Mar 31, 2012


hiii guys! what's going on?! everyone excited about the weekend?!?! anything special going on? lol, for me there is nothing really exciting happening, BUT there are people coming to cut trees and stuff.. BLABLA! anyways, i'm Sophielle Resident, and i shall be popping once in a blue to say hi and stuff with friends or alone, i don't know. anyways! see you around guys! <3
left to right

Sophielle Resident
hair - shag, Sebastien Aries.
skin- atomic, Ivy Gaves.
lipstick - the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum.
tops - milk motion, Marie Lauridsen.
jeans - mon tissu, Elie Spot.
shoes - picnic, Nyasyousa Oh.
bag w/ gloves & pose - lagyo, Gyorgyna Larnia.

Jordan Whitt
Hair - Lykie from Truth
Skin - Lacie 2 from Laqroki
Nails - Red 10 from Candy Nail
Scarf - Neck Draped Scarf Animus from Zeery
Dress - Winter from coldLogic (subscribo gift)
Jeans - Oz Jeans Valentine 2012 from Miamai
Boots - Prestige in Red Suede from Bax

Ethan Kanahoe

~RU~ Style Watch
Exile Abondon:Moonlight hair
Double T Dark grey shirt (maker Doc Eldritch)
Aoharu BT Vintage Denim jeans (dark)
Belleza Ashton skin
ROT test boots
Ikon Deep brown Utopia eyes

Mar 28, 2012

Intentionally Spring.

The weather has returned to freezing here in NYC, so I couldn't resist countering with a li'l boho Springtime style. A ribboned top by Celoe (that's already made the blog rounds 10x over); some burnt orange stilettos (still my fave to date, the ubiquitous Baby Ts) + 2 of the 3 new gorges styles by Truth this week (a '60s shortie headband "Kalle" updo + this longer, tousled, utterly smex mesh "Savina" style) inspired this no-fuss, casual girlie look today.
I hadn't yet visited the 100% mesh Mayfair SIM, so when I grabbed this free Celoe top, I was in for a treat. What I actually found most striking were the store interiors themselves: crammed with RL details like stepladder bookshelves, tiny recessed lighting along the floor (casting the prettiest of shadows) + even RL dressing rooms (mirrors! clothes racks! "boyfriend" waiting chairs!), there were many rich visuals to Ohhh & Ahhh at. The 1st pic above was taken in the posh upstairs at Celoe; the dressing room (complete with tiny security camera!) was at Mon Tissu. Take a look.
Hope everybody's Hump Day is goin' just fine. Warmer climes, easier times love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Long hair: Truth - Savina (Mesh) - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Headband updo hair: Truth - Kalle 2 w/Roots - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Top: Celoe - [] - join Celoe group + touch 2 items on shelf in middle hallway for this + another free dress) - free
Sleeves (worn under top): Tres Blah - -tb- Used Raglan 3
Skin in full look shot: -Glam Affair - Leah MedTan - 10 Red (new!) *double mwuahs Aida Ewing & M4ri1yn Magic*
Skin in closeup: -Glam Affair - Leah MedTan - 06 BL (new!) *double mwuahs Aida Ewing & M4ri1yn Magic*
Gold eyeshadow: *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup @ TDR - Allure - Gold Foil Eye Shadow (new!) *mwuahs Fae Eriksen*
Earrings (worn in closeup): [MAGIC NOOK] - Music Earrings (Gold)
*mwuahs Ayumi Cassini*
Shoes: Pixel Mode - [PM] Baby T's Plain : Hot Orange
*mwuahs Tya Fallingbridge*
Eyes: IKON - Utopia Eyes - 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Aspen (M) (new!) *mwuahs Ikon Innovia*
Jeans: Maitreya - Skinny Jeans (no prims version) - #07
Bangles: ~SIGMA~Jewels - Bangles in wood colors (cherry-fuchsia)right f.~
Necklace: Atelier AM for To one Lounge - ball necklace
ag: .*Courtisane*. Sacoche (Bag) - previously free (creator Leezu Baxter)
Poses: Madeleine (creators Xanadu Capelo & Lollipop Briggs) & .ploom. - BBB *double mwuahs Steve Cartier & Helyanwe Vindaloo*

Mar 26, 2012

Drink Pink.

