Socks: Kyoot - Lacey White Knee Socks
Gloves: Kyoot - The Clocks Are Broken Gloves (White)
Paint tube w/ pose: Kue - [KUE!] oil color tube -hold- - $0L daily gatcha (click red gumball machine behind counter for daily prize) - free

Oct 28, 2011

hi :DDD

turtleneck : fri.day Basic.Turtleneck (Oatmeal) [ past 50 linden fridays ]
skirt : *Tea Time* True TubeSkirt (Leo)
vest : PIDIDDLE Going to Georgia Vest (Smoke Engine)
scarf : The Secret Store Giant collar scarf (Bamboo)
gloves : LaGyo Dana Gloves (Ivory)
clutch : HouseofFox StellaClutch (Vanill)
headband : Nylon Outfitters Pixie Cut Bow Headband (Tribeca Stripes)
socks : The Secret Store Lace knit socks (Brown roses)
shoes : (PRISS) Accessories LaFemme Pumps in Brown
hair : [kik] hair-Jan (platinum)
skin : &Bean hounds of love LIGHT Koltrast (1 brow)
face tatoo ( on eyeshadow ): [ bubble ] Electro Pop Eyeshadows
face tatoo ( on lip ) : L.Fauna Lipstick (Neutral 2)
face tatoo ( on lip ) : Adam n Eve Moody Monday Heart Lip Stains (black)
pose : Olive Juice Coquette 5

tunik : C'est Moi! My jeans tunik
vest : [pivaaca] Cable Knitting Vest *Light Gray* [ the seasons hunt prize ]
leggings : Emery Leggings Broken (Black)
bag : (Milk Motion) My satchel (pale grey)
necklace : ::LEO-NT:: SummerLife Set (WOOD)
shoes : Peqe G Wedge (Hot Pink)
hair ( with hat ) : fri.day Apple (Dark Blonde) [ the seasons hunt prize ]
skin : &Bean Old Bones G pale no brows
pose : Le Poppycock Might as well live

from Hibari Foden

Oct 27, 2011


Just a look of the day featuring this milky peach ensemble + these fabby "flap over" boots that you can grab for $60L this week (so annoying I can't find suede ones like this in RL).
Blushed love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Hair: Truth - Lilia w/Roots - jupiter (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Necklaces: Donna Flora - GABRIELA necklace coral & GABRIELA necklace pearls *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Dress: *Fishy Strawberry* - Plisse Dress - Beige *mwuahs Fae Eriksen*
Zaara - Kashiti bobble ring *pearl* (silver) *mwuahs Zaara Kohime*
Pearl cuffs bracelets: Zaara - ZC : Nizam Choodiya (bangles) gold *white*
Lace top (worn underneath dress): Kyoot - Laced Autumn Crop Top - First Frost (Seasons Hunt Fall 2011) - find/buy pumpkin for $0L - free
Tights: Kyoot - Wool Tights - Cake
Kyoot - The Clocks Are Broken Gloves (White)
Hat: [ROLY-POLY] - Casquette fat - MHOH hunt gift (not sure how long this hunt lasts?) - free
Skin: &Bean - Old Bones G rosy little brows (creator Keiko Morigi)
Elikatira - Secret Boots - Nude - 70% off sale (NOTE: thru 10/30 only!) - $60L
Pose: .ploom. - TrickRTreat (new!) *mwuahs Steve Cartier*

Oct 26, 2011

Metal Heart

*booN UKA687 hair blueblack/ash/platinum
-Glam Affair -  Amelie skin - Silent Doll Groupp Gift 30L for Join
[ glow ] Rhapsody Eyelashes FAT6pack TDR
*Angelic Lefevre Couture*  [Soft-Pink]dress  NEW
nordari.   fading with a summer rain frame 

I'm A Panda Girl, In A Panda World

I woke up today to that that cheesy Barbie song on morning radio + couldn't seem to get it outta my head today. -- The fashion cure-all for annoying pop tunes? Why, a kawaii panda bewbies free T-shirt dress, 'natch.

