Dec 6, 2009

Miss Frosty

Winter White is one of my fave reasons to break out the white fur + other snuggly wuggliness. Which is why I just died when I saw this drop-dead gorgi white fur collar + minidress free from B&T, scooped by my lovely gf Holli Thespian. (You da best Holls! Mwuah!) This thing totally fit my "Miss Frosty" mood.
This poofy, dramatic fur collar didn't really need any extra accessories, so of course I just had to add some. *giggles* Just to do the whole white fur thing properly, I added the furry wrist cuffs from the current Girls Style free giftie for that li'l extra Miss Frostyness. Free white lace leggings from Daydream ramped up the cute for this look (check out the Styling Details below for a better view of the leggings).
One of my favie jewelry gifts at the mo' are these free "across the hand" rings by U&R Dogs. This meticulous level of detail is like a fashion tickle for the hands: see how these teeny tiny gem beads are "woven" around each finger? Yet there's something so gangsta about the way these fairy-delicate rings drape long + across the entire hand. This stylistic contast is just Deeply. Brill.
Free Christmas booties from Sentou Yousei topped off this look. Luh the white slouchy ankle parts and tiny golden snowflake accents.
I also wanted to show you 2 accessories alternatives in case you felt like dialing down the white fur factor for this Winter white look. Instead of the poofy fur collar, decorate your neckline with this stunning free "swirly globe" necklace from CCD. This round charm actually swirls and glows, adding an eye-poppingly dramatic touch to the neck. (I particularly like how realistically this jewelry store does their metalwork, even when its for a piece as fanciful like this).
Also, in lieu of the white fur wrist cuffs, you could add a touch of color to your wrists instead with these free jingle bells bangles by Apple May Designs. Love the way the red bows drape down towards the hands.

All this posing in the chilly air made me tres hongry for a li'l treat. When you're Miss Frosty, what better than a yummeh free snowflake to hold daintily in your mouth? Tast-eee.
Gavin and I were in a holiday kinda mood, so we hit the Mr. Scrooge store, a holiday store where everything is free. You can go nuts here for all festive fun stuffs (inventory, shminventory). Here's just a few of the things we scooped: this snow angels animation was way fun, and this pretty snow globe came with a cute rotating snowpeople couple inside. There was also reindeer, this snowman family snow scene + my favie, a mysterious "Festivus Pole" (not shown here 'cuz it kept vanishing off this SIM for some reason).
There were surrounding frozen ponds nearby, so I slipped on these free super girlie ice skates, which totally went with my Winter white. These come with the option of "animations off" + a pretty little secret: they leave a trail of small white stars wherever you go! *faints, dies*
See how Gavin "Danger Is My Middle Name" McGinnis + I totally scoff at danger.
What do you do when you feel like a snack, but just wanna snuggle with your food? Why, take a nappie-poo next to your own gingerbread man rug, o' course! This hunky (not tall), dark + handsome man-treat was a freebie from Prim & Pixel Paradise + is one of many to be found there (including a cute low-prim Christmas jukebox that plays holiday music from various radio stations, also for free).
My friend Nikita Weymann of Grimalkin Workshop passed me this lovely wooden writing desk as her lovely gift in the Candy Cane hunt. These little cookies + steaming mug of coffee will so help me get thru my Xmas cards easy this year. I love the little banker's light on top too. This Xmas cards thing is serious bizness.
Speaking of which, I just had to hop on Santa's lap to ask for some fashionista goodies.

"Hi Santy Claus. Miss Frosty has been tres good this year."
"Santy Claus? Who in hell is Santy Claus?"
And now I really must get going on all my RL holiday biznatches! *painfully hauls self away from computer* Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who can never remember all of the words to "Frosty the Snowman")


Dress: B&T - Frostbitten Hunt Snowflake Gift #077 - free
Fur wrist cuffs:
Girls Style - from GS*Group Gift *Holly Night pk - free
Rings: U&R Dogs - Novellette Ring Jingle - Peace on Earth hunt gift - free
Leggings: Daydream/Last Eden - Lace Leggings 1 (white) - free
Christmas booties: Sentou Yousei - *BF* Christmas Boots - lucky gift - free
Glowy globe pendant necklace: CCD - Christmas Gift - Peace on Earth hunt gift #126 - free
Girlie ice skates: Fierce Designs - Ice Skates (Animated) - Candy Cane hunt gift #32 - free
Red ribbon jingle bell bangles: AMD - Holiday Bangles - profile picks rewards gift - free
Snowflake mouth treat: Whonose - Snowflake Gift - subscribo gift - free
Skin: Curio - GP: Sundust [Light] Winter-Pure 4
Hair: - Rashelle - Cynical Black - $75L sale
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Large Iris - Water - $30L
Lashes: WWI - Snowflakes on my Lashes - Peace on Earth hunt gift - free
Gingerbread man rug: Prim & Pixel Paradise - Gingerbread Snuggler (Advent gift) - free
Writing desk: Grimalkin Workshop - Wearable Writing Desk + Swank Pen - Candy Cane hunt gift - free

Spanking pose: Kabuki - I'll Be Good For Christmas - free
All other poses by: Glitterati + S.Loves

On Gavin McGinnis:

Red down jacket: Gabriel - ::GB::Down Jacket_MENS - lucky board gift @ Mimi's Choice - free

Jeans: Alphamale - Industrial Jeans - Black
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded) - previously free
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) Large Iris - $30L
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria II (Dark)
Shoes: SoReal - Superstars black/white


Anonymous said...

Really love all the cute finds here

Gavin said...

You look amazing as Miss Frosty but must have been naughty to get a spanking like that.

Nothing scares Gavin "Danger" McGinnis. Well maybe your high heels. They can be a dangerous weapon. So I'll be careful after that spanking. LOL

Nikita Weymann said...

Glad you are enjoying the wearable desk. Thanks for helping to get the word out!

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