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

― Audrey Hepburn

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.”
― Audrey Hepburn


Skin: -Glam Affair - Leah Light - 03 D; worn with -Glam Affair - Leah Freckles C (new!) *double mwuahs Aida Ewing & M4ri1yn Magic*
Gold eyeshadow: *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup @ TDR - Allure - Gold Foil Eye Shadow (new!) *mwuahs Fae Eriksen*
Hair: Truth - Cate Streaked - espresso *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Top: *League* @ Collabor88 - Organic Silk Dress & Top -White (new!)
*mwuahs Nena Janus*
Jean cutoffs:
Tres Blah @ Collabor88 - -tb- C88 Board Shorts - Ocean 1 (new!) *mwuahs Julliette Westerburg*
Roller skates: .: CandyStripes :. - Fashioncentric Hi5! Hunt Gift!
- free (new!) *mwuahs Enzerubebi*
Bag: .: CandyStripes :. - CS- Angelic Bag W/Stars [S] - Pink (new!) *mwuahs Enzerubebi*
Milk: Katat0nik @ Lloyd Gatcha Carnival - #16 *katat0nik* (blk/pink) Fancy Milk Doll (new!) - $35L/gatcha play
Gloves: Pig @ Lloyd Gatcha Carnival - Gloves Mit Suspenders Thad Argyle/Long (new!) - $66L/gatcha play
Nails: .::Mother Goose's::. - Nails-sister's marker - group gift (check Notices) - free
Pink teddy bear hairpin, teddy necklace + pink shake earrings: [ Love Soul ] - Hair Pin*Bear*Pink; [Love Soul] Necklace*Bear-Brown*S-5; [ Love Soul ] Pierce*Shake-strawberry*
Bandaids: Reek - Bandaids - Britta Hearts (R - UPants)
Pearl necklace: (Caroline's Jewelry) - Butterflies in Paris Necklace *mwuahs Caroline Apollo*
Pink bikini: Nyoko's - Kini Latex BabyPink (creator Nyoko Salome)
Starfish chain necklace:
(Caroline's Jewelry) - Sea Necklace - Seasons Hunt prize - previously free
Pink beads & cupcake necklace: (Caroline's Jewelry) - Pink Cupcake Necklace - Albero Hunt prize - previously free
Pose in roller skating shot:
Le Poppycock (new!) *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*
All other poses:
.ploom. - Ready For Summer (new!) *double mwuahs Steve Cartier & Helyanwe Vindaloo*

Shame on FFL.

A few days ago, a post came out on this blog that listed a "Bloggers Hall of Shame" for bloggers who, despite their best intentions, could not post for the cancer charity event called Fashion for Life (since then, due to much brouhaha, the actual list of "shamed" bloggers has been removed; yours truly was actually 1 of the people on that loathsomely inaccurate list -- more on that later).

I, along with nearly the entire SL blogging community, found the very concept of creating such a "list" to be utterly despicable, as well as arguably invoking "slander" (as that term is used under the DMCA). I also think this is an opportunity for discussion regarding precisely why this article was total "douchebaggery" (as 1 blogger put it). Here's why:

1. You just don't attack your own volunteers. To say it's poor manners is an understatement; it's mean-spirited and downright idiotic. Also, Bloggers = FREE PRESS. We donate our time, our photography, our photo editing, our styling, and our writing to cover your item/event. It's VOLUNTEER. It takes TIME to do. WE DON'T GET PAID. A minimum baseline of respect, at the very least for the amount of effort that's involved, is only common courtesy. Did I mention that we don't get paid?

2. It's simply not workable to blog everything that someone else wants you to. This is for many reasons: RL (!) being the biggest, since the last time I checked, we all need to pay our rent/mortgage and also eat. We all have jobs. Those come first, period. See #1 above.

3. If we take more items than end up being covered, don't presume it's because we actually WANT more items. When you take the time to style looks, it's impossible to know how a finished look is going to come together without TRYING IT ON FIRST. Speaking for myself, a single photo can contain anywhere 5 to 15+ items in a single shot; therefore, don't presume that taking items has anything to do with "greediness." I, for one, could do with the least amount of items in order to minimize inventory bloatage.

