Dec 20, 2009

Lookbook: Gem Colored Beauties

The super-rich hues of 3 recent party dress free or $1L gifts reminded this RL jewelry designer (moi) of 3 vibrant gem tones: blue sapphire, green peridot + red ruby. I was so in luhs with these frocks that I was inspired to put together a photo "lookbook" showing these 3 gem-tastic looks.

This first free deep azure blue dress has an unbelievably lustrous color. Certain head-smackingly good tiny details make /me love the Blaze folks forever, like these super-fluttery chiffon parts, which have tremendous movement. The result: a gentle yet totally eye-riveting side-to-side swish situation when you walk.
My absolute favie thing about this design are these narrow slits running up the torso sides. It's clear that this shortie look is ideal for showing a bit o' leg (okay, maybe the whole leg) -- but there's something about the way these fluttery chiffon parts hide (and then reveal) these narrow patches of exposed skin that is simply the smex.
This same hide-and-peek fluttery chiffon effect also turns this so short skirt length into something coquettish, giving you a peek-a-boo-buttie effect. Everything works together like magic on this dress.
Interestingly, I'm usually not a die-hard fan of the babydoll style (I prefer to show off my waistline, Lord knows I do enough sit-ups for it), but this one is most def one of my hands-down faves of the year. The fact that it's free is just icing on top. *fashionista kisses to Blaze*
On the face front, the dramatic combo of these super-smoky eyes + this drop-dead gorges new Maitreya fedora hat hair (free at Le.Look!) totally channels that certain it's-my-world-you're-just-living-in-it vibe. Don't worry, there's only le good fashion permitted in that particular world. Hee.
If emerald is the big-name star of the green gems family, green peridot would be its shy, lesser-known sibling.
The dark apple green color of this dress by Sun Made Fashions totally made me think of the soft green hues of green peridot. This thing is one of the best $1L weekly finds. This color is really pretty, but it's the soft, velvety texturing here that turns this simple dress into an exceptionally pretty one. The deep plunge neckline + naughty belly button keyhole ramps up the smexeh factor too.

I paired this look with one of my favorite $1L earrings gifts by Donna Flora + the new hair group gift by 69. This sultry style has such pretty, soft waves and I love how the bangs are done -- framing the face with one dramatic sweep. For the $300L group join fee, you the color fatpack (!) which comes with options to wear a mini Santa hat, a shiny red Rudolph nose and/or furry earmuffs too. It's such a steal! (*NOTE: this hair is not flexi -- but these swoopy long parts curve away from the torso, so you don't get any body "cutting" by hair).
Sparkly gold "diamante" Katherine stilettos by Stiletto Moody completed this ready-to-party look. Gem hues + yellow gold -- you know it's such a 'natch.
Gavin is modeling the new free SIM opening gift at Casa CheerNo. Although we agreed that the shoulder pads, quilting, etc. was a bit fancier that he's used to wearing, he still rocked this look hard. Fitted pants are also not typically Gavin's style, but these free Redgrave black men's pants from Le.Look! looked simply hawt on him. The lower "drop" waist on these pants makes all the difference for making this snugger fit look exceptionally elegant.
This pose is such a dramatic modeling one for guys too + its currently free at vMotional. My understanding is that they're currently having a new freebie every day.

