Oct 29, 2010

Xanadu, Tell the Truth

Creator Xanadu Capelo passed me some really cute shiz that I wanted to show you, including some awes new poses, tattoo + these free faux "military" print leggings that I built this red, black & gold look around. *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*
This week's Truth styles are all distinctly different from each other; this 1st pic shows the new "Tamina" style, a single streaked fat braid with tons of color options as per usual. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*

Here's another Truth debut, this "Liv" layered style with an awes flexi effect that makes these layers go ooh-la-la.
Also isn't this skin pretty? I don't usually wear LaVie skins (the face tends to be a li'l mature for me) but by sheer dumb luck, I managed to snag this one for free (see the Styling Credits for deets) + I'm kinda diggin' it. Plus you can't really tell from these pics here, but the eyeliner on this "Misfit" makeup has a unique "winged" eyeliner that I have not seen replicated exactly anywhere else. *mwuahs Pompeja Rossini*

Stay tuned for a hehe story 2mor as my special Halloween gift to y'all. Trick or treat love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's in Fun Size heaven)


Long single braid hair: Truth - Tamina Streaked - treacle (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Leggings: xbordeaux - Military Leggings! -
free *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*
Bodysuit: Boom - *BOOM* Somnium top/bottom (new!) *mwuahs Aranel Ah*
Boots: Reek - Autumn Boots - Sienna -
$50L Fridays
Tattoo: xbordeaux - pinup girls and misc. tattoo (creator
Xanadu Capelo) - free *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*
Earrings: Fore - :: fore :: feathers earring w*red
Bracelets: Boom - *BOOM* Bangled Mess Apple
Red pearls necklace: Shampooo - ShampoooBall necklace red
Gold waist cincher belt: fri.Day - fri. - Cinch.Belt (Gold) - Small
Hip slung belt: Hucci - ::HH:: Hucci Diva Belt Gold/Garnet
Pose: Xbordeau @ Hate Me and Eat Me -
(new!) *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*

Long layered hair: Truth - Liv Streaked - chestnut (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Outfit: Boom - *BOOM* Somnium -Violacens (new!)
Nails: Tres Blah - -tb- Nail Colour (Candy)
Pose: Xbordeau @ Hate Me and Eat Me - (new!) *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*

Skin used in both posts: LaVie - LaVie Enya Misfit Tan *mwuahs Pompeja Rossini* - free
* NOTE: There's a few steps to getting this skin for free. The LaVie group is having a special pumpkin hunt to find several $1L pumpkins hidden in the LaVie SIM (each containing a gift); 1 special pumpkin #14 is set out daily (I believe until Nov. 1) which entitles the finder to 1 free skin of their choice. Since each skin can run you $1400L, this is a very generous gift! The hunt is for group members only (there's a $250L group join fee, but you can grab 1 makeup of the skin I'm wearing here for group members as a $1L gift now with funkier makeup). Gavin is also showing a zombie male skin that you can win in this hunt in his post here. Happy hunting!