Sep 16, 2009

Pretty In (Free) Pink

Sometimes a single dress will get you all excited. This pink, sexy, girlie piece o' heaven fell from the SL Gods (or rather, the ADIVA store) for all to grab for $1L yesterday + I wanted to share my excitement about it. See the little stars in the skirt? The flowy pink ribbon trailing off these gloves + their cuffs? Silvery pink sequins on the bodice? *Scrapes myself off the floor* And while the $1L special price may or may not still be there today, with the exception of these amazing half-platform pink stilettos that I'm living for right now from R2, everything else I'm wearing is free or $1L. Pink away.
Dress (includes gloves): ADIVA - Lesley - $1L special
Skin: Pink Fuel - "Diamond 5" skin - Diamond Hunt gift (on floor, near stairs) - free (these rosy lips + outrageous makeup are so pretty)
Hair: Junwave - September gift - free (comes with barrette -- adorable + love this rare brown-pink color! In my opinion, these are the nicest ponys style on the grid)
Earrings: DigitDarkes - Modavia Fashion Week gift - free
Shoes: R2 - Malama Pink - not free

Here go those Clover eyes again. These indigo-hued ones are "Clover Real Eyes #38" and are part of the Lovebirds Hunt free gift. Again, you can't buy these eyes (so strange) but you can win them in hunt gifts or sometimes as group gifts. These are also those great freebie lashes from Jade. Here's a closeup showing this wild eye makeup from this "Diamond 5" Pink Fuel Diamond Hunt skin. Isn't it pretty?
Oh and the little stowaways? They're the "Bandaged Kitty" lucky chair gift from Pink Fuel. These little guys blink and everything. It's a generous gift: you can combine/mix & match kitties that attach to your head, arm, leg, and/or shoulder, so you could literally be crawling with adorable kitties. I was wearing the "leg" and "arm" attachments in these pics. Mee-eow!!

While you are there at Pink Fuel, pick up a pair of their adorable "cartoon" pink angels wings "Chibi Wing" tattoos. So so fun. It's from their gatcha dispenser machine (small toys that look like little candies). You pay $1L to get a random color; there are 8 colors total, so for $8L you get all of them!! The blue + the pink are the richest colors.
Check out a larger pic of this Le*o+o necklace, which has a tiny clock + hot pink gem inside. The tiny strawberry + wee li'l cupcake on the back is just precious. I heart it. A LOT. Kyootsie Wootsie was a lamb. Or something like that.
I also love it when you can layer necklaces together (please, jewelry designers -- give us multiple copies that attach to different things!!) The gorgeous Rene Caerndow told me how the "Vintage Pearls" in the Modavia Fashion Week "girls" gift bag are not to be missed (thanks for the tip Rene!) Aren't they so dainty + feminine? I was able to wear them together with the Le*o+o clock/pink gem charm necklace.

These R2 Malama Pink stiletto pumps really do deserve a bigger pic because the rich, triple pink colors, plus cherry red sole, make these shoes just pop (but not in a cartoony way). Also, this shoes comes with an on/off "GLOW." How great is that! Btw if you go to this store, check out their silver knee-high boots as well. Those fabby bits o' shiny fun are slated to be my next R2 purchase.
I love to take a dress-up look + make it supercasual, so here's another incarnation of this dress, using the sequined top with the flirty "Unbuttoned Jeans" gift from Luna's Boutique in both the "camo" + "black jeans" versions she sent out today (join the group, "save" the attachments from the Notices tab -- there should be 3 jeans total). This gold-tinged, mint rose ring is from Donna Flora. The delicate rose petals + the tiny, liquid-like green gem in the center make my fingers so happy.
There are many skins of fab quality being handed out now like hotcakes, but I here's my absolute favie of the moment: free + from the lucky boards at TwilyThula. Think sultry, almost feline eye makeups, with black eyeliner that artfully "wings out" at the tips. Pair that with the luminous, almost ethereal body glowy quality of Lara Skins (btw please IM me if anyone can locate this grid-hopping store, which has apparently vanished AGAIN). -- The overall result: TO. DIE!!! Here I am wearing the "tan" version. Warning: beware the huuuge lag monster since recently it's been JAM PACKED. Low prim clothing + hair is your friend. (Not really, but just felt I had to say that).
Finally, Tazzmania was having a $5L everything sale the other day + I scooped this warm fuzzy black zip-up jacket, with stars running down the sleeves. The soft semi-shiny velvety texture on this thing is absolutely fantastic. It's not on sale anymore but still a steal at $30L. (OK I lied, I guess this jacket is the one thing in the post that's not free or $1L other than the shoes, LOL). The scrumptious colors on these detailed sneakers are lovely; free at the new FAKE store if you tap the subscribo.
Look for some of these + more freebie finds in my "Better Quality Freebies" Shopping List #9 this week.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


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