Mar 5, 2012

Quickie Rant.

I am going to rant about something here that I think other bloggers have probably been growing tired of as well: unless I know you, and maybe even then, please don't syndicate my blog without getting my written permission (or request) first. Not only is it stated 5 ways to Sunday on the Terms of Use that this is my blog's content policy, but just kindly give me the chance to let me choose whether I wish to join your feed, before you presume that I wish to do so.

I also want to say that anyone who engages in this kind of behavior is highly unethical and absolutely stealing content under the DMCA and other U.S. laws (as in, punishable by fine), since this constitutes the act of taking someone's content without getting their prior written permission.

This is the latest feed that Gavin discovered SLexy Fashionista being syndicated to, without our knowledge or permission. -- And no, it's not a "compliment" to be stolen. It's presumptuous, and it's illegal. And I just can't see how expecting people to abide by a li'l something called the law (that we all are required to abide by, too) is all that unreasonable a thing to ask.

Sorry for the grouch. Tha's all folks!


PS. I will also say that the "Fashion Bloggers of SL" tagline on this particular feed was a little confusing at least for me, since at first I thought this feed was put together by the Fashion Bloggers inworld group (run by someone else who is extremely respected and known for her community-driving and charity efforts).