Feb 3, 2010

Purple patch!

Well well! hmmm. My weekend escapades. 

Guess what, there I was just off the Eurostar, in the city of amour and about to order a pernod before embarking on a spot of shopping and gallery browsing. When..... off goes the mobile. " Hey Rene get over here quick" the sales are AWESOME!".

Naturally, Tesh's NewYorker exhuberance was overwhelming so i quaffed the pernod tout sweet, flagged a cab ( a bit niffy actually, garlic and roucqfort I think eww!, could have been his feet?) and high tailed it to Charles de Gaul for the first available pond hopper.

Ok , Jfk to soho in a yellow cab, smell was suprisingly ok, but man! " speaka de Englaise bitte". Anyway managed to get there. No sign of Tesh :(, flippin' phone off too,ekk! 

Finally we hooked up, and man some serious shopping and then Partying! wohhooo, How I Luv NY. Tesh insisted I took a photo and let you all know about my outfit so here's the details.

*Avebury* double mettalic belt(finished) - purple

At the 50% sale AOHARU_BT_DownJK+Fur/Female_Purple

Mimikri - Cuff Jeans R / On Stage plum

Tukinowaguma Hanaiori SH ash

R2 "Anela" L Rouge Boots.

Belleza Group Gift skin

Rockerswear star necklace,. ( I think they closed down).

Back in London now, sipping tea and eating crumpets with my aunt.

Rene xx.


Helloise McAllister said...

nicely done Rene, I'm certain all bloggers loved your little NY adventure! Can't wait to see other reports from far away places! Keep us posted =)

Tesh said...

RENE!! LA FABULISTA!! ZOMG!! We missed each other by text I guess!! What an AWESOME surprise to look on our site . . . and see your KICKASS POST!!!!!

*mwuahs mwuahs muwahs*

*drools over Rene's pix*

PS. Your London style is showing, Anna Wintour is tres jealous!!!!!!!!

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Hey Rene! Love your post and I'm so glad you are joining us so I won't be the only one Tesh can bully here LOL!!!

Gavin said...

Welcome to the blog Rene. Your first post is amazing. I loved it. So funny.
Keep up the great work.

Tesh said...

Wazzis about bossing around? *blinks innocently*

I bow to all y'alls superior fashion sense!! :O))))))

Welcome again Rene *smelly nyc cab smoooochies*

Takeshi Ugajin said...

Cute post! hehe

Rene Caerndow said...

Thank you Tesh, LisaMun and Gav for your kind comments.
Btw, the Nyc cab was "suprisingly fresh", me tinks he had an airfreshener, Parisian cab.... pooooohey!

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