Oct 23, 2010


The big frugalista news last night was that Dark Mouse creator Mouse Mimistrobell decided to set 5 items down in her store to $0L for 24 hours. I got the notice yesterday evening (EST time), so you still have time to grab her fabby accessories today for free (the neighboring Miao store also has 5 nice items set to $0L; I'm wearing a mix of both here).
I built this apple-'n-pumpkin striped look around these free caramels (1 of my fave RL candies) that I nabbed at a cute "pumpkin patch" hunt (see the Styling Credits for deets). A new free striped jacket by Wave, a free geometric print body tat by Para + some more 2-toned new Truth hair finished this auburn-toned look.

A word about these nails: I've been on a hunt for shortie nails (since the prim ones can drive me bananas) so I was most def oooh-ing when I spied these red polka-dot ones at Tres Blah for a very reasonable $75L (you get 20 colors in the pack). My $L zoomed to Julliette Westerburg faster than you can say caramel stuck between tha teef.

And now for some caramel treats in RL. Sweet & sticky love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's had a hankerin' for caramel apples)


Hair: Truth - Robyn - almond (new!)
Jacket: Wave - ][AV][jacket striped redgreen short - group gift (join .:*WAvE.:* group for
$0L; look in Notices) (new!) - free
Silver necklace: Dark Mouse - Dark Mouse Divine Deco Necklace - Silver -
Earrings: Miao - =^^= MIAO Isabeau Medallion Earrings -
Black pearl charm necklace: Miao - =^^= MIAO Cratus Black Pearl Necklace -
Eyes: Poetic Colors - eyes by LL - bright - gold beach
Tote bag: Dark Mouse - Dark Mouse Beach Bag - Red -
Cuffs: Dark Mouse - Dark Mouse Stain Glass Green Bangles & Earrings (Blue) -
Tattoo: Para Designs - Black Bloom Tattoo (MM Prize) - MM board prize - free
Bag of caramel candy: Sprinkles & Bingles - S&B Pumpkin Prize #1 - S&B Candy Bag Nom - Caramels (look for smaller pumpkins hidden in pumpkin patch; buy for $0L - free
Nails: Tres Blah - -tb- Nail Colour (Polka Dots)
Skin: Tres Blah - -tb- {Light} Jejune Adored - Dark Winged Brows
Pose: Xbordeaux @ Hate Me and Eat Me - free