May 17, 2010

Alafolie + Oceane + D!va

I was at Alafolie today and wanted to show you a few things.. there is something for every budget...

First, the lucky chair item (ROSA dress)

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 4

And a 50L promotion. The ELOYSE dress even comes with the jewlery.. worth the 50L !! It's very femme :)

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 5

But the piece de resistance... perfect for this time of year... The LAURA gown that comes in short or long version. Presently 50% off !!!! This special price is only until midnight tonight. Both versions include the shoes, the hair bandau and jewlery. Therefore, at 250L/ea you don't have to worry about finding things to match !!

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 3

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 1

Alafolie + Oceane + Diva 2

Alafolie 50% promotions usualy last a few days.. I would have brought you this one sooner had I not been stuck in RL.

Hair : previous group gift from D!va
Skin : Oceane's boutique Shye not free

Visit both D!va and Oceane's they are quite generous with their gifts ! Show them some love.

Cat xx


Tesh said...

Catherine!! Welcome to SLexy + these pictures are simply gorgeous!!

That lucky chair dress is SUCH a find. Lov/need/must have all of these . . . and that last pic of you + the goats is so cute too!!

xoxoxoxoxxo *mwuahs*

Gavin said...

Hey Catherine Welcome to Slexy. Your first post is amazing and your pictures are so beautiful. I can't wait to see more of your posts. I would run out and get those dresses too but I don't look too good in a dress. I cant wait to see Tesh in all of your great finds.

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