I'm A Panda Girl, In A Panda World love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Hair: Truth - Cate Streaked - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Eyes: Esuga/The Sugar Garden - "TSG" Beauty Eye Lavendar
(new!) *mwuahs Eilfie Sugarplum*
Panda dress: Jack Spoon - Toki the Panda - find/buy 3 silver spoons hidden in store for $0L - free
Bag: {K}Rea - ChocoZombie bag - ZombiePopcorn Hunt - {K} Rea #82 - find/buy red & white popcorn bag for $0L (NOTE: this hunt ends 10/31!) - free
Doll: Curious Kitties - Pinky the Bunny Doll - buy sign for $0L - free
Pumpkin earrings + orange hair bow: :::LiNe::: - Boo - free
es: Elikatira - [e] Move Pumps - Onyx - 70% off sale (NOTE: thru 10/30 only)
Gloves: Kyoot - The Clocks Are Broken Gloves (White)
Tights: Kyoot - Wool Tights - Cake
Socks (worn over tights): Honey Kitty - *H+K*gacha-09(babypink)candy socks
Pose: .ploom. - TrickRTreat (new!) *mwuahs Steve Cartier*

Oct 24, 2011

Hair & Makeup, Please

The 2 new Truth releases this week offer your choice of ultra-smex luscious long locks or supergirlie double pony updos. It's a bounty of hair richness; guess which one I just had to put on first.
I was feeling kinda athletic today, so I slipped into the new 2-tone tee by Boom, together with some free (subtle) cutout tights by Paper.Doll + this free pose basketball by Love Soul. -- Btw these fall corduroy shorts by Boom are so versatile; I've shown 'em longer before, but I like 'em shorter with over-the-knee tights like the ones I'm wearing today.
A quick word about the makeup in the 1st pic above: although this isn't the clearest shot of it (I'll try to show it again later), I'm kinda cwaaazzzie about these new "Latex Liners" by Cheap Makeup. These hi-shine eyelids remind me of that old runway trick of dabbing lip gloss above the eyes for a high-def shine; you get your choice of several bold colors too. -- Subtle? No. Haute? Yes.

Speaking of grooming duties, I had better get my day started. Hair + makeup, please love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


1st pic:
Truth - Lilia w/Roots - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Top: *BOOM*@ The Alley Shoppes - *BOOM* House of the Eagle Team Tee (femme) (new!) *mwuahs Aranel Ah*
Skin: Pink Fuel - [PF] Elly - Scene (ltbrow); worn with [PF] Elly Doll Gloss (Beestung) *mwuahs Mochi Milena*
Glossy eyeshadow: Cheap Makeup - Latex Liners (black color shown) (new!) *mwuahs Stella Semaphore*

2nd pic:
Hair: Truth - Cate Streaked - swedish (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Heart necklaces: [MAGIC NOOK] @ The Dressing Room - Sweetheart Necklace (Gold) & Sweetheart Necklace (Silver)
(new!) *mwuahs Ayumi Cassini*
Earrings: [MAGIC NOOK] @ The Dressing Room - Popstar Earrings (Gold)
*mwuahs Ayumi Cassini*
Top: *BOOM*@ The Alley Shoppes - House of the Badger Team Tee (femme) 1
(new!); worn with *BOOM* +4 Warmth Thermal - Goldenrod (gloves layer) *mwuahs Aranel Ah*
Shorts: *BOOM* - Fall Courd Shorts (black)
*mwuahs Aranel Ah*
Bangles: *BOOM* - Bangled Mess High Gloss
*mwuahs Aranel Ah*
Skin: Pink Fuel - [PF] Elly - Goldilux (ltbrow); worn with [PF] Elly - Glam Lipstick - (Cherry) *mwuahs Mochi Milena*
Tights: Paper.Doll - -paper.doll- DarkMagic: Socks - ZombiePopcorn Hunt - -paper.doll- #52 - find/buy red & white striped popcorn bag for $0L (new!) - free
Scarf: [NSD] - Seasons Scarf - find/buy orange pumpkin for $0L - free
Basketball: [Sheep Door] for Love Soul – [Love Soul] Basketball*for female avatar*(Attach) - lucky board prize (win lucky board "exchange ticket" prize at Sheep Door lucky board; attach + click little brown square outside Sheep Door satellite store at Love Soul to redeem) - free
Bag: (Milk Motion) - My duffle bag *blue* (non animated)
Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode - Baby T's - Plain - Hot Yellow

All poses: Le Poppycock (new!) *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*

Oct 23, 2011

I Belong in a Punkin Patch

The season of pumpkins is upon us and I just had to share this cute little animated costume with you. Miel sent out two punkin-esque dresses in their subscribe-o (just click on it and check history to get yours) specifically for Halloween - one with little animated faces (pictured) and the other with an animated pumpkin backpack. The faces change from smiley-tongue-out to terrifyingly adorable vampire!


