Oct 28, 2010


So I was a li'l greedy today. *shrugs + makes more chocolatey mess*
I'm showing the new "Noe" skin by Esuga (which btw has the. cutest. button. nose. ever) + a chocolatey face schmear tat that you can grab for $50L in a brand-new gatcha play. *mwuahs Eilfie Sugarplum* The chocolate whoopie pies are free at a silly mart with other fun freebies (like a vacuum cleaner lucky board, via which Gavin rather impressively showed his domestic side, heh). I also thought these shoes were a real find for $50L; they're candy red, with little skullies on 'em. -- Here ya caught me in semi-private moment, i.e. in the middle of a li'l chocolate splashdown. Mmmm.
Greedy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's greedy more often than being quite this messy)


Skin: Esuga - Noe-StickyKiss-medium-T2/Bust (new!) *mwuahs Eilfie Sugarplum*
Gloves: La Petite Morte - ~La Petite Morte~ Gloves Bow-Red and ~La Petite Morte~ Gloves Bow-Blue (new!) *mwuahs Voshie Paine*
Jacket: Izumiya - =IZUMIYA=Cardigan Set/Navy
(new!) *mwuahs Izumi Homewood*
Chocolate messy face tattoo: Esuga - [ESUGA] Gatcha! Noe compatible Chocolate Smudges (new!) - $50L gatcha
Chocolate whoopie pie cookies: Poza Mart - Maxi_Chocolate_Pie_V1 -
Red tank: Luck Inc. - *Linc* Petite Carnelian
Shoes: PIA - =PIA= BOX bordello gothic pumps -bordeau-
(3 colors available at $50L each; buy the shoe boxes on the ground) - $50L
Hair: Maitreya
- Uma - Almond
Idea Motus *mwuahs Thess Larnia*