4. Giving items to bloggers, like giving any item to any press person, never guarantees coverage, in any life. Ask any RL publicist if giving a writer something "guarantees" coverage, and they will laugh -- incredulously -- in your face. Unless you pay a writer, they are simply not obligated to cover your product or event, and any such coverage is 100% at the writer's discretion. As a working RL writer in music, fashion & food for years, this is how it's always worked for me (and every RL journalist I know); personally I think this whole "sense of entitlement" thing by SL creators has gone unchecked for far too long + reveals a true ignorance of how press works. If you aren't ok with the REALITY (not OUR reality, THE reality) that you may not get coverage on your item, stop villifying FREE BLOGGERS + pay for a publicist instead. See #1.

5. Check your facts first before you publish an article that specifically calls out names. (My name was on that list -- despite having supported Fashion for Life not only this year, but last year as well. In an "apology," someone said they "couldn't find" my name: a) I sign my name in BOLD BLUE LETTERS at the end of EVERY BLOG POST; b) this year's Fashion for Life 2 posts were at that time, ON THE FRONT PAGE; c) if you type in "Fashion for Life" in Search on this blog, you get literally multiple PAGES worth of hits). -- If you're gonna run an article that's deliberately incendiary, check your damn facts first. Otherwise, that's just pure laziness.

Another thing: I have been repeatedly told that my photos drive actual $L revenue to creators' stores + I am definitely not alone in this regard. This means that bloggers' photos function as FREE ADS for stores. This is yet another illustration of how the whole bitching about bloggers thing is so misdirected: it shows a genuine lack of understanding of the vital relationship between products and press (a li'l thing called Marketing, and it's in any life, not just SL!) and I find it tres coincidental that you only tend to hear this griping from lesser-known creators whose stuff isn't getting blogged (which I think is ridiculously transparent).

What the author(s) of that article utterly failed to grasp was that directing this vitriol at your own volunteers, many of whom are suffering with the menace of cancer lurking over their RL like a cloud, is simply disgusting + casts a vulgar tone over the event that affects everyone, not just those named on the list.

That is the final Shame on FFL: that this "list" served to detract from the real RL cause at hand, and left a sour taste in the very mouths of the same people who were trying to support it the most.

FFL organizer Harper Beresford did not author this article, and has taken a lot of heat for it (especially over the last few days) since she did take some actions that led the author to write it. Here's my personal stance on that: I'm not willing to villify the person who worked their ass off to make the entire event happen -- even if her actions (she compiled her own "list" of bloggers who didn't participate and made it public, which the author used to write his article) were unquestionably 1 of the things that led to this article happening in the first place. -- I spoke to her personally + extensively about this yesterday + she was very clear: she contritely owns up to anything and everything she did to make it happen (including the wrongfulness of her own comments on the FFL site re: those who did not blog). She also paid for the FFL website, donated all her time for free + insisted that every cent that was made go directly to the charity, so I for one still think that as a one-woman show to coordinate, stage + run this event from soup to nuts, she definitely still did more good than harm. (On a personal note, I guess I would just hope that if I ever seriously effed up on something, that others would be kind enough to understand that I might have my own moments of short-sightedness -- or extreme over-workedness -- as well). -- At any rate, Fashion for Life, which was 100% Harper Beresford's event, raised a buttload of money for cancer this year -- which to me, is the most important thing, even though my own name was on that repulsive list. So I say cheers to Harper!

Another rant over. Tha's all folks!


Mar 25, 2012


Hair: Uw.St  Ann-Hair - 0L
Skin: (= potcha. Michiru @ fi*fridays - 55L
Eyes: : hsh: Group Gift (fee to join)
Nails: :NuDoLu: Ongles fleuris Group Gift
Scarf: Beusy - Pinky Scarf (long) - NEW!

