May 27, 2010

The Hunt for Those Effin' Red Clogs

What do you get when you combine scrumptiously baked textures, hidden apartments + 1 fabby pair of missing red clogs? Why, a li'l SL adventure made just for us fashionistas.
Some of SL's best designers have taken up hidden "residence" in the brand new Saikin SIM (the Saikin + Boom stores are on the ground level). Several floors of half-open, mostly closed doors hide secret "apartments"; cam around to find crazy detailed builds inside, like these glowy DJ decks in this abandoned car garage.

I must've over-indulged a teeny bit prior to all this SL exploration. Luckily, a golden toilet + spinning disco ball bathroom made this private moment tres glam.
Ahhh my own grassy patch, right next to the facilities -- with a shower + bubbles! How convenient.
Since I was in a casual girlie explorer mood, I slipped on the free subscribo gift by Trashy Girls In Style. This striking floral print short set (with adorable mini-gold belt included) was just perfect for some fashionista wanderings. A free double bangles set by Sigma Jewels (you get a free pink set included too) + free lace-up driving gloves by Butterfly Effectz finished this look.
There's many gifts thruout these crazy apartments (don't miss the free skybox in one of 'em -- it's the one with the fancy paintings). I also loved the apartment by creator Chocolate Arashi of Couverture, where you can buy all the clothes hanging in the closet. Make sure to scoop this pretty plant for a mere $20L (how cute is the stenciled pot on this thing)?
Some of the rugs are tricky when you click on 'em. I was lost in headhphones land, so I didn't even notice until I got rolled up tight. Hee.
My search for those free Saikin red clogs was quickly turning into temper tantrum time when when my manshionistas came to the rescue with their superior clog radar skills (awww thanks dudes)! *mwuahs Ethan + G* Here's SLexy Fashionista model Ethan Kanahoe enjoying a bunneh moment in this toy-strewn apartment (this bed had a really cute animation in it).
Finally, the elusive free cherry red clogs! Check the Styling Credits for the best hint I can give ya. -- Fair warning: they're a li'l bitch to find. But: the exploration here really is exquisite, plus these clogs are so totes worth it. I mean just check out the wooden wedge heel! Yummies.
Once again I gotta nod to my girl Val Southard for the awes tip-off for these clogs. *mwuahs Val* Explorer love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who lurves fashionista exploring but really sucks at hunts)


Shorts + top: Trashy Girls In Style - TGIS - Jumper - group gift - subscribo gift - free
Bangles: Sigma Jewels - Bangles in wood colors (avacado-sea) - Fashion Freaks Hunt gift (buy pink candy for $0L) -
Hair: Truth - Marcelle - copper
Socks: Noju - Laceup Socks Set A - Laceup socks (smoky blue)
Gloves: Butterfly Effectz - BE Florish Gloves - What's New SL group gift -
Headphones: DJ HeadPhones (Chin) MX900 -
previously free
Skin: Laq - Julie - 10 [Peach] Glow skin
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar eyes - Water
Tattoo: dEVOL - Hibiscus Tattoo -
50% store closing sale (until May 31, 2010 only)
Shoes: Saikin - clog sabot sandal REST red - Saikin SIM opening gift (*NOTE: these are not the easiest find and I can't give you a LM for the exact spot. The best hint I can give you is: look for a sunlit double door w/ mailbox slots next to it. Walk AWAY from the door, around the corner + you will see some grates in the floor underneath some stairs. Fall down thru the grates to a hidden room, with a fireplace + the clogs next to it. You'll just have to explore!) -
Potted plant: Couverture @ Saikin - Flower in my Garden plant >red - Saikin SIM opening gift -
Skybox: Lucky #7 - Lost Petals Gift - Saikin SIM opening gift -