Feb 4, 2010

Sassy! And The City

I have already blogged about Sassy! quite a few times in my own blog, but I'm still very excited every time designer Ivy Burner comes up with something new, so imagine my delight when I got this package from her for review...

All dressed up and nowhere to go....

Sitting all lady-like while waiting for the bus...

Forget the lady-like part *lol*

Maybe I should put these killer heels to good use *grin*

Outfit: City Girl from Sassy! (review copy)
Shoes: Captive from Pelletteria Morrisey--140L
Hair: Phoebe from ETD--1L
Bag: Mai from Puddles--free (Shoes and Accessories Hunt)
Jewellery: Night Tinker from Shine Jewellery

Well, in the end, the bus didn't come so I had to walk home, and these killer heels almost keeeeeeeld me instead!!! LOL

P.S. Thank you again Ivy for such a lovely outfit!!! xxxxx

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