Dec 10, 2009

You Get Kimono + Jumper + Chandeliers; I Get Cookie Bear (i.e., Long One for the Frugalistas, Part II)

With so many awes free clothing + yummy food treats + home gifts right now, you might feel like it's an ongoing uphill race to keep up with all the goodies. *wipes brow* The awes generosity of so many designers has turned the grid into anti-Scrooge fun times (i.e., every frugalista's wet dream come true). Here are some recent finds that I wouldn't want anyone to miss.

First the clothes.
This smexeh "kimono" minidress by Sassy Kitty Designs is a free gift for the Peace on Earth hunt. It's worth noting that this minidress is only "kimono" in concept (and/or silky texture) since there's really nothing demure about it.
What I luh about this design is the visual trick it plays on you: this thing is actually quite a scandalous number, but two majorly elegant details make you almost forget about how naughty it truly is. These long, drapey sleeves add a formal touch to this suuupershort skirt; and the thick, gold-striped neckline adds a classic feel to the otherwise daringly deep V-neck bodice. There's also a darker waist ribbon that cinches around the waist, giving an added hourglass shape. All of these details turn this seemingly simple design into the fierceness.
The gold-and-black hues of this dress were a 'natch with the gorgi gems-studded bronze metal necklace) by Kunstkammer, a free Down the Chimney hunt gift. The pretty black ribbon ties on either side totally give this dramatically wide pendant a casual, funky flair.
For a superluxe touch (especially if you get cold easily like moi), you could also add this gorges golden fur stole by Prim & Pixel Paradise (part of their free profile picks rewards gift). Knee-high gold pump-boots by SLink finished this look (scroll down to the Styling Details for a close-up view of these fabby boots, which I scooped from a previous $50L Fridays sale).
The geisha-like makeup "Cozy2" makeup from the Curio "Winter 2" skin line was particularly fun to wear with this minidress. Zero Style's super-flexi "Camille" hair added a sexy length + nice thick bangs to this look.
I've been a longtime fan of the Twisted & Spoiled store and their new free group gift is this playful, sexy, super-short jumper minidress. These striped arm and leg warmers totally give a playful candy cane feel, but I like that the red stripes are a luscious dark burgundy red (so that the candy cane association isn't necessarily immediate). Despite the shortie-ness of this jumper minidress, it's hard not to feel Winter-ready.
Somehow I think the semi-naughty placement of these nipplelicious jumper buttons isn't entirely an accident from this smexeh store. LOL.

Free dark red-and-white furry earmuffs from MPD's MM board nicely tied this look together.
As always with the Twisted & Spoiled gifts, this outfit comes complete with jewelry (a bracelet + necklace of the candy bead variety) as well as this awes candy cane garter belt -- tres handy for when your holiday sweet tooth demands instant attention. Comes with different varieties of candy cane too.

The new strappy "Orchid" stitched leather sandals by Kalnins echoed the stripey motif in this look. The leather texturing on these sandals is so pretty, and I really like how the colors are not overly shiny or saturated.

The multiple rows of stitching detail running thruout these leather loops really give these sandals that funky li'l something extra. These babies will be tickling my feets often.

I recently visited the Triad Town Secret Chocolate Factory + scooped some lovely free bowls of melted chocolate by Izumiya. A quick trip to the Izumiya main store revealed an entire upper floor for free, including this cute red cat cushion + zippered kitty-topped travel bag. There were also clothes, leather gloves + tons of male and female poses -- all free!
As per usual, all of this holiday shopping gave me the munchies. Luckily I had this free holiday cookie (with nom nom ani) courtesy of one of my fave animations stores, vMotional (there's also a mini-hunt going on at their store right now, for anyone who wants to scoop some free sexy poses). This cookie was yummehs. I can never ever resist anything with sprinkles.
Speaking of the munchies, this ginormous milkshake + cupcake "yard" by Otaku Designs & Lazy Places is one of the way funnest hunt gifts I've seen yet. This thing is like your own personal sweet treats playground.
Giant milkshakes + cupcakes + cherries -- with poses! See how I am overwhelmed I am here with pure sweet treats joy.
Prim hogs like moi who don't have an extra 30+ prims at their home (and alas, can't leave this awes thing lying around) can rez these adorable cupcakes separately instead, which are only 1 prim each. They each have a fun pose baked in, so they're basically like individual cupcake chairs. -- Here I am demonstrating my upside-down cookie munching technique. (I've perfected it after years. There oughta be a medal).
My li'l teddy bear shoulder pet was way impressed with this sweets playground (see him on my shoulder)? He was a free Advent gift from Sway's + his buttie tail was so cute. I noticed that he blinked excitedly whenever he was really enjoying himself. His sewn pants tag clearly labeled his name as "Cookie Bear,"so I named him: Cookie Bear. Hee.
If you really wanted to go all out with the candy cane thing, these free antlers from Callie Cline would be just the thing. The shiny red nub o' candy at each end is tres lickworthy. (Doesn't Cookie Bear totally look like he's smiling here? He really liked me wearing these).
I recently scooped this amazing hairpiece + earrings set from !SyDS! which is just bursting with tiny little facets. See how these trailing "snowflakes" look like miniature fans? This intricate glass beadwork is rendered with such eye-popping detail, and these pieces give off a subtle shine that is really lovely.
If you prefer a smaller, slightly spikier snowflake accent, you could opt for this free "Snowflakes on the Face" gift by *NUTS* instead (join the I<3 style="font-style: italic;"> $0L + check in the Notices).Now for the home stuffs.

