Apr 27, 2010

For Kaisei

What up mah SLexy lovelies. I am now on a souped-up laptop *kicks poor old useless computer to tha curb* so to make up for my week-long living in absentia, here's a scoop on a brand-new spanking giftie that all you flirtatiously inclined readers really must grab while you can.
My friend Saya Littlething has set out this supergirlie black lace-tinged, double pink, lace ruffled ballerina minidress for $1L in her Schoen mainstore, as a gorges gift to commemorate her little sister's new baby. Congrats on little Kaisei (which means "big star" in Japanese) + many thanks for letting us share in your oh-so-cute family occasion! *mwuahs Saya Littlething*
Back to the dress: there are 2 ways to wear this thing -- naughty or nice. Guess which one I picked first.The flouncy lace mini-ballet skirt that floats just above the buttie gives you some skin action for all you tres saucy ladies. Maybe this is the stay-at-home version. Heh.

Here's the babydoll version, along with my shiny pink "Morganite" eyes I just scooped from my go-to eye store,
Negaposi. Such a girlie look practically screamed for some rough tattoo action; luckily, my friend Kaori Masala of dEVOL had a particularly wicked one on hand. *mwuahs Kaori Masala*
These poses are also new by Schoen + will run you a very reasonable $20L each.

Now just to cute up the mix (and also 'cuz these reminded me of something you might see in a baby's room): check out these free droopy "Peeps"-like pillows that are newish in the Kue lucky board. They come in 3 colors (I managed to win the brown + the white ones shown here) + the "?" was activated when I was there yesterday. These saggy monsters clock in at a mere 1 prim each. Cuties!
Gotta embrace the happy occasions in any life (and the forthcoming celebrations too -- the best part)! Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who never needs a reason to celebrate anything, really)


Pink ballet skirt dress: Schoen - Commemorative Gift (congratulations Saya's sister on the baby!) - Baby Doll (short skirt worn) - buy sign in store for $1L (until May 1 only) - $1L
Pink babydoll dress: Schoen - Commemorative Gift (long skirt worn) - included in same $1L gift as above -
Tattoo: dEVOL - Evil Tribal Tattoo (new!)
Boots: BAX - Prestige Boots black
Headband: Glow Studio - Pink Duck
Skin: LAQ - Jewel 08 [Nougat] Glow skin
DPYumYum - BarberYumYum 16/black
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (large iris) - Morganite
Bunnies: Kue - Bunny Peep Deco White + Bunny Peep Deco Brown Spot - lucky board prizes - free
All poses by: Schoen

Apr 24, 2010

"Pin-Up" Themed Party- Sunday 25th April

You are all cordially invited to a Pin-Up themed party in the Rialto Theatre,
( right next to my Art Galleries ).

We have a not one, but two amazingly funky Dj's at this special event, a devastating combination of style, deportment, sophistication, musical prowess and raw "get down and boogie". Dj's Helloise McAllister and Tati FoxxX.
There is a "runway catwalk system" installed ( fashion show walks and poses) so you can all show off your fabulous outfits.

Your Limo awaits (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Utopians/100/132/25).
I hope you can all attend, please come in suitably dress, as you favourite Pin-up model or 1950's Pin-up style. Guy's please look sharp and 1950's if you can.
xxxx Rene.

PS. If you a have a moment to explore the sim (to the right of the Rialto), you will find my 2 Modern Art Galleries which are currently exhibiting Sledge Roffo, boiboi sanez, Helliose McAllister, Dulcis Taurog and Tomi Lovenkraft.

Apr 18, 2010

Tokyo here I come!

Well well, guess what?
Right after Tesh, Louise, Carley, me and 10,000 others were stripping PACADI JASHA store bare in the most amazing closing down sale ever!
I got a call on my Mobie ( booshakala-booshakala - yea, yea I know! crap ringtone :P lol ), it was Misaki and she told me of this great new restaurant in downtown Tokyo, you know where the animals are massaged and fed brandy or something!
Anyways you know me, I love to travel, so still with arms, legs, head, every available carrying area loaded down with sale bags I cabbed it to Heathrow, just about beat the dreadful Volcano dust!!! yuuuuck! (The pilot said he managed to fly under it or something. BA pilots are so fabby and damned clever too, this one was scrummy, hehe.
So I got to Tokyo, booked into this ultra-ultra space-age Hotel, settles a bit and opened up all the sale bags. OMG I love 'em. I decided to take the night air in the pink top and the Alexander McQueen (RIP) shoes, I must say a tad awkward to maintain my usual impecable deportment but I got there in the end.

Anyways, I got flippin mobbed, paparazzi, kids et alle, they were snapping and photo flashing omg absolutley mobbed! Aggghhhh next I find myself bundled into a Limo and driven to some massivo venue, where I was asked to get changed and hurry up cause I was on stage in 10mins!
WHAT!! "give me a Margariti and I might consider it I chuckled, oh ok then ( being game for most things), next thing I find I'm dancing centre stage at this humungous gig, and their all screaming someone else's name. Hehe, mistaken identity me thinks! oh well I LOOOOOOVE to show off.