To round out the costume aspect of this look, I've added My UglyDorothy's Who Did It Again skin from the lucky board - a cute makeup-drawn cat nose and whiskers. Don't I look just like a kitty who's popping out of a pumpkin? No, you say? Ah, well. :P

The owl legwarmers are from Argyle Anonymous at the Depraved Nation Halloween Gatcha festival for only 25L (zomg!!) which paired beautifully with one of my absolute favorite Seasons Hunt items - the Creek Moccasin boots by Willow. I just love fringe-y shoes! All these items will be gone by October 31st, so make sure you grab them quickly!

dress & hat: Miel: Pumpkin Couture - sub-o gift until Oct 31
legwarmers: Argyle Anonymous - Depraved Nation Halloween Gatcha
shoes: Willow: Creek Moccasin - Seasons Hunt Fall
ring - Mons: Pupy Cat - Fashionably Late last week
skin - My UglyDorothy: who did it again - Lucky Board
eyes - Poetic Colors: forest cat (previous gift)
hair - Lelutka: Toni

I Love Gourds!

These Gourds are so cuuuute!!! <333 Don't miss the chance to get it as Lazy Sunday item! =)

Hair: [e] Play - Brown 08 - Sale 70%
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Madison II-6(teeth) - NEW!
Doll's Headband: xxYOMESHOUJOxx *hw,,,GirL*HalloWeen<3 - 1L
Black Headband: { Lethe } Gathering Memories HeadPiece - NSA Hunt - 0L
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Sugar dress - ToT Hunt Gift
Gourds (includes gourds for head): CONCRETE FLOWERS- I LOVE GOURDS <3 - Lazy Sunday
Vamp Mouth: *+SAIKIN Vampire mouth Halloween edition - Group Gift

by Lily000 Gartner ♥

hi :DDD

vest : [pivaaca] Cable Knitting Vest *Light Gray* [ the seasons hunt prize ]
sweater : The Secret Store Ribbon Sweater (White)
culottes : The Sea Hole Odette Culottes (Persimmon) [ hunt prize @Collabor88 ]
necklace : CONCRETE FLOWERS ACORN NECKLACE [ the seasons hunt prize ]
bag : *MY UGLYCLOSET Collagebag06
ear muffs : *+SAIKIN ear muffs SAGAGIKU
shoes : Willow Creek Moccasins [ the seasons hunt prize ]
hair : [ Love Soul ] Hair*115* (Auburn)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Ruka(A)4teeth
pose : don't freak out! [free] i left the light on [ past gift ]

dress : Tres Blah Polka Dot Dress (Pink) [ 50 linden fridays ]
collar : -LaViere- (part of) Modern Mod Top [ past 50 linden fridays ]
jacket : "NINIKO" Soft-Riders(grey)
necklace : miel CHUM necklace
bag : Gritty Kitty Mark up & Style Bag [B]
glasses : Wrigglesworth Cat Eye Glasses
tatoo : [JB] Juicy Box Tattoo Swallow Feet
socks : (Royal Blue) Norra Batty Socks [ past group gift ]
shoes : [ hoorenbeek ] Ferracini (White & Brown)
hair ( with ribbon ) : /Wasabi Pills/ Mimi Hair - RIBBON (Seafoam)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Ruka(A)4teeth
pose : (marukin) [pastel] blue river [ @Collabor88 ]

cardigan : Beetlebones Light Cardigan in rust [ @the dressing room blue ]
T-shirts : boing fromage Stardust Tee [ past hunt prize ]
skirt : The Secret Store Pencil Skirt (Bamboo)
muffler : Duboo @ MY UGLYDORTHY doremi muffler [ the seasons hunt prize ]
head piece & doll : BP* pumpkin basket/Halloween [ group gift ]
socks : *G Field* Ruffle Socks (black)
shoes : +trifoglio+ shoe01A [ gacha ]
hair : .+*Heart Softens*+. Hair ::THOL2:: (Blonde)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Ruka(A)3teeth
face tatoo ( on lashes ) : .::Mother Goose's::. pointed lashes [ LB ]
pose : don't freak out! [mixed] 041

