Sep 14, 2009

More Yummy Freebies (Freebies Bounty Part 2!)

Dearest Glamouristas, thank you sooo much for all IMs and kind words re: the last "Freebies Bounty!" post. The grid is literally flooded with scrumptious freebies at the mo' so all your kind words totally motivated me to model some more of these tantalizing free or $1L looks.

First, check out this superfun mouth treat: a wearable lucky board that you can put a picture of yourself (or anything!) into -- is that clever or what? I just love it when we can be ironical with fashion, heh. I previously blogged about Famish for its awesome "Green Eggs & Ham" mouth gift also which was just toooo cuuuute.

This "Phoebe Vamp" skin is a must-have for anyone into the paler look. The runny eye makeup tattoo is supercool, but the skin itself is the superstar here: it almost looks luminescent when you have it on -- it's that good. Free!
Eyes (used throughout this section): Poetic Colors - Endless Summer - free
Skin: Lessthan3 - group gift - "Phoebe Vamp"
(find Lessthan3 group in Search; in Notices) - free
Gears chain link necklace: ChaosLotus - Steampunk Hunt gift - free
Hair: Roge - group gift - free
Sneakers: Dilly Dolls lucky board gift - free
Dark Pink Striped V-Neck Bodysuit, Shrug, + Gloves: Dilly Dolls - Addiction Hunt gift - free
Socks: Dilly Dolls - part of the Twisted Hunt gift - free
Blue and Yellow Cuffs Bracelets: U&R Dogs (Car Wash) "Gondoliera"- $1L
Hearts cuff bracelet: U&R Dogs (LVS) - LVS Hunt gift - free

Here I was chillin' at the hair salon store at Roge. Aren't the shampoo bottles + mirrored chairs too perfect? Guess I picked a slow day at the salon, since no one seemed to notice a half-dressed girl prancing around.
Next check out this gorgeous Lazolli skin freebie I been hounding you guys to get. Now you see why, heh. Seriously -- the dark eyeliner (with just a touch of shimmery eyeshadow) is that perfect balance of pretty and sexy in this skin. Love the lovely 3-dimensional lip here too. I think its one of the best Lazolli skins I've seen to date. Free!

This look is a combo of some various gifts on the grid right now. This cherry red, fat round bead necklace from Shampoo might look simple, but I for some reason (maybe the size or exquisitely shiny glint on these beads?) its just so so fun to wear. I've been living for this deVOL keys lock strap necklace so here it is again too.
skin: Lazolli - "Yoko 3" - join the Lazolli group in Search + get in the past Notices (NOTE: there are 2 Lazolli groups, only 1 of them has any past Notices + the skin...FYI in case you initially join the wrong one like I did) - free
brown short bangs mini-buns hair: Dilly Dolls lucky board gift (both the hair + ribbons are color change) - free
red fat beads necklace: Shampoo - lucky board gift - free
key locks black strappy necklace: deVOL - free
Blue and Yellow Cuffs Bracelets: U&R Dogs (Car Wash) "Gondoliera"- $1L
Hearts cuff bracelet: U&R Dogs (LVS) - free from the LVS Hunt (look for a hearts card sticking out of the wall at + "Buy" for $0L)
green camo strapless top: deVOL - Profile Picks gift - free
green striped gloves: Dilly Dolls - part of the Addiction Hunt gift - free
jeans: Luna's Boutique - Unbutton Jeans - group gift (in Notices) - free
moss green flats: 50 Flats by Ding and VPoses - free
Rainbow hearts open hoops: U&R Dogs (Car Wash) - $1L

Here's one of the free Twisted Hunt hair gifts from Vixen (there are 4 hunts total that this store is giving away right now -- a perfect time for a visit! 3 lucky chairs too, although as a warning, "T" never seems to come up, LOL). This style is sexy and flowy, with just a bit of poof on top -- a great hunts find. You get additional colors within this generous gift too.
Some of the free dresses right now are simple yet totally sexy designs. I love this purple, superlow, button-up $1L shirtdress from Tyranny (there's even a cute pink pig face on the back). This hair is a MM board giftie that comes with little blue butterflies trailing down the side pony. Unusual + cute. -- Also, I was curious about the Corrupted Innocence MM board gift since I really loved their Black Pearl Hunt "crying skin" gift. Here's their MM board gift (with yellow eye makeup), also lovely.
Dress: Tyranny - $1L
Pink fat beads necklace: Shampoo - lucky board gift - free
Fishnets: SHi (touch panel in back - my fave fishnets ever!!) - free
Trailing Butterflies Hair: Sharodie's MM board "Black Butterfly Hair" gift -
Eyes: Clover - Lovebirds Hunt gift -
Corrupted Innocence - "Envy" MM board gift - free
Black leather double cuffs (w/ metal buttons): Grasp group gift - free
Black stiletto ankle boots: N-Core XtremeHeel Ankleboots group gift -
previously free
I paired it with from
Clover (a Game Day hunt gift - free).

