May 17, 2010

Lost In Music

Libber's is giving away one of the. coolest. guitars. ever. for free right now in its lucky boards. This animated instrument is loaded with hip-swayin', head bangin', body strummin' movement (there's even a high kick in there!) You get several "musical" ways to move with the guitar based on music genre (rock, pop, punk, etc.); 2 different additional dances; a flying ao (so you can fly with the guitar) + even a guitar sleeping animation included too. All free!
This fabby guitar gift was such a 'natch with the new free subscribo gift by Paradisis, featuring a gold-emblazoned guitar on a simple black T-shirt that totally fit the musique theme. Free glowy "Lite Brite" raver bracelets + the newest free "floral butterflies" tattoo addition to the Kanival lucky dance platform came together to fit my lost in music mood.
Did you know that eating puffy Cheetos supposedly improves your guitar fingers technique? Something about the orange bits sticking to your fingers. -- Amazing what you can learn from magazines!
A li'l music in the morning while I'm sprinting to the subway is tres necessary in this NYCer's life. Music love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who would be sad + lost without music)

Black T-shirt + purple skirt: Paradisis - May Group Gift - Simple Days - subscribo gift - free
Bracelets: Adore & Abhor - A&A Lite Brite Raver Bracelets - free or $1L
Tattoo: Kanival - 80. Floral Butterfly (colorful) - lucky dance prize - free (new!)
Socks: Naive - Double Socks Pink
Shoes: Kookie - Powder Puff - bordeaux - former $50L Fridays sale
Hair: Shag - Somewhere Across Forver - copper
Skin: Laq - Julie - 01 [Peach] Glow skin (new!)
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Clover
Magazine w/ standing reading pose: Libber's - Libber's Magazine stand 01 - buy magazine on concrete for
$0L (near outdoor tree; cute free AFK toilet here too) - free
Guitar: Libber's @ Seed - Jamming Guitar Red (comes with various "rock out" + dance animations!) - lucky board prize -
Headphones: Noir Lolita (I think this store closed) - Dr. Dre edition headset - previously free