Feb 24, 2010

P.P. Made A Mess on Suri's Chair

There once was a little panda who loved to get into trouble. Her name was Pretend Panda (or "P.P." for short).

P.P.'s favorite thing to do was to find new places to do something mischievous. Bad panda!
One day P.P. was walking by Suri Christen's house when she sniffed the most delicious smell. It was her favorite food -- pizza! P.P. couldn't resist sneaking inside for a closer look.
P.P. just had to help herself to a hot slice. Then she spotted Suri's brand-new pose chair. P.P. thought it'd be really fun to enjoy her snack there. Bad panda!
When Suri walked in and saw P.P. getting pizza all over her beautiful new chair, she got mad.
This made P.P. cry.
Luckily P.P.'s friend, Gavin Panda (G.P.) came by to console her. He treated P.P. to her favorite strawberry ice cream cone + made funny faces to cheer her up.
They were happy pandas.

~The End~


Lounge chair w/ poses: doll. - The 'Capri' Reclining Chair (new!)
Pizza mouth treat: Famish - Pizza for your mouth! - lucky board prize (new!) -

T-shirt: This is a Fawn - Happy Panda Tee - Red Packet Hunt gift - free
Hair: Mikan - Love mouse_black_M (thanks for the great tip Dream! *mwuahs*) - $1L
Panda ears + tail (w/ gummy bears + lollis): Sweet Leonard & Needful Things - LEO-NT - Panda Set [gumdrops] - Snacks 'N Sweets Hunt gift - free
Necklace: Alienbear - Vday 2010 member gift butterfly necklace - group gift (join group for $0L to get LM to member-only store; buy on wall there for $0L) - free
Bracelets: Boom - Mod Bangles - Cherry - $20L gatcha
Socks: Honey Kitty - *H+K*(black-white)lace dot socks (new!)
Shorts: Sugarcube - Pink Dot Jean Shorts -
previously free
Belt: Kosh - Ring Belt Steel
Tattoo: HUZ-Tats - Cuteness-Freebie -
Lower tattoo: CSBA - Mehndi - former MM board prize - previously free

Black thick lashes: Glow Studio - Hollywood Lash
- Madame Mirage - $14L sale
Blue eyeliner lashes: Glow Studio - Vingue - eyeliner A colour changing - $14L sale
Skin: Curio - :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Cupid-Pure 2
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes - Raven
Shoes: N-Core - High School XtremeHeel Red
Crying tears: Cutie Honey - Tears (nose) long + sad emotion
Poses by: doll.

Suri Christen:
Exercise pants + tube top:
Cynful - Valentine / Female pack - group gift - $1L

on Gavin "G.P." McGinnis:
Panda ears + tail (w/ gummy bears + lollis): Sweet Leonard & Needful Things - LEO-NT - Panda Set [gumdrops] - Snacks 'N Sweets Hunt gift - free
Special thanks to Suri Christen for teaching P.P. a lesson + to Whisper Despres for the yummy pizza snack! Kisses to Aranel Ah for those awes cherry bangles :O)

This post is dedicated to Tai Shan, the 4-year old panda who just left the U.S. for China. Bye bye Tai Shan! Go make lotsa cute panda babies for the world! *mwuahs*


Whisper Despres said...

Woot. Another fun post. I check this blog every day now. You so crazy! Mmm... I love that ice cream shop. I must go there to take some pics! =P

Tesh said...

Hehe awww thanks so much Whisper!! I think you are on a mission to get us all HONGRY with your super delicious treats!! *mwuahs*

Dorothy Button said...

OMG I totally mistook that tail for ummm something far less pleasant with undigested candy stuck in it....On the plus side that pic of you crying with the pizza in your mouth is adorable! *pinches your cheeks and hands you a hanky*

Tesh said...

*giggles at Dorothy* mmmhmmm undigested candy is THE BEST!! hee hee

Gavin said...

P.P. was in a trouble making mood that night. Cameras only caught a little of the fun she had that night. LOL
Even though P.P. was being a troublemaker I couldn't bear to see her cry. Ice cream will always bring a smile to her face.
I think she also had a 500% boost in confidence holding the ice cream cone. LOL

Tesh said...

Hehe G you always know how to cheer me up!! I mean, P.P.

The REAL troublemaking was the "Nipplegate" at Ethan's but we won't go there . . .

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