from Hibari Foden

Pretend Suburbanite

I spent all morning slaving away over this super fancy breakfast for Gavin + even found his pesky missing shoe. I'm pretty sure I deserve a massive shopping spree now. (Shhh don't tell G that it's really a free hunt gift, hehe).
In other news, our own SLexy blogger + creator Cate Ying recently passed me these adorables "rainbow keys" undies from her girlie store Coloreta's. A free musical tat by Para Designs added a matchy-matchy touch; I added some $1L scrunchy socks, a nottie new sheer tank by Line + last week's smexeh chin-length "Magenta" style by Truth that I've been meaning to show for its superluxe bouncy curls.
As promised, some more shots from the free "Caramel House" from L2 Studios by our friend, creator Lindini2 Lane. The front foyer is spacious and open; perfect for thick Persian rugs, larger decor pieces + a yummy prim foodz spread.
This home offers nice "colder weather" textures like exposed brick + wooden flooring; as an added bonus, it's also stretchable (yay!), a huge plus for this space-conscious city girl permanently in search of tall, lofty ceilings. Check out how oversized we made this farmhouse door; you can also see Gavin pondering more suburban tasks for me to do here.
Not suburban yet love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who gets pangs of yearning for Target + other suburban playlands)


Hair: Truth - Magenta w/Roots - espresso *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Lipstick: Mamboo Chic - [MC]: Shapira [my lipstick 07] (worn with the body co. Orchid (01 Fair) - black brows)
(new!) *mwuahs Leona Olivieri*
Sheer tank: :::LiNe::: - Ripped Top(Shirt) /White
(new!) *mwuahs ZiPPir KaYO*
Panties: [:CoLoReTa's:] - CandY Panti3s
(new!) *mwuahs Cate Ying*
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Musicfest Color Dark (Undershirt)::Para - ZombiePopcorn Hunt - ::Para Designs:: #12 - find/buy red & white popcorn bag for
$0L - free
Socks: Klamotte - Loose Socks - red -
Pumpkin soup & treats tray: "HELLOHALLOWS marron cake tray(wear) - find pumpkins you can "buy" thruout hidden SIM here; creator
Miori Jinx (new!) - free
*mwuahs* to la huntressa Whisper Despres for informing everyone about this hidden mini-hunt on her blog here!
Oven mitts round steamer (placed on tray): "HELLOHALLOWS"pan of milk rice porridge(wear) (same creator as tray listed above)
Le Poppycock (new!) *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*
Home: L2 Studio - The Caramel House - Seasons Hunt prize - find/buy orange pumpkin for $0L - free *mwuahs Lindini2 Lane*

Oct 21, 2011

Fall Window

Our longtime friend Dorothy Button recently decorated her gorges fall home + kindly let us snap a quick shot or two at her lovely new place.
Inspired by Dorothy's ridic talent at home decor (+ her drooly pet pug, Henry), we finally nabbed that free sofa at Y's House for the Choice! event, which I gladly stashed in our new fall home, the free "Caramel House" by L2 on the Seasons Hunt (I'll try to show more photos of this gorges home later too). -- All that stamp card stuff is hard work; here we are pooped out for the day.
Lazy weekend love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Hair: Truth - Kendall w/Roots - swedish (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks
*Fishy Strawberry* @ TDR - High Waist Pants - Tobacco (new!) *mwuahs Fae Eriksen*
Donna Flora - CONTESSA earrings *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*LinkNecklace: Mood - ::MOOD:: Trei Choker - Wisteria/Gold (new!) *mwuahs Jori Walter*
T-shirt: Boom - *BOOM* Sport Tee (navy) short v3 -faded (new!) *mwuahs Aranel Ah*
Boots: Pirate Arts - =PIA= Gator Boots -beige- (new!) *mwuahs Zara Yip*
Vest: [pivaaca] - Cable Knitting Vest *Light Gray* - for Seasons Hunt - find/buy orange pumpkin for
$0L - free
Zaara - Nizam Choodiya (bangles) *white*
Bag: *MayoNaise* - Filled With Books Leather Bag - Autumn
Pose: Es' cusi - lucky board prize -
free (new!) *mwuahs Sophielle*
Home in 2nd photo: L2 Studio - The Caramel House - Seasons Hunt prize - find/buy orange pumpkin for $0L - free *mwuahs
Lindini2 Lane*

