Oct 17, 2010

Must Have for the Lazy Man

Guys: has this ever happened to you?
Do you too get stuck holding the bags while your lady friend shops? Well no more! S2 gives us menfolk an easy way to handle that age-old dilemma of the classic shopping tagalong situation: the S2 Follower.
Just attach this badboy and you're set. You'll float along behind your lady friend as she shops the day away. No more sore feet or tired arms from carrying her bags around all day. And don't worry ladies: the seat can change colors to match your purse.

Gavin McGinnis


Purses: Septem Essentia - lucky board prizes - free
T-shirt: Adjunct - Adjunct Free Gift - Baseball Tee - Glasses - free
Seat: [S2] - [S2] Follow - quiz gift - free

*Note: The gift is a prize in a quiz challange. You must wear a hud and answer six questions at six different stores on the Nipponbashi sim. With each question you are given a letter for the password needed to get the prize. It's very easy, you get as many tries as you need to get it right.

I want to thank Tesh for taking the amazing pictures and helping me with the post.