This is your superstar "SLexy" reporter signing out ( carried by 4 tanned oiled and supa hot guys ), I may return to grey ole London one day ..... hmmmm maybe in June for Wimbeldon. Btw Tesh you'll love Tokyo. It rocks!!!!!

Apparel Details:
Pink top [PACADI] - Miu Top [blossom] (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Altobello/84/151/22)
Hair lamb. Witch - Grayscale Pack (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tableau/72/96/26)
LINGERIE DSN: MichaMi Bustier & Cardie samples ( a free Dns gift)
shoes [PACADI] Jasha] Armadillo Plateaus (cobiscus)
glasses [LeLutka]-HYPE shades group GIFT

White [PACADI Jasha] - Aditi BodySuit (white)
(most items @ Pacadi are $25 lindens atm- go go go before it finishes)
XXX Rene

Apr 15, 2010

My Big Fat Zombie Hunt Glam Affair

My fellow skin whores: hello + good morning.

Glam Affair is giving out this ***stunning*** crimson-lipped skin for free in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt which kicks off today. It is To. Die. Triple *mwuahs* to the whole Glam Affair team for giving me this gorgeous sneak peek!
While you're there, the $10L section is so worth a look-see too. I'm wearing the dramatic "Arrogance" ballroom gown here.
Posing in fancy gowns is tres exhausting.
So way excited to do this Zombie Popcorn Hunt! Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who is sooo gonna be le zombeh at work today)


Skin: Glam Affair - Sofia skin - Zombie Popcorn Hunt - free
Hair: Waka & Yuki - W&Y Hair L Black Gift - lucky board prize -
Dress: Glam Affair
- Arrogance - $10L
Hair Corsage: Atomic Bambi - Fiji (Cerise)
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven)
Poses by: pda (store closed)

Apr 11, 2010

Circus Sideshow

"Circus" by Britney Spears has been running thru my head, so when the new Le Cirque designer event kicked off yesterday, it was kinda like fashion + music sync-a-palooza.
This fluttery new "ruffle" dress by Miamai, combined with the new skin by Atomic Bambi, felt so totally right for my circus performer mood.
Tightropes are a tricky business. Especially in these lovely Kookie platform wedges. Hee.
These swings are such a great cardio workout.
If this doesn't bring in the crowds, not sure what will. *adjusts thong*
Happy Sunday (yay it's still le weekend)! Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who thinks SL in general can be quite the show)


Dress: Miamai - Mohe Red (new!)
Skin: Atomic Bambi - Love Circus Special Edition (new!)
Hair: Kookie - Chiggy (Beta) Blonde
Shoes: Kookie - Powder Puff - Bordeaux
Stockings: Noju - Laceup Socks (black)
Gloves: Cupcakes - Devil Gloves
Poses by:
Long Awkward Pose

Apr 10, 2010

Gaga Girl

Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" is one of my absolute favie, to die videos of all time. As pop star fashion icons go, it's actually hard to believe that we haven't yet done a SLexy homage to this superfabulista.
The latest R.icielli gifts quickly remedied that situation. Plucked straight outta the"Paparazzi" closing scene, this free yellow Mickey Mouse high-waisted skirt + free vamp-collared vest are like a Gaga Girl dream come true. Free ribboned pumps by Volt were such a fun touch; the free sexy schoolteacher glasses were just 'cuz.
Viva La Gaga. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who thinks the lyrics "chase ya down until ya love me" are so totally brill)


Sexy schoolteacher glasses: December - group gift 4 April - free
Shoes: Relentless Couture by Volt - VS Yellow Pump w/bow -
Skin: Lara Skin - Michelle Goth - previously
Black top + collar: R.icielli- Brenda 03-04 group gift (in Notices) -
Skirt: R.icielli - Anita High Waist Skirt/paparazzi special gift -
Hair: Anuenue - Salon-BoB01*C-Cream - previously free
Minnie ears: Duboo - Minnie's ears
Socks: Djunk Star! socks dirty - previously free
Gloves: YV - VivienRing
Naho's Funny Shop @ Kuri*Gohan - Paparazzi-Camera Ver 1.2 - free
Poses by: POSEbility and Miamai at the 2010 Pose Fair - free or $1L

Apr 4, 2010

Toy Story

This is the story of a rabbit named Gyaku-Usagi. Let's call him GU for short.
GU was a happy rabbit. Sure, he had a few run-ins with Linden Labs (specifically, they used words like "anti-establishment" and "needs attitude adjustment") but such unpleasantries aside, life was good for this not-so-petite rabbit.

