Dec 18, 2009

A Beary Rock Country (Semi) Escape from the Holidays

O ye Red + Green Holidays Bonanza. Ye are so festive with ye's ribbons + bows + Santa hats + ornaments + stockings + sometimes I just need a li'l freaking break already from ye.
This adorable $1L patchwork dress from Ray Skin was just the thing to hop off the holiday bandwagon for a quick sec. Check out the oh-so-pretty detail here: this thickly-draped, black-and-white plaid head scarf comes complete with tiny little gold and pastel bows (!), matching mittens, leather belt + a black denim shorts layer (that's further decorated with rhinestones).
This outfit also comes with its own "mouse ears" hoodie (attached to pretty lavendar colored hair), but I thought the hairstyles for sale were even cuter (+ they'll only set you back a reasonable $100L). There's also a nice flexi movement to these hairs that's so appreciated (+ you won't feel like these longer styles are "cutting" into your avi). See how the little feathery parts drape + fall over your avi in this luxuriously waist-long length? So fluttery + uber-feminine.
I paired this look with the free COCO boots that are old news on the feeds by now but still totally one of the coolest boots gifts this year. These ankle booties come with slouchy wrinkles + angled top cuffs, plus your choice of 3 different colors. My fave is this brown leather version, which are topped off by this luxe touch of leopard fur.
Ray Skin also has a few lucky boards out + more $1L gifties to be found if you click around. Make sure to check out the fantastic build surrounding this store too: there's a water pool outside + a carnival rides section further away from the store. The SIM is such an awes backdrop for photogs to know about!

I dunno whether it was the skirt fringe or these large plaid textures, but something about this look just totally gave the whole rock country vibe.

Garden of Dreams
currently has a rock canyon "dream scene" free skybox gift which is very unique. The scenery is somewhat unusual: instead of something photo-realistic, the landscaping has a starkly graphic, almost cartoonish feel. Once inside, you're surrounded by dramatically steep canyon "step" walls (and little snow drifts on the "steps"). A log-strewn central campfire features some built-in poses (including cuddle ones) + there's also smaller fires scattered around. This thing is just cool and makes such a fantastic backdrop for photos (used thruout here).

2 of my favorite guys on the grid, Gavin McGinnis + Ethan Kanahoe, came by while I was shooting + graciously let me play dress-up doll with them. Ken1 + Ken2 + Barbie = fun fashion times. See how I put them both in the same outfit, just with different color ties? *giggles*
The boys are modeling the free white French cuffs shirt + tie group gift from Gabriel, which comes with 2 different colors of ties. Both are also wearing the free ripped jeans from MIASNOW's Down the Chimney Hunt gift in black.
I am not so much a fan of men's skinny ties in RL, but this Gabriel shirt really gets this look right. I particularly love the way this formal, button-down white collar shirt + tie plays off of Gavin's mussy mini-ponytail hair. The formal + informal style contrast really ramps up the smexeh factor for this look. (Awww G, you are so cute in this!) Hee.

Ethan is modeling the previous Belleza group skin gift "Ewan" (doesn't it look fabby on him)? There's a stern-yet-intelligent expression in this skin that is one of the many reasons why Tricky Boucher's skin line remains one of the go-tos for men's skins. This skin also works particularly well with Ethan's shape. (Insider note: a little birdie told me that Belleza is about to release a new skin gift for both men + women, so now would be a great time to consider plunking down the $250L group join fee).
Gavin + I had just picked up the free couples pose gift from Diesel Works, so we did a li'l test run here. Isn't it cute? I know this is supposed to be a romantic pose + all (and maybe it's the mittens) but see how I totally could be testing the temperature of his head instead?
Speaking of mittens, these mouth mittens are a free group gift from Mother Goose's. Not sure how functional they are (since mouth does not equal hands, at least on my avi) but they are sure Le Kyoot.
After scooping these great free white men's shirts (which look tres cool on us ladies too btw), Gavin + I headed back to the Gabriel store, which in addition to cool-ass down vests + jackets, is also known for . . . its teddy bears. Yes, teddy bears! The store is currently offering these superfun giant teddy bears (with multiple poses baked in) via its group member lucky board. It's way fun to snuggle into these adorable oversized teddys. See how this giant furry bear paw made a super comfy chillax spot?
This was Gavin sharing a particularly tender moment with his bear.
Actually Gavin couldn't get quite enough of his bear. He stayed on that thing forevs. I think he wanted to marry it. Hard.
Gavin ended up winning 2 of these giant brown teddys, but we weren't quite done yet with our teddy bonanza, so we grabbed this ridic cute bear scarf that's free from Heureux. I really LOL'ed when I saw this thing. I mean how perky is this li'l guy, tucked into his own tiny tie pocket? With his own li'l moo-cow cowboy hat that's angled just-so.
This tiny teddy totally fit into our rock country theme, so Gavin named him: Beef Salad. (It was one of those foodie-stream-of-consciousness things). Btw if you head to the Heureux store, there's another free oversized teddy bear gift there (with a cute pose included), plus group camping for an previously-released women's tattoo, additional gifts + 3 lucky boards (with even more teddy stuffs). A beary good score!