Oct 20, 2011

Calaveras y Diablitos

[LeLutka] TOKYO hair/Dark Grayscale
[JB] Juicy Box   Rouge Make Up NEW
[ glow ] studio  Scary Earrings 
CENSORED::. Set Marcelle @ TTB
La Malvada Mujer  Cubico Arm Tattoo FREE
*TuttiFrutti* Los Muertos Ultra Low Legging
[LeLutka] Saffron Pumps
MONS / Ring - Mr Cat / 3 colors NEW
MONS / Ring - Catlicious / 6 colors NEW

Oct 19, 2011

Lazy Afternoon

I was feelin' like a loungin' lazie today, so I headed straight for my fave banana chaise lounge for a sunny afternoon laze.
The new "Nolene" side pony style by Truth + a fluffy new cardigan by Fishy Strawberry for Fashionably Late, plus this free indigo-tinged tutu, free antique bustier by The Sea Hole (you can grab tons o' colors in an under-publicized hunt at Collabor88), $1L stenciled tights + $15L quilted Chanel purse (thanks Dorothy for the tip!) let me laze around in style.
1 of the great joys of Flickr is encountering some truly talented peeps, and I'm thrilled to show you this new "Mitsuko" face by The Skinnery. Creator Umazuma Metaluna has debuted a unique beauty for anyone wanting a li'l something different: her soft but stern face features high cheekbones + pouty lips that scream fashionista, with soft + wearable makeups that go with just about everything. -- I just luhs the shape of these lips; so so so high fashion.

Loungin' lazie love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who thinks being a loungin' lazie should be a career choice)


Hair: Truth - Nolene Streaked w/Roots - sangria; worn with Truth Hairbase - sangria (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Cardigan w/ fluffy collar: Fishy Strawberry @ Fashionably Late - Fluffy Open Cardigan Purple
(new!) - 99L (exclusive item) *mwuahs Fae Eriksen*
Necklace + earrings: Donna Flora - DITA set *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Skin: [the Skinnery] - Mitsuko-Zaza(milk)DB
(new!) *mwuahs Umazuma Metaluna*
Cat family ring: MONS - Ring - Cat family (silver)
(new!) *mwuahs Ekilem Melodie*
Belt: Je Suis @ Truth District - ::je suis...iconique::waist belt::creme (new!) *mwuahs Julia Merosi*
Bustier: The Sea Hole @ Collabor88 - Odette Bustier - Antique - find/buy little candies scattered around the venue for
$0L; I believe 12 total - free
Tutu: Faster Pussycat - FP "The Raven" - hunt item for ZombiePopcorn Hunt #77 - find/buy red & white striped popcorn bag for
$0L - free
Leggings: Klamotte - Nostalgia Leggins - Mauve - find/buy green leaf for The Unknown Hunt - $1L
Purse: R.icielli - 2.55 Classic bag /fresh (hand) - HALLOWEEN HUNT /item 3 - find/buy pumpkin #3 -
Bangles: SIGMA Jewels - Layered bangles - ZombiePopcorn 5 Hunt Gift #32 - find/buy red & white striped popcorn bag for
$0L - free
Poses by: Ploom
(new!) *mwuahs Steve Cartier*

hi :DDD

jacket : The Secret Store Tangram Blazer - Cherry [ the seasons hunt prize ]
salopette : anuenue. SalopetteDenim(black)
inner : Emery Top Charlotte Striped (Black) [ past dressing room ]
scarf : Ingenue :: Remember Me :: 5 Colour Pack [ past hunt prize / tinted ]
socks : Picnic leather band suspender socks (beige)
glasses : [SpeXx] Omar Rodriguez Specs
bag : (epoque) SCHMETE THE SCHMUMPKIN [ the seasons hunt prize ]
shoes : *ordinary* Catarrhini (Tan)
hair ( with skin ) : lamb. Rejector (Powder)
skin : &Bean hounds of love LIGHT Koltrast 3 brow

top : Emery Top Hanging (Dark Gray)
inner : Fleshtone Woven Leather Top
leggings : .:villena:. Misfits RW [ zombie popcorn Hunt prize ]
neck warmer : *+SAIKIN neck warmer RINDO
bag : Kari Bollywood bag
glasses : Gritty Kitty Honig Glasses
shoes : Urban Bomb Unit Drunks
hair : booN HMT436 hair (sandy)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Ruka(A)4teeth
pose : (marukin) [juniper] plain rose [ @4.44.444 ]