A word about the eyes from Clover: truly, these are some of the best eyes I've seen on the grid -- suuuper-luminescent, richly detailed, multi-hued + perfectly glowy (thanks for the tip Marg!) Strangely, you can't actually purchase any eyes in the store -- you can only receive them as a Group Gift or in their hunt gifts. (If you check my post congratulating Marg on her wedding, she was wearing Clover eyes). -- Also, aren't these lashes a find? Free from Jade. Love how thick they are + how they feather out, Shu Uemura-style at the edges.

This next pretty dark pink number from niciLINE would be even better if the skirt was mod, but its still lovely. Check out these red kisses body tattoos also -- so so fun. The hair with mini-crown (and falling snowflakes -- hard to see here but really cute) is the "Snow Queen" style from the Magika $10L hair wall upstairs. And aren't these bright, colorful knees band-aids just adorable?
Dress: niciLINE group gift - free
Necklace: DM Designs - Profile Picks rewards necklace - free
Hair: Magika
"Snow Queen" Red 03 - $10L sale (head upstairs for the $10L wall)
Bandaids: CORE - "Owies" subscribo gift - free
Skin (used for rest of the following sections): Staged - "Elizabeth 2 Winged Coral" group gift - free (NOTE: Staged ups their group join fee to $50L right AFTER they do a skin gift distribution. If you want to join the group, wait until it goes back down to $0L again, which should be later in the month).

Throughout this section I'm wearing one of the best shoe freebies to pop up on the grid lately, the N-Core black XtremeHeel Ankleboots group gift that was free thru this past Sunday. Look at the matte texture of this heel + the little tiny diamonds studding the top all around, and that the laces are undone at the top. To. Die. Plus all stiletto fans know that this store's XtremeHeel series is really hard to resist.

Next up, the lucky board at Dreamin'g Alice has been drawing a crowd lately for this sexy military uniform dress. The skirt is mod and its such a sexy number. See how I'm totally channeling Uma Thurman with this Magika "Hate Me" black hair? This Lantian "Planetary Gears" necklace is one of the coolest things I've seen to date: a charm with TINY TICKING WATCH-LIKE MOVING GEARS that are meticulously detailed + simply eye-popping. Do not miss this gift from the Steampunk Hunt. It is soooo pretty + unique! Let's just see a bigger picture of it here, shall we?
Dress: Dreamin'g Alice lucky board gift - free
Brown cuff floral bracelets: Jill group gift - free
Black leather double cuffs bracelets: Grasp group gift - free
Red lips kiss marks tattoo: Foxxy Designs
Ducky Hunt gift - free
Moving gears charm necklace: Lantian
- Steampunk Hunt #58 (look in sunflowers) - free
Magika "Hate Me" Black 01 - $10L sale (head upstairs for the $10L wall)
Curtsey pose: FD Poses "Curtsey"
- $1L
Last but not least, there's an awesome freebie for guys right now at the Jill store: this lovely 2-tone blue argyle zip-up sweater that my supersqueezable guy Gavin McGinnis is wearing here. The Jill store is such a find (many thanks to my gorgeous gf Diamondzz Destiny for this awesome tip!!). Their designs (mostly for women) are well-made and classy, with just a touch of sexiness. -- Head to the 2nd floor, join the group for $0L to grab a row full of these awesome looks on the wall. Bring your guy friends too since this is hands-down one of the best-quality freebies I've ever seen for the guys.

NOW: notice what Gavin is wearing on his feets -- a truly rare discovery, flip-flops with PRIM TOES!! OK OK, maybe this is only something a hardcore SL fashionista would get excited about. But I mean really, you never ever see these -- let alone for free! The metallic "electric" blue color is for guys + there's a yummy, candy-like metallic grape purple for the ladies. Skip over to Grasp and grab these lovely treasures (the black leather double-cuffs used throughout here are a free Grasp group gift too).

Here was a little break from our shooting that's just a cute picture, hee hee.
Look for these + more freebie finds in my "Better Quality Freebies" Shopping Lists (both #8 + #9) this week + for next week.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


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