Gavin recently found us an amazing new home, so I've been on the lookout for cool housewares. I nearly died when I saw these free chandeliers by null, which are easily some of the prettiest I've seen anywhere.
These chandeliers sparkle, revolve + have shine on/off options too. They are so spectacular that you might scratch your head + wonder how the heck they are free. (It's best not to question it too much. Just grab).

Sometimes we fashionistas need a li'l mental pick-me-up, especially as we're getting dressed. (All those outfit choices + changes can make sorting thru your inventory worse than the bureaucracy at the Pentagon). This clever "WOW! You are so cool!!" mirror/self-empowerment tool comes courtesy of the Lectar*KE store + can be yours for a mere $10L. (This place is chock-full of other nearly free home goodies, many of which just might give you a chuckle or two. You can also grab pose fatpacks for $5L too). This mirror tho' is practically a fashionista must-have. Self affirmation, dude. It's a beautiful thing.
One of my fave holiday gifts for the home so far are these shiny, half-broken red Christmas ball ornaments by SMERSH, free for their Down the Chimney Hunt gift. These are copyable + only 5 prims each. Isn't the broken one is just so forlorn? You see it + just wanna sigh. It's too precious.
Those trying to save on prim count but still wanting cute stuffs (isn't that always the perennial dilemna?) need to know about these pretty holiday trees, which offer something a li'l different than the usual run-of-the-mill ones you'll find around the grid. These quirky beauties will set you back a whopping $1L each. The graphic white ones from !SyDS! were such a cool find; they're only 2 and 3 prims each. The retro silver aluminum one on the right comes from La Flat + comes with colorful polka-dotted ornaments + 3 gifts underneath it. (This one is slightly more prims, at 11 prim count).
The newest addition to my home is this fabby peacock double-feather vase that you can win for free in the chanimations lucky letter gift boxes (look under the Christmas tree on the main stage area for these). This dark bronze-colored vase is such an opulent touch for these byootiful feather plumes.
Finally, one of my fave $1L furniture gifts ever: these oh-so-cute wooden chairs by Burned Rice/Runo Runo. The poses in these things are ridic cute (check out my crazy back bend on the right -- I never knew I was so flexible!) Best of all, this generous gift comes complete with several different versions of this chair, each sporting different shadow effects (such a thoughtful detail!) See how my good friend Dorothy Button is demonstrating how tragic it can be when you miss out on the freebies. Waaaah.
That's the latest from this frugalista's roundup. *mops brow again* Whew. Now I do believe it's time for me + Cookie Bear to get in some quality time with those holiday sprinkles cookies. (Actually just me. Cookie Bear can get his own).

Holiday love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who loves sprinkles cookies almost as much as freebies shopping -- which is really saying something)


Dress: Sassy Kitty Designs - Sassy Kimono Black (another color also included) - Peace on Earth hunt gift # 085 - free
Long sideways gold pendant necklace: Kunstkammer - Glamazon Necklace - Down the Chimney Hunt gift - free
Boots: SLink: Sydney Gold Edition Overknee Boot - previous $50L Fridays sale
Hair: Zero Style - Camille - Dark Chocolate
Skin: Curio - GP: Sundust [Dark] Winter-Cozy2
Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit (Golden Rod)(Lg)(V) - previous group gift - free ($250L to join group)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

White jumper minidress: Twisted & Spoiled - I Want Candy for Christmas - group gift - free
Candy cane earrings: Moon Dance Designs - Candy Cane Set - last previous $60L Sundays sale
Earmuffs: Multiple Personality Designs - Push Over Ear Muff - MM board gift - free
Necklace: Atelier AM - AA Feather & Bullets black (S)
Blinking shoulder bear: Sway's - Cookie Bear - Christmas Gift (day 7 Advent gift) - free
Vanity bag: Izumiya - Vanity Bag [[Black]] - free
Cat cushion:
Izumiya - Cat Holding Cat Cushion (red or blue) - free
Shoes: Kalnins - Orchid red (color change)
Skin: Curio - GP: Sundust [Light] Winter-Cashmere 2
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Water (Large Iris) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Cookie mouth treat: vMotional - Holiday Cookie gift - subscribo gift - free
Giant cupcake + milkshake land - Lazy Places - Otaku Designs & Lazy Places Kawaii Milkshake Yard - Chimney Hunt #050 - free
Horns: Callie Cline - Happy Head Candy Canes - free
Snowflake hair accessory + earrings: !SyDS! - Brilliant Snowy Flower Headdress + pierce - profile picks gift - free
Snowflake for face: *NUT* Snowflakes On My Face - join the I <3 style="font-style: italic;">$0L; look in Notices - free

Chandeliers: null @ deVOL - null chandelier 2009 (large + small styles included) -
"Wow! You are so cool!" mirror: Lectar*Ke - kE-Tai - $10L
Broken + whole red ornaments: SMERSH - Broken Ornament on String + Red Ornament on String - Down the Chimney Hunt #34 - free
White graphic trees: !SyDS! - White Tree C; White Tree B - $1L each
Aluminum tree (with gifts + colored ornaments): La Flat - The Kentra Retro Aluminum Christmas Tree - $1L
Double feather
peacock vase: chanimations - suprisePrize! - peacock vase special edition - free
Straight-backed wooden chairs: Burned Rice/Runo Runo - BR Summer Noodle Chair - $1L

Poses by:
Glitterati + vMotional


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