top : !Ohmai Faux Black Pygmy Vest [ the seasons hunt prize ]
skirt : *Tea Time* TubeSkirt (Zebra)
tights : So Many Styles Shiny Tights (Rusty)
arm warmer : anuenue. Arm warmer(black) [ gacha ]
tatoo : AITUI TATTOO Anne Frank
shoes : Leverocci Lace Up Wedges (Beehive)
hair : [kik] hair-Olive (ginger)
skin : (fashionably dead) Bird Skin - Gold Leaf [ @Collabor88 ]
pose : don't freak out! [mixed] 050

from Hibari Foden

Oct 18, 2011

The Seasons Hunt

*waves* Hey there! I'm Katya, new blogger to Slexy Fashionista and just so excited to be here! Tesh invited me to show off some goodies from one of my favorite events in SL - The Seasons Hunt. Thank you, Tesh!! ❤❤ Just in case you've missed the hoopla and oodles of fashion blogs covering it, the Fall and final edition of this hunt started just a few days ago and will last through October 29. Here's a small preview:

Seasons Hunt  for SLexy Fashionista

For landmarks and more information, be sure to visit The Seasons Hunt blog.
For pictures of the hunt items, you can check out my other blog-haunt: Seraphim
And for help in world, be sure to join the Seasons Hunt group!

Have fun hunting!

From the Seasons Hunt:
dress: Ingenue - Bijou dress
tattoo: Miss Shippe's Studio - Always sweater weather on my heart tattoo
bag: Duh - Seasons Hunt Fall Bag
jacket: The Secret Store - Tangram Blazer in Cherry
hair: fri.day - Apple hair in Natural Ginger
pose: Olive Juice - Thriller pose set
background: Umwelt - Harvest skybox

Also wearing:
skin: tres blah @ Collabor88 - C88 Dewy skin with freckles tattoo

Thank you so much for inviting me, Tesh!! ❤❤❤

Let it go...

""D!va""  more than 20000 group member celebration GROUP GIFT
Modd.G  Leigh Jacket - Pink
[JB] Juicy Box - The Dreamer NEW STORE
::Happy Finds:: puisque c'est ma rose (deer dancer)
JANE   needful things.romper.bk raven Suscribo Gift
*Tea Time*   TubeSkirt Gray NEW
JANE  lil piggies tights.fuzzy.bk raven Suscribo Gift
**Angelic Lefevre Couture**  Sweet LoVe Black (only wearing the socks) NEW
 -CHANDELLE-  Shoe Mya black
*Tea Time*   GrungeStripes  bag  GSP NEW

Oct 17, 2011

Got Milk?

This week's new "Nola" ponys style by Truth features a natural "roots" option + the beautiful new Truth hairbase (you get a whole "pack" of hairbases, 1 for each precisely matched shade), which adds such a soft hairline to these scrumptiously crinkled pouffes. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
I threw together a classic black look today with a few of the oodles of gifties for grabs right now, including this free 2-tone overcoat w/ a nice button detail, free sticker-tagged hatbox luggage, a free pouffe-skirt dress by Paper.Doll + this fun milk moustache upper lip tat that comes complete with a little handheld milk bottle (just 1 of many free gifts that creator Canue Glazner has crammed into her Add9 group Notices).
Of course I'm just now remembering that I have no skim for my morning coffee, le grrr.

Got Milk?
love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Hair: Truth - Nola Streaked w/Roots - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Donna Flora - GALA necklace (new!) *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Skin: Curio @ Truth District - :GP: Petal [Light] Fall-Hazy 2 (new!) *mwuahs Gala Phoenix*
Milk moustache (comes w/ milk): Add9 - +9 milky mouth(tattoo layer)
- join Add9 group in Search; look in Notices for this + tons more gifts (new!) - free
Lace stockings: Le Poppycock - *Stockings* Je suis (option B) (new!) *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*
Dress: Paper.Doll - ZombiePopcorn Hunt - -paper.doll- #52 - find/buy red & white striped popcorn bag for $0L (new!) - free
Coat: [GIEREH] - VANESSA. Coat - group gift - join group for $0L; touch sign on display (new!) - free
Doll charm necklace: :NuDoLu: - Group gift Portrait de Matriochka B - join group for $0L + touch sign on wall; another gift here (new!) - free
Blue & orange lashes: [ glow ] studio @ TDR - Colors&Colors- blurange lashes TDRb (new!)
Earrings: *League* - Antique Lace Earring -Black Ribbon
Shoes: G Field - *GF* Strap Shoes "Alex" -stylish:5
Le Poppycock *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*