Oct 18, 2010

Sunny Crossings

A cute new event has kicked off called the Halloween Spooktacular, where you can scoop lots of free goodies, like this pretty free nude-colored bodysuit by Whippet & Buck. I'm also showing a brand-new pastel color of R2's "Pumehana" boots, in this soft baby pink hue that I just love. *mwuahs Rei2 Aya*
I was in a braids kinda mood today, so I slipped on this new long braided "Aiyana" style by Truth, which strongly hearkens to Native American legends + includes this awes 2-line face tat (!) + color-change side feather. *mwuahs Truth Hawks* -- Luckily, nobody seemed to notice a scantily-clad girl in a bodysuit + stockings crossing this sunny bridge.

Bridges, not fences love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's a big fan of fences sometimes. Or just hiding in the bed)


Boots: R2 - "Pumehana" `elua L Babypink (new!)
Hair: Truth - Aiyana - caramel
Face paint tattoo: Truth - Aiyana facepaint_pink (new!)
Bodysuit: Whippet & Buck @ Halloween Spooktacular - [W&B] KC: Simple Bodysuit NUDE (buy sign for
$0L outside tent) - free
: Pig - Ambrosia Underpants and Garter UP Silver
Gloves: Emery - Gloves Studded #Terracota
Forearm warmers: Aitui - Aitui - Tight Arm Warmers - Polka Dots+Crayon - Off White
Jewelry: Je Suis - ::je::suis::tente::fire::full set
Headband: Tee*fy - Headband DoubleFlower RedGold - $35L gatcha
es: Poetic Colors - pc eyes by LL - gold flakes - topaz
se: Hate Me and Eat Me