One day, GU was wandering around the grid when he happened to overhear Gavin McGinnis saying loudly (to whoever would listen), "Rabbits? Pfffft. Second Life would be so much better without those overgrown pests wandering around the grid. They're such weaklings too, always looking for carrots + veggies + stuff. Ha!"
GU also noticed Gavin's unfortunate choice of fashion.All of this made GU mad.
GU decided to teach Gavin a lesson. Just when Gavin finished his anti-rabbit lecture, GU decided the moment had come to show Gavin who's boss. "Weak? Who's the weakling now?" demanded GU.
GU dragged off Gavin to his favorite grassy area. He made sure to go over all the big rocks and tree stumps.
GU stuck Gavin in a cage to make him think about the unkind things he'd said. This was a wake-up call for Gavin, since Gavin hadn't had a time-out since he was like, 5 years old.
Gavin tried to chill out GU by showing him his favorite rabbit mouth toy.
But this only made GU madder. "Dressing up one of my fellow rabbits? And then wearing him . . . on your mouth?" Wow was GU P.O.'ed.

GU thought the cage would hold Gavin, but when GU wasn't looking, Gavin quickly jammed the door open + grabbed GU.
GU countered by giving Gavin a forced bunneh hug. This really freaked Gavin out.
GU finally let Gavin go. Gavin ran away. Far, far away. To this day, Gavin is still a trash-talker, but he can't hear the word "rabbit" without suppressing a shudder. Long tall bunneh ears frighten him too.
~The End~

Many thanks to Ethan Kanahoe and Jaecin Melody for attending Gavin's anti-rabbit lecture. Special thanks to Ethan for graciously letting us shoot this little bunneh adventure at his gorgeous home + very special thanks to Dorothy Button, for showing us where to grab the lovely GU for free.

on Gavin McGinnis:
Jeans: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Black
T-shirt: terri.tees - chocolate bunneh tee -
Sneakers: 2Real - Pure

GU (includes dragging, lifting, other poses): Naho's Funny Shop @ Kuri*Gohan - =K*G= Gyaku-Usagi -
Hugging GU (includes hugging, punching poses): Naho's Funny Shop @ Kuri*Gohan - =K*G= nagurare-usagi - free
Cage: Naho's Funny Shop @ Kuri*Gohan - Ori-Nage -
Cage HUD: Naho's Funny Shop @ Kuri*Gohan - =K*G= Mochiage-Usagi - free
Rabbit mouth toy: Schoen - $5L group gatcha

Apr 3, 2010

A Rainy Day

It had been so long since they had seen each other and she was nervous. Would he remember her? Or would he feel like a stranger? The rain provided cover. It surrounded her, cold and uncertain.
As she approached, he merely drew her in under his umbrella. The rain fell quietly around them. The pitter-patter sound was oddly comforting.
He held her so she wouldn't get wet. Her fabulous pink suede boots took a drenching, but she somehow didn't care.
Without a word, he pulled her close. She shivered, feeling his body shield his. The rain suddenly felt warm.
The railway tracks were wet, but they didn't mind at all. She inched closer to him. She was home.
~The End~

This post was to encourage everyone to attend the 2010 Pose Fair, which kicked off yesterday. *mwuahs* to WetCat Flux for making these gorgeous couples poses for the fair, a designated amount of the proceeds of which go to charity.

The grid is literally bursting with hunt gifts right now (i.e., lag monster is having quite the field day) but I wanted to show you goodies from 2 places.
Paradisis is having a mini-hunt and this lovely daisy dress + choker are among the free spoils for the taking. This pretty updo bow hair, in this warm, honey-blonde color, is free by Kik for the new Tic Tac Toe mall opening, a supercute outdoor bazaar located in the former Mocha store SIM. (I went there looking for a rainy SIM + happened upon it just as it was being opened).

*mwuahs* to Gavin McGinnis for posing with me (and finding this fabby free rain you can wear, to make it rain anywhere! How cool is that?!)

Oh so glad it's the weekend. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
*whoopeing that it's the weekend*

Hair: Kik @ Tic Tac Toe - Hair-Cynthia - Tic Tac Toe opening gift - free
Dress: Paradisis - Daisy Dress - PC Easter Hunt 003 -
Necklace: Paradisis - Daisy Choker - PC Easter Hunts 004 -
Boots: Indyra Originals - Coquette Noir Shoes: Chasseur Boots Pink Suede - RFL Hunt (search for an egg; HINT: eggs love comfy chairs too!) -
$10L (*mwuahs* to Margaux DuFaux for making sure I saw these!)
Hair daises: Nushru @ Spring Bazaar - Hunt egg 1 of 3 - Oh Daisy Hair Accessory Tropical -
Cuffs: Mandala @ Palamos Island - Summer Pink Bangles -
Finger tapes: Luck Inc. - *SL* Finger Tapes -
Tattoo: Bubble - Bird Love [faded] - group gift -
previously free
Skin: Tres Blah -tb- Hiccup Lavender Lippie
Earrings: Ganked - Eureka Earrings Dark Tint
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Water

Gavin McGinnis:
Shirt + pants: Alphamale - Formal pants II Stripesilver and Slate shirt Tucked out - Make Him Over Hunt -
Shoes: 2Real - Pure
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded)
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) Large Iris
Hair: Junwave - Natural Short (black)

All couples poses by: WetCat - "Raindrops" (new!) for Pose Fair 2010
All other poses by: Long Awkward Pose