Oct 19, 2010

I'll Have A Cuppa

The Tea Hunt has kicked off, meaning hunters are already swarming all over creator Mijn Seoung's adorable tea house, which is really worth a peek (lotsa scrumptious deets crammed into this build).
This one's most def gonna be blogged to death, but here's my take on some of the cute finds I scooped today (see the Styling Credits for details; nearly everything here comes from this hunt). All gifts are $1L each for the taking; you're searching for a plain dark gray box + this one's truly easy. Stay awhile, meet other hunters + enjoy a steaming mug o' tea.

Hot cuppa love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who actually prefers java to tea, every time)


Your taxi: Tea Hunt

Dress: Deviant Girls @ Tea Hunt - *dg* bunka doll dress -
Legwarmers: Tram @ Tea Hunt - tram knit leg warmers(limited color red) -
Flats: Mocha @ Tea Hunt - +mocha+ - Trad Style of Japan [Temari] -
Scarf: Atelier AM @ Tea Hunt - .+*AA*+. kimono muffler -
Headband: duboo @ Tea Hunt - duboo.cherryblossom headband [glow] -
Hair: AY.LinE @ Tea Hunt - ++AY.LinE++Darjeeling[[Charcoal2]] -
Tea bag: TokiD @ Tea Hunt - (TokiD) chai tea bag -
Umbrella: Nakamuraya @ Tea Hunt - Gee_maigasa 2_7 Hunt -
Socks: Rotten Toe - purple heart break socks
Pumpkin spoon: Le*o+o - Trick or Treat? Spoon - $1L
Skin: Tyranny - Grixdale. -- Teagan - Wheat - Autumn & Junk
Pose: marukin @ Tea Hunt - (marukin) triple tea / for TEA HUNT -