Shirt with Ribbon: *RibboN* Leopard dress BLUE - Lucky Board
Pants: Emery - Denim Highwaisted Misery
Bag: SuPerBia Accesories - Studded Bag - Black - for WCF

Boots: *Crazy* Atura Mesh Rigged Boots - NEW!
Pose: Juxtapose

hi :DDD

accessory ( on head ) : NAMINOKE CherryBlossom bunny B [ gacha ]
accessory ( on mouth ) : NAMINOKE CherryBlossom horn A(SP) [ gacha ]
shirts : BP* frill shirts (white)
tatoo : *smudge conductor
hair : [kik] hair-Ovis aries C(ginger)
skin : ~Mynerva~ Little Milena 2 English Rose
face tatoo ( on lash ) : *MY UGLYDOROTHY Lash02
face tatoo ( on brow ) : ~Mynerva~ Milena Brows Blonde 1 [ included "Little Milena"skin ]
face tatoo ( on cheek ) : [ a.e.meth ] Applecheek Blush (Pink L)
face tatoo ( teeth ) : TULI Parted lips 6 [ free ]
eyes ( MESH ) : Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Desert Twilight)

from Hibari Foden

so so lovely

/Wasabi Pills/  Kumi Mesh Hair - Browns Pack MESH NEW
-Glam Affair-  Linn - Terra Skin past  TDR
MONS  Makeups - lipstick (pack3)
Cobrahive  N-Swirl (nose)
(epoque) Cubism Shades - Loud
*Crazy* Zarzamora Set (bra)
[Pumpkin] Tank top p.1.4 MESH NEW
::TOXIC KITTY:: Simple Rosary Exclusive (past) Group Gift
.+*AA*+. Layered necklace *black
[JB] Juicy Box Forza Tattoo
<.[P.L.G].>  January Group gift (on my watch) PINK.
-RYCA- Bangle Leather Change Gold
::Poised:: Little Wing Jeans 1 SALE
[JB] Juicy Box  Star light Tattoo
- CHANDELLE - Shoe Lian SP - BLUE IV  Tropicalia Big Bazaar Gift
*Tea Time*  bolsa Dark Bag MESH NEW
-.label motion.- Poses Freebie

Mar 24, 2012

hi :DDD

top : Tokidoki pastel spring shirts (portland)
shirts : = Hal*Hina = cotton blouse -lace01- (off white)
skirt : :pesca: 2012 spring skirt [ group gift ]
bag : Tokidoki Stumble bag (mint)
head accessory : BP* Hair accessory-flower [ past group gift ]
shoes : Tokidoki Gio high-top shoes (orange)
hair : booN IAH431 hair (sandy)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Verda_3.5
pose : don't freak out! [sera] i'm just a small cog in the system

dress : !Ohmai Nina Sweater (CLEARCHAMPAGNE)
shirts : Kyoot Sunday Girl (Mayflower)
wool scarf : Tee*fy Thick Wool Scarf (Rainbow) [ @TDRB ]
glasses : DUBOO* Autumn glasses
bag : *Tea Time* Rock'n'roll Bag
tatoo : [JB] Juicy Box Paper Plane Tattoo
nail : .::Mother Goose's::. (2012.3)group gift [ group gift ]
boots : **DP**yumyum Moccasins boots (camel)
hair ( with hat ) : CriCri Bon10-A [ store closed ]
skin : ~Mynerva~ Little Milena (EngRose)
face tatoo ( on lip ) : ~Mynerva~ Little Milena 2 English Rose [ included "Little Milena"skin ]
face tatoo ( on lash ) : *MY UGLYDOROTHY Lash02
pose : (marukin) [vermillion] plains

from Hibari Foden

Mar 22, 2012



Ragged and withered

A lifeless doll.

Ties tighten securely as they become harder to see;

my spirit is fragile,

but hopes bind eternal.

Why can't I let go?

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
* by yours truly.