It's worth noting that CheerNo's SIM build surrounding it's store is visually stunning -- just the way the sun breaks through the clouds alone is a photog's dream.
Being from the desert in RL, I was totally reminded of the spectacular, paintbrush-like sunsets you only get in the desert (it's got something to do with the high amount of dust in the air, which refracts light in dramatic ways). See? You learn something from SL every day!
Check out how the darker sky lighting totally affects the mood of this shot.The ever-changing sky here was just amazing. By the way, this is dead-on what the desert sky looks like right after a huge rain. *pinky applauds whoever built this SIM*
What gem-tastic roundup would be complete without ruby? This free halter-neck dress by Crissy Designs is another lustrous creation that revels in this luscious color. It's bejeweled silver halter strap means that you don't need any more extra accessories on the neckline. I love the "snowy" speckling of silver dust on the skirt, just above the silver-rimmed hemline. It totally gives this dress a magical, fairy-like feel.
These nude-and-red bangles and pink gold "sideways hoops" earrings, both free from YourSkin&YourShape completed this look. I'm also showing the new free U&R Dogs "Bacchanal" ring that you can win in its lucky chair. This soft, pretty updo hair is newish by Truth + comes with a color change headband.
Check out this ridic awes lashes situation. Don't these remind you of the craziest mascara commercial ever? These supathick lashes come with a tres badass vertical streak that slash dramatically north + south of the eye. These brand-new beauties by Mstyle are very reasonably priced (in the $40L-$60L range).
Here's yet another beauty shot of those "Orchid" double-stitched leather heels by Kalnins that I just can't seem to take off my feets. Luhs this silver color + the just-right amount of shine.
Speaking of silver, this free moon chair by Kuri Style was so pretty + luminescent that it totally reminded me of shiny, silvery gem. My RL astrological "planet" is the moon, so I just had to have this in Gavin + I's home (although -- as my 5-year-old niece loves to remind me -- the moon is not a planet). O, those 5-year olds. They think they know everything.
I hope everyone is keeping calm + carrying on during this ridic hectic holiday season. (I know I'm most definitely not). Jewelry love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's in for the long haul with my affaire de cœur with jewelry)

Blue dress: Blaze - Merry Dress - Silk Blue (join group for $0L; look in Notices) - free
Blue heart necklace: U&R Dogs - The Heart of the Ocean Necklace
Socks: Honey Kitty - H_K X'mas!2009-socks02 - in-store hunt - free
Shoes: Kalnins - Orchid
Hair: Maitreya @ Le.Look! - Maitreya Le.Look! la Femme Hair/Hat - Natural Blonde (join Le.Look! group for $0L + click sign at Le.Look!) - free
Skin: Curio - :GP: Petal [Dark] Elf-Soot2
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Green dress: Sun Made Fashions - $1L gift 12-12-09 - $1L
Ring - Donna Flora - Bice Ring - free
Earrings: Donna Flora - Poison Drops gift - $1L
Skin: Curio - :GP: Sundust [Dark][ Winter-Toasty 2
Hair: 69 - MOG group gift - Palest Blonde (color fatpack) - free ($300L group join)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Katherine (Gold Diamante) (small)
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Lagoon) - $30L
Lashes: Mstyle - Mstyle Lashes - Elf

Red dress: Crissy Designs - Bloody Lady Dress - Peace on Earth hunt gift - free
Hair: Truth - Lydia - Chocolate
Kalnins - Orchid - silver (color change)
U&R Dogs - Bacchanale Ring Gold - red (color change) - free (customer appreciation gift; also available in lucky chair)
Curio - :GP: Acorn [Light] Elf-Happy Holidays (Gala + Rita Designs group gift) - free
Negaposi - Lunar eyes - Azur Large - $30L
Bracelets + earrings: YourSkin&YourShape - Xmas 2nd GroupGift - group gift -
Lashes: Mstyle - Mstyle Lashes - Bad Elf

Moon chair: Kuri Style - K*S Moon (comes with a sun chair + 2 other chairs) - free

Tesh's poses by: Long Awkward Pose and Kuri Style

on Gavin McGinnis:
Jacket: Casa CheerNo -[CheerNo]Vento Jacket Green (SIM opening gift) - free
Pants: Redgrave @ Le.Look! - LE.LOOK! l'homme - Pants - (Casual Style low waist) - Le.Look! group gift - free
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded) - previously free
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria II (Dark)
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) Large Iris - $30L
Sneakers: SoReal - Superstars black/white

Gavin's pose by: vMotional - free


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You look amazing in your gem colored dressed.
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