Gavin thought he could really bear down after getting all of this teddy stuff. (As you can imagine, this was all tres embarassing for moi in front of my esteemed Cookie Bear friends). I tried to hide a little here.
I guess all these teddys were kinda Chrismas-y, so we didn't escape the holiday theme entirely. *shrugs + snuggles with furry bears*

Now it's back to my holiday madness, which I can't escape in RL at least. Beary love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(whose fave RL teddy bear is the most worn one of all)


on Tesh:
Dress: Ray Skin - Villages Maxi Jayro - lucky board gift - $1L
Boots: COCO FlatAnkleBoots (Brown) - free
Socks: Honey Kitty - H_K X'mas!2009-socks02 - in-store hunt -
Hair: Ray Skin - Air 02 platinum
Mouth mitten: Mother Goose's (mouth)-mitten - group gift (join group; in Notices) -
Earrings: U&R Dogs - Meringue Pierced Earrings Gold
Skin: Curio - :GP: Petal [Dark] Elf-Soot1 and Soot2
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Gun thigh strap tattoo: I Heart Rien - "Power Doll" - lucky board gift - previously free

on Ethan Kanahoe:
Shirt w/ tie: Gabriel - ::GB::shirt with tai_Snow + ::GB::shirt Collar with tai_Snow Gray - group gift - free
Ripped jeans: MIASNOW - JEANS Ripped ~black (unisex) - Down the Chimney Hunt gift - free
Skin: Belleza - Belleza Ewan V2 medium tan - group gift ($250L group join fee) - free
Hair: MADesigns - Hair - Cruz - Espresso Make Him Over Hunt 2 -
previously free
Eyes: MADesigns - Autumn gold - cold
Boots: WMD @ Vista Animations - ROT test boots

on Gavin McGinnis:
Shirt w/ tie: Gabriel - ::GB::shirt with tai_Snow + ::GB::shirt Collar with tai_SnowBlack - group gift - free
Jeans: Miasnow - black - free
Ripped jeans: MIASNOW - JEANS Ripped ~black (unisex) - Down the Chimney Hunt gift - free
Bear scarf: Heureux - Dec-Gift (Unisex) - group gift (join group for $0L; in Notices) - free
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded) - previously free
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria II (Dark)
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) Large Iris - $30L
Sneakers: SoReal - Superstars black/white

Rock canyon skybox: Garden of Dreams - The Page 24 - free
Couples pose gift: Diesel Works - Hold Me Close - free

Tesh's poses by: Izumiya - (free) and Kuri Style
Gavin + Ethan's poses by: Long Awkward Pose


Katie said...

Hiyas very nice blogg.I like these cute things very much! Big bear is very nice at GABRIELS too

Anonymous said...

Hello Teshan, great looks here, where is blue dress from in last piccy please?


Yuki said...

Hi, I could not find red socks at Honey Kitty for last post. Can you help, please.

Great looks in this fashion blog. Thank you for the saturday shopping list, I think, has some nicer things, better than most blogs. ^^

Tesh said...

Hi ladies! Thanks so much for the kind words!! :O)

Samantha - the blue dress is from Blaze. I'm blogging further details on it in the next post, but if you join the group for $0L, you should find it in the Notices tab. :O)

Yuki - the socks are part of a free in-store hunt at Honey Kitty. Join the group for $0L + search for little yellow stars hidden all over the store (hint: quite a few appear to be on the top floor or stairways area). Good luck!!


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