Dec 28, 2009

Drowsy Winter Secrets

This post-Christmas time has been one of the funnest ever what with the Creators Stamp Rally, Designers United III, oodles of gifts + sales going on.

I took a break from all the fashionz craziness to pop into one of my favorite spots in SL, Drowsy, which always has lovely hidden secrets tucked around every corner. I happened upon some unexpected gifts here, like this cute "Winter" skin for $1L that comes complete with striped long johns, long gloves + button-down tank top attached (!) The face on it is very youthful + girlish; check out the red-nosed effect + glossy red lips action too. Kyooot.
Here's a close-up of the face on this adorable skin. Clearly, I've caught meself a li'l case of le sniffles.
Drowsy is a seasonally-changing build + I found other fun-ness here, like these tri-color long-sleeved jerseys. Several colors were just hanging around casually on a tree, ready to be plucked for $1L each.
I'm a total sucker for cute low-prim housewares, and I found these free pretty glass bottles, which will look tres pretty on Gavin + I's whitewashed window ledge. These are great for prim hogs like moi since they'll cost ya a mere 1 prim each.
I also found this adorable Christmas "bird" tree at BP and this trailing rotating lamp, with pretty yellow stars hanging off the edges. All for free or $1L.
There's even these yummehs hot red bean buns with hot steam wafting off of them that you can nab for free. Which incidentally, happen to be one of my fave sweet treats in the whole entire (RL) world.
While I was exploring, one of my favie minidresses by The Plastik, the "Shredder," came to me in this gorges "Snow" silver color version, which features tiny little multi-color snowflakes strewn all over this so-short design with the "shredded" torso center area. This was a review copy but I believe that The Plastik has their $1L December giftie fatpack still out in the front of the store. Thank you Aikea Rieko!
I paired this dress with the free sculpted booties gift by Courtisane, which are some of the funkiest boots I've seen all year. These have such luscious textures in the various sections, and I luhs how crazy the toe area is, with all the separate toe indentations. This is such a unique look + tres fun for us fashionistas who always want something a li'l different.
Gavin + I decided to try our hand at the Creators Stamp Rally (where we ran into some cool people like our new friend, fellow blogger Takeshi Ugajin). Although Gavin + I didn't quite make it any farther than the COCO store, we did discover this gorges sea plane suspended above the COCO SIM. (It was hovering above a mini snowman army, which kinda sorta gave us the giggles). This seaplane made for a perfect chillax spot.
These pics show the sit from the free female AO from the bundle of gifts at Le.Look! (this AO is the final gift, which I believe is still available until 12/31, so you still have time to grab it). It's so so kyoot. I have paid a lot of $L for AOs of all the top brands in SL + I have to say that I'm enjoying this supaflirty one so much that I haven't taken it off in days.

Here I'm wearing one of the other must-have gifties that I think have been some of the coolest scoops all year: this free black down cropped jacket by Gabriel (this was from the Beauty Avatar Couture hunt; this same jacket was/is available in a shiny silver color at the Mimi's Choice lucky board). A red longer version was available as a gift earlier this year, but the black cropped version is simply the smex. There's pretty silver buckles + pins detailing on it too, and a cool fur-trimmed hood. Plus isn't it way fun when you find something in SL that you already own in RL? Hee.
Now would also be a good time to mention how much I've been enjoying the new Belleza skin group gift. Check out the simply awes face on this skin: to me, this face gives such a mischievous blend of the sultry + the gamine. Full (but not overly full) lips give le pout + look tres sexy with such a petite nose. The group join fee is $250L but as always, so so worth it. *mwuahs* Tricky Boucher!
The jewelry I've been wearing thruout this post is from one of my fave SL jewelry designers, Donna Flora, who has some amazing gifties out right now, like the Bice Ring previously blogged here + this amethyst-encrusted floral "Camelia" choker that is simply stunning. Creator Squinternet Larnia is one of the most prolific + generous gifters on the grid, and her holiday gift comes not only with a complete necklace + earring set, but also includes a complete outfit featuring pretty gold-bead trimmed red mules and a holiday dress.
A note for all those detail freaks like moi: check out this crazy back of this necklace. 1 side is princess-cut amethysts + the other is pearls (!) This ridic level of unique detail is just one of the reasons why/me so totes hearts Donna Flora. (There's also another free modern, silver squares-motif necklace + earrings set gift in the subscribo that Captain Bacon Pizza (aka Sileny) blogged about here).
A big shout-out to all the designers who have truly made this year (and especially these SL holidays) one of the funnest ever with all of their awes + truly generous gifts.

I also wanted to give a very special thanks to all our SLexy Fashionista friends for reading + supporting this li'l blog. It's so much fun putting together these stories + looks for you all + we are always tres overwhelmed by your kind words + support. We really appreciate all the love!

Here's to even better style + much joy in 2010. Warmest love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who has already spent way too much $ on post-Christmas sale$ to really save anything)

Updo hair: Hair OH - Oh my Holiday - BL - $100L
Jacket: Gabriel @ Beauty Avatar Couture - GB::Down Jacket_black_F (Christmas Hunt 09; look for green ornament on tree + buy for $0L) - free
Shoes: Courtisane - La Vivien Xmas -
Bikini top: Nyokos Wears - Nyokos' Kini Latex Black
Bikini bottom: Cherry Girl - CGirl*H* Bikini Gold Print - bottom
Suspender Pants: PARADIS - Superstar2 Pants - black -
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar - Water (Large Iris) - $30L
Lashes: Mstyle - Mstyle Lashes - Elf
Necklace + earrings: Donna Flora - NATASHA + jewels + shoes - CAMELIA noel earrings + necklace -
Skin: Belleza - Alyson Tan group gift -
free ($250L group join fee)
Bangs midlength hair:
Hair OH - Oh my friend - $100L
Brown jersey: Drowsy - Drowsy 3colortee/brown2 -
Dress: The Plastik - Shredder-Snow -
Black jersey: Drowsy - Drowsy 3colortee/black -
Leggings: The Plastik - Leggings Full-P-Plaid -
Bottles: BP - Drowsy Bottles 1-8 - free
Star light: BP - Star Light - free
Christmas tree - BP - Bird Tree -
Red-nosed skin:
BP - BP*winter skin/***underwear***/2009-12 - $1L
AO: Sweet Lovely cute @ Le.Look! - Le.Look! la femme AO - free

Poses by: Long Awkward Pose and D!va


Michelle Carrera said...

Hi Hun luuuuuuve these finds, please keep it up!!!!!When's the next list too.......

Anonymous said...

As my personal rule, I never pay $L to join groups but your Belleza skin pix are making me re-think this strategy. TYVM and always enjoy reading this blog.


Gavin said...

Tesh you have done another great post. SL is lucky to have you and your sense of fashion.
Thank you

Tesh said...

Awwww everyone . . . /me hearts you all!!

G, you are WAY too kind . . . thank YOU for all your encouragement to start this li'l bloggie ;o) + for always being my fashionista guinea piglet :O)


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