Dec 4, 2009

Dreaming of (Free) Lavendar + Pink . . . with Martial Arts

Gifts are rollin' fast + hard on the grid. Between all the superfun holidays stuff, oodles of hunts + the generally festive mood, December already feels like freebies madness month (and it's only the start of the month!)

Many free or $1L gifts in scrumptious pink + lavendar hues offer a welcome departure from the current Red & Green Bandwagon, like this free December group gift from Digit Darkes. This deee-eeep scoopneck + shimmery lavendar color make this simple dress a standout. (This minidress also comes with a fluttery trailing bustle which I left off here).
I was in a tarty kinda mood, so I paired this look with the big free hair from Nouveau Miranda that's been all over the blogs (this "Amber" color is my fave). And check out this awes $1L Christmas lights hair accessory from Trixxy's. This thing is like wearing a Lite Brite headband: miniature holiday lights blink on + off in various pretty colors (including pink!)
Because these lights are on the petite side, you get a "winking" colored lights effect that is just lovely. Plus unlike most headbands, this one sits across the forehead, Bohemian-style. Kinda like a hippie Xmas accoutrement. For hair.

The ongoing sale means the perfect excuse (I mean, reason) to pick up some pretty hairs. Each of these were a reasonable $75L each (the fatpacks I saw were $300L). I particularly appreciate the way adds a noticeable height to even its most basic styles; this seemingly small detail hugely impacts your hair's smexeh factor. -- Here I'm showing 2 versions (long + short) of their "Jasmine" style. See how the crown puffs up slightly in the center?
Sweeping, sexy bangs is another look that totally nails, giving classic updo styles like this "Lucy.2" style that extra oh-la-la. See what I mean about the height thing?
These in-your-face bangs in the"Rashelle" style are The. Smex.
I've been wearing this free links necklace gift by CentoPallini with everything. It comes with 2 versions with different attachment points (every jeweler in SL should please do this!) so