Hair: Truth - Parisa w/Roots (Mesh) - champagne (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Dress: The Sea Hole - Valley Dress - Silverscreen (new!) *mwuahs Drinkinstein Sorbet*
Skin: -Glam Affair - -Glam Affair- Leah Tan - 02 BL; 1st pic: worn with -Glam Affair - Leah Lipstick 22 (new!) *double mwuahs Aida Ewing & M4ri1yn Magic*
Shoes: Indyra Originals - Coquette Noir-Kelsi: Solar Power (new!) *mwuahs Indyra Seigo*
Gloves: Indyra Originals - Lace Gloves-Noir (new!) *mwuahs Indyra Seigo*
Necklace: Donna Flora - OPERA skull set *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Pose: Olive Juice (creator Isabellagrace Baroque)

hi :DDD

jacket : -LaViere- Short Puffy Caridgan (Yellow)
top : :pesca: perfume of spring (white)
skirt : (Milk Motion) My girly skirt
bag : *Tea Time* Work Bag
ballons : {what next} Balloon Love Pose Set
socks : : ) BCC. 'MICO' Lace Socks [ 1L$ ]
shoes : ANEXX VaudevillianShoes (Black) [ past event color ]
hair ( with hat ) : Sadistic Hacker Nagi Hair(Short-Bang/hat) (strawberry)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Trudy-III [ LB ]
pose : (marukin) [viola] storywood

jacket : {mon tissu} Loire Knit Shrug (Red)
top : (Royal Blue) Frills All Around in Blue Collar
skirt : .:Eclair:. Eva Nightle Skirt [ @Fi*Fridays ]
bag : Tee*fy Mini Crossbody Bag (Pure Leather Camel) [ gacha ]
necklace : ASO! Cross Antique Necklace Gold&Silver (garnet)
tatoo : :: YaYo :: Free Bird Tattoo
socks : +mocha+ Loose Socks - Plain Dirty (White)
shose ( MESH ) : Tokidoki Gio high-top shoes (yellow)
hair ( with ribbon ) : Action Womens Hair Leslie (Chai Root)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Ruka(A)2teeth
pose : (marukin) [hane] gentle light

from Hibari Foden

Mar 20, 2012

Springtime Sortie.

So many things to kick off the 1st official day of Spring today: the superluxe pouffy crown updo "Dee" new by Truth (totes channeling one Miss Brigitte Bardot; or perhaps my mind is fresh from reading her killer histoire in Vanity Fair); the "Leah" skin debuting today by Glam Affair (to me, this feels like a softer, younger face for this brand, which I love; plus this pert, not-too-small nose could just be My Fave Nose of All Time); + these absolutely wowza new "Kelsi" stacked platform heels by Indyra Originals (the li'l tassel placed delicately at the back of the ankle is a stroke of detailing brill; in this sherbet pop color, these are my must-haves for "city chic" feets in Springtime). Take a look.
One thing that I always specifically look forward to with every new Glam Affair skin release is the luscious makeups. My fave this time around: lipstick #19 that I'm showing here, i.e. a scrumptious blend of raspberry +"winestain" bordeaux reds. Mmmm delish.
I was also pleased to see the usual haute "editorial" Glam Affair colors (the electric blue, seaweed green + navel orange hues that practically beg for high concept styling) + some particularly elegant mauve shades (both light + dark). -- There's also something about the "Leah" lips that seem more natural than previous releases (the lip shape is just a tad less pouty, perhaps?) Either way, I find this mouth supergorge + definitely worth a demo.

And because I've been delinquent yet again in my blogging duties for Tres Chic, you can find these looks over on that lovely blog as well.

Can you believe it's already the 1st official day of Spring today? Springtime sortie love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Hair: Truth - Dee w/Roots (Mesh) - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Skin: -Glam Affair - -Glam Affair- Leah Light - 03 BL; 1st pic: worn with Leah Lipstick 18; 2nd pic: worn with -Glam Affair - Leah Lipstick 19 (new!) *double mwuahs Aida Ewing & M4ri1yn Magic*
Shoes: Indyra Originals - Coquette Noir-Kelsi: Tangerine (new!) *mwuahs Indyra Seigo*
Indyra Originals - Tres' & Color Change belt (new!) *mwuahs Indyra Seigo*
Indyra Originals - Lace Gloves-Noir (new!) *mwuahs Indyra Seigo*
Bag: House of Fox - Color.Me.H.O.F [TheRoman2.0[Cream] R Forarm
(new!) *mwuahs Fashionboi Landar*
IKON - Utopia Eyes - Pale Purple + Blue (M) (1st pic); Utopia Eyes - Pale Trojan Blue (M) (2nd pic) (new!) *mwuahs Ikon Innovia*
Donna Flora - GABRIELA necklace coral *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
.ploom. - Poses - Swoon (new!) *double mwuahs Steve Cartier & Helyanwe Vindaloo*

