May 24, 2010

To Our Friend Kaori, The Sadist.

It's with tremendous sadness that I am sharing with you that my friend creator Kaori Masala will be leaving SL + closing her fabulous dEVOL store on May 31, 2010. -- Kaori calls herself a "sadist" (+ will giggle as she tells you that) since she loves SL + knows she will miss it, but she needs to focus more on her RL. (Boy did I throw a mighty temper tantrum when I learned all of this).
In honor of the store's closing, everything at dEVOL is now 50% off. These hot pink fishnets, tattoo, black "hoodie" shrug + jean shorts I'm wearing are all by dEVOL (I really luhs the texturing work on dEVOL's jeans + these lace-topped fishnets are the fierceness). -- I paired this look with a free motorcycle vest by Kamikaze (there's a killer Asian script detail on the back of this vest that makes it something special).

The bouncy big hair I'm wearing thruout this post is a $30L steal by Kik (there's a few $30L styles laid out that are cute!) This glam style worked so well with these looks. -- In particular I can't tell you how rawrrr-y this zebra print one-piece bathing suit is -- you just have to try it on (Gavin had many things to say about this look). A glamorous jewel attaches to the front too.
Gavin is showing the dEVOL mens jeans thruout this post (you get several versions in the pack). All of the fabby tattoos on both of us are also by dEVOL (truly, any tattoo fans really must check this store's edgy selection out).
Nuthin' like a li'l snuggling time to comfort yourself in moments of fashionista despair. This adorable back snuggle ani by Kabuki Creations did just the trick. *mwuahs Naku Nishi*
If you've yet to discover the lovely stuffs at dEVOL, now is the time to scoop everything from detailed tattoos (some of the most gorgeous "script" ones anywhere), awes jeans (for both men + women) + tons of other smexeh gear -- all at 50% off. There's also free profile picks + other group gifties too. -- And if you see Kaori, please let on that sadism is not something to be taken lightly.

A thousand *mwuahs* to our friend Kaori Masala for sharing all your beautiful things with us. You + dEVOL will be sorely missed. Le. Grrr.

Now it's time to go kick something that yet another fabby store is closing. Love + (temper tantrum) fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really hates throwing temper tantrums)


*All dEVOL items are 50% off for the store closing sale (until May 31 only)

Fishnets: dEVOL - Fishnet Leggings *Pink
Black cropped jacket: dEVOL - Hoodie Short *BK
Denim shorts: dEVOL - Jeans Short
Tattoo: dEVOL - Mahaasukha Tattoo
Vest: Kamikaze - Biker Vest Freebie (there's a few gift boxes in front for
$0L) - free
Hair: Kik - Hair-Kath (buy it on the table; more $30L styles too) -
$30L sale
Bangles: Atelier AM - *AA* snake bangle 02 - Project Themeory $75L sale
Shoes: Kookie - 50L Friday Nude Wedges -
previous $50L Fridays sale
Noirilicious- Knitted Leggings Grey - A la Noir
Skin: Laq - Julie - 05 [Peach] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Glass

Gold bra: dEVOL - Bronze Bra (part of Hoodie short *BK set)
Upper tattoo: dEVOL - Corinthians13-Love-Tattoo
Jeans: dEVOL - Jeans01 *Rollup
Pelvis tattoo: dEVOL - Sexy Gun Star Tattoo

Zebra one-piece bathing suit: dEVOL - Sexy Animal Swimwear *Zebra
Tattoo worn with zebra bathing suit: dEVOL - Hibiscus Tattoo
Gold stiletto heels:
Stiletto Moody - Bare Katharine (Gold Diamante)

Lying on back couples pose: Kabuki Creations - Stay - $60L weekends sale
Bikini top: Paradisis
- Glitter (MM board gift) - free
Jeans: dEVOL - Jeans01 *Rollup
All other couples poses: Wet Cat

on Gavin McGinnis:
Blue long-sleeved henley shirt:
Aoharu - BT_V-NeckShirt_Navy
Jeans: dEVOL - Jeans01 *Plain
Tattoo: dEVOL - Play Forever Love Men
Sneakers in 1st photo:
SoReal - Superstars black/white
Sneakers w/ shirtless look: 2Real - Pure