May 19, 2010

Twisted Twinkle

This hawt little number from Twisted & Spoiled has inspired me to do quick post. This dress Twinkle is available now as a group gift, just wear tag and it is yours for the taking. The pics I have here don't do justice to the fantastic shading on this dress, as you can see the front has a very demure halter neckline and then the back ... whoa!! all the way down to there. As if that is not enough, it comes with this really cute backlace with swinging dangle and sweet little stars.

The skin I am wearing is Doll2 from Virtual Diva. It is a new skin that is out and although not free for $300L, it is a steal for a really nice skin. They do offer a monthly gift in the shop and there is also MM there for a chance to snag other skins.

Well that is my post, short and sweet just like this dress. See you around the grid
M xxxx

Hair: W&Y HAIR New 37


Tesh said...

Marg!! Welcommme to the SLexy crew!! I so need that outfit + it looks hawt on u!! :O)))

PS. The buttie tattoo is genius hehe xoxoxoxoxo

Gavin said...

Hey Marg. Your first post is really good. I can't wait to see Tesh walking around in that dress. Ill be sure to walk behind her so I can admire the shortness of the dress. I can't wait to see more of your posts. Welcome to Slexy.

Tesh said...

G you are such a GUY *rolls eyes*

Maretch Waffle said...

Hi cupcake! (Maretch here :D) I love your bog so much! I was wondering, could you please add my new blog on your blogroll? Thanks! <3

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