hi :DDD

top : {.essences.} torreador shirt (slytherin)
skirt ( MESH ): urbana. Siobhan Skirt (Kiss)
belt : Ingenue :: Bertille Belt (Coffee)
necklace : LaGyo Kalea woven necklace (Straw yellow)
clutch : HouseofFox StellaClutch (Vanilla/Silver)
bracelet : *League* Wanderer Jewellery Set
glasses : Nylon Outfitters Supa Dupa Frames (Two Tone/Brown)
tatoo : AITUI TATTOO The Bombing at Pearl Harbor
nail : MIASNOW Nails (SILVER glossy)
boots : J's Thigh High BOOTS (Black)
hair : lamb. Soma (Milk)
skin : &Bean Old Bones IBLEWC3PO IN THE FALL rosy [ past hunt prize ]
pose : (marukin) [viola] jane doe

bodysuit : urbana. Petra Bodysuit (Black)
jacket : GATO Beetlejuice Blazer
necklace : [ glow ] studio Essence necklace (gold/white)
bag : Color.Me.H.O.F TheRoman2.0 (Cream)
glasses : Nylon Outfitters Supa Dupa Frames (Black)
shose : ::Kookie:: Yannis (Coal)
hair : lamb. Witch (Rotten Carrot)
skin : &Bean Old Bones G pale big brows
face tatoo ( make up ) : +BOUNCE+ Make-up add-on EYE - TEARS Black
face tatoo ( on lip ) : L.Fauna Lipstick (Black)
pose : (marukin) [hane] bullish

from Hibari Foden

Mar 18, 2012

Orange Crush.

Citrus, peach, terra cotta, coral: just walk into any RL store this spring to see all shades of succulent orange bursting on store shelves. I have a particular fondness for this color in a bright, vibrant hue; I also love that it symbolizes energy, creativity & joy.
Our own Sophielle graciously lent her adorable self for this orangey shot with me earlier this week. Check out these delectable new "glitter" nails by Cheap Makeup (I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I Photoshopped 2 colors together here, hehe). A pretty new head butterflies 'n flowers wreath by Nanan (which I thought went perfectly with this new poufy crown updo by Ploom) + a new knee-length mesh skirt by Urbana -- an up-and-coming brand that I'm diggin' for its emphasis on bold, geometric prints -- completed this colorful look.
In other news, there's always time for some free sushi, 'specially when it comes in this candy-colored pink lunchbox. -- Watch out for the salmon tho'; it's almost too fresh to eat.
And now: hopefully I remembered to buy that grapefruit in RL the other day (hopefully y'all have tried freshly-squeezed grapefruit + sochu together? Mmmm!) Orange crush love + fashionista kisses to all!


Teshan2222 Wycliffe


on Tesh:
Floral crown & eyeshadow: Nanan - My Little Forest for Project Themeory
(new!) *mwuahs Noir Gothly*
urbana. - Siobhan Skirt Southwest (new!) *mwuahs Camille Bellecoeur*
Socks: {Bingo} - Low-Calf Socks St.Patrick's Day 02 (new!)
*mwuahs Katx Kirax*
Tres Blah - -tb- Neon C88 Sweatshirt - Orange 2 *mwuahs Julliette Westerburg*
Hair: .ploom. - Whinxie (streaked) - Ploomage (new!) *double mwuahs Steve Cartier & Helyanwe Vindaloo*
Eyes: IKON - Utopia Eyes - Pale Trojan Blue (M) (new!) *mwuahs Ikon Innovia*
Nails in closeup shot: Cheap Makeup - Glitter Nailpolish for Stumblebum (*NOTE: you get 4 colors in the pack; I edited 2 colors to be on 1 hand here) (new!) *mwuahs Stella Semaphore*
Nails in shot with Sophielle: .::Mother Goose's::. - Nails-sister's marker - group gift
(new!) - free
::je suis:: - grande::all color::bangles *mwuahs Julia Merosi*
Jewelry: Donna Flora - LIA set #1 *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Lipstick: Pink Fuel - [PF] Elly - Glam Lipstick/Teeth - (Smoked Plum) *mwuahs Mochi Milena*Link
Pose: Madeleine (creators Xanadu Capelo & Lollipop Briggs)

Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - Barbara(LB) - lucky board prize -
Eyes: MIASNOW - Eyes - GLOSSY Blue
Hair: [e] Fight - Brown 04
Beauty marks: mijn.botique - skincare / face beauty marks
Dress: Honey Kitty - *H+K*_LB_(orange)gingham flower sun dress 1
Socks: **sen*2** - KneeHighSocks(Dot)_DarkGray (creator
Sen Pinazzo)
Juice: *Tweedle* - Hyper Orange Juicebox
Pose: Everglow *mwuahs Fanny Willis*


*booN ARK554 hair brown/mat/chestnut
(fd) Bird Skin - Slasher 6
MONS / Makeups - eyeshadow sexy NEW
*COCO* BowShirt White
- CHANDELLE -  Jacket shad. Black MESH NEW
 F I N E S M I T H  Ring / March Subscriber Gift
*Crazy*  Capris NEW
Izzie's   Patterned Tights / Feet small dots
*COCO* OxfordShoes Two-Tone
*Tea Time* bolsas pose WORLD BAGS NEW

Mar 17, 2012

hi :DDD

shirts : Color.Me.H.O.F MorningAfterShirt (LightBlue)
inner shirts : Pig Thermal (White)
pants : Tokidoki paris shorts (earth)
glasses : *Fishy Strawberry* Vintage Candy Bar Glasses (Rose)
bag ( MESH ) : The Secret Store Funky Tango Bag (TV)
necklace : Willow Rain Drop Necklace (Aged Gold)
shoes : *ordinary* -Tarsius- CP Limited edition
hair : lamb. Lover (Honeycomb)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Ruka(A)4teeth
pose : don't freak out! [mixed] 045

sweater : Color.Me.H.O.F LazyDaySweater (Cream)
scarf : Armidi Inspired Scarf (Toast) [ @theWarehouse ]
bag : Color.Me.H.O.F TheRoman2.0 (Green)
socks : Color.Me.H.O.F KnitSocks (Black) [ @TDRB ]
nail : * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Raven Nails, French
shoes : ISON girl panic boots (british black)
hair : [Shag] Ode (fawn)
skin : (fashionably dead) Morning Sun - Clean Gloss 6 (Black Brows)
pose : don't freak out! [sera] i'm just a small cog in the system

from Hibari Foden

Mar 15, 2012

hi :DDD

coat : oyakin* linen-coat (black)
shirts : C'est Moi! So many feathers (black)
pants : Le Poppycock *Navajo Shorts* Star dancer
scarf : Ingenue :: Remember Me Cowl :: Cream [ past hunt prize ]
hat : (Milk Motion) My straw hat
tatoo : Vestigium Little Lamb
socks : +mocha+ Loose Socks - Plain Dirty (Brown)
shoes : *FIR & MNA* The Ashford Brogues (Beige)
hair : [BURLEY] Noel (LBlonde01)
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Ruka(A)4teeth
pose : (marukin) [viola] harem_1

knit : RONSEM* Crash Sweater [ past hunt prize ]
pants : *Ninia* Aztec shorts 3
bag : Gritty Kitty Mark up & Style Bag (B)
tatoo : *smudge starsforAutumn [ past hunt prize ]
glasses : duboo. summer night glasses (white) [ past hunt prize ]
bandaids : Reek Bandaids (Plain)
hair ( with hood ) : BP* bunny hood/braid 2 [ past hunt prize ]
skin : .::Mother Goose's::. Ruka(A)4teeth
pose : (marukin) [viola] harem_1

from Hibari Foden

Mar 14, 2012


A romper of any kind isn't easy to pull off (in any life), but I was inspired to give this new shortie mesh one by Hucci a whirl after seeing this crazy video here.* The new "Lykie" wavy mesh hair by Truth, a just-released retro-print bucket bag by Le Poppycock + that fabby mesh geode ring by Yummy (that I just can't seem to take off) completed today's casual look.
*I might be the last person in the world to see this video by The Young Professionals (you know that after both Perez Hilton + Dolce & Gabanna featured it on their blogs, it's pretty much done), but I dare you to watch this without marveling at Israeli-based drag queen Uriel Yekutiel's sheer trannie fierceness (can I get that 'tude to go in a bottle plz?)

Romperette love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


*NOTE: The ascot tie I'm wearing is 1 of the gatcha items at
Fashion for Life; you can learn more about this important cancer charity event by visiting the official website here; you can also make donations directly on that official website (in case you can't visit the build).

Hair: Truth - Lykie w/Roots (Mesh) - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Ascot pinned tie scarf: Miamai @ Fashion for Life - Klia Scarf Black - gatcha item
(new!) *mwuahs Monica Outlander*
Romper: Hucci @ Collabor88 - ::HH:: Hucci Heritage Romper SM - Haze
(new!) *mwuahs Eboni Khan*
Ring: (Yummy) @ Collabor88 - Crystal Cluster Ring - Amethyst (High Shine) (new!) *mwuahs Polyester Partridge*
Eyes: IKON - Utopia Eyes - 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Sand (M) (new!) *mwuahs Ikon Innovia*
Purse: Le Poppycock - French Pop Tote-Pour oublier (new!) *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*
Donna Flora - SUSY pearl set *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Nails: .::Mother Goose's::. - Nails-Baby Crayon - group gift (check Notices) - free
: La Malvada Mujer - Trick Pony #1 [eye]
Skin (w/ red paint stripes): Tres Blah -
-tb- Prince Charming
Pose: .ploom. - Glare (new!) *double mwuahs Steve Cartier & Helyanwe Vindaloo*

Mar 12, 2012

Orange Ya Glad . . . It's Fashion for Life!

If you happened to hear event organizer, blogger + inworld group leader Harper Beresford last week on the radio, you would have heard her explain why she volunteers to organize the Fashion for Life cancer charity event every year: because without advances in medicine, all of which require money, people diagnosed with cancer today simply wouldn't have the same chance as they did even several years ago. As the official event blog reminds us, cancer touches all of our lives; it also happens to be a cause that lies particularly close to my own heart.
One of my favorite designers, Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora, could not participate this year due to being ill herself; I'm choosing to wear her jewelry here in this post, and (as I'm sure she would do, too) I'm encouraging everyone -- even if they don't want to shop -- to visit Fashion for Life and donate something (even if it's just a few $L). Harper has painstakingly organized 1 of the most respected events on the grid, and you have more than a week to visit the 9 spectacular builds (all themed around totally different concepts, from a retro '50s-like "diner" build to my favorite, an Art Deco-styled open area with a giant moon looming in the background).

Hopefully you will never know the fear + devastation that cancer can wreak onto a human life, but if you do, with everyone's continued support for continued research and new breakthroughs, maybe it won't have to feel like a death sentence, after all.

Compassionate shopping love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


*NOTE: You can learn more about the Fashion for Life event by visiting the official website here; on a purely stylistic note, this week's new "Kathy" bouffant updo by Truth goes so spot-on perfectly with so many of the formalwear styles taking center stage at this annual event. Happy shopping!

Hair: Truth - Kathy w/Roots - marmalade; worn with Truth Hairbase - marmalade (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Tights: Kyoot @ Collabor88 - Sisley Tights (Apricot Sky)
(new!) *mwuahs Saeya Nyanda*
Shoes: Kyoot @ Collabor88 - Platform Wedges (Orange)
(new!) *mwuahs Saeya Nyanda*
(Yummy) @ Collabor88 - Crystal Cluster Ring - Druzy (High Shine) (new!) *mwuahs Polyester Partridge*
Donna Flora - PINK coral gold earrings *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Donna Flora - PINK necklace coral rose *mwuahs Squinternet Larnia*
Eyes: IKON - Utopia Eyes - Bahama Green (M) (new!) *mwuahs Ikon Innovia*
Dress: A La Folie @ Fashion for Life - AlaFolie- robe organdi orange
Popsicle: (Ag) - popsicle Orange (creator
Amiee Galicia)