Mar 3, 2012

Drowsy Weekend.

Gavin & I did the "Book Panic Party" hunt at Drowsy yesterday + found plenty of free cute things, like these wee li'l panda-llamas enjoying their morning coffee.
You can start the hunt here; make sure to check the sign near the landing point for the specific book cover you're looking for (there's 20 of these "special" books in all). Here's a quickie snapshot of most of the loot, including my fave, the potted hippo (I squashed his face with this saucy kitty).
Of course, the best thing to do in Drowsy is to take your time to wander + explore the sublime build; creator BettiePage Voyager has tucked plenty of fun secrets behind every tree, bridge + hill (our fave was the "book party" of hippos underwater).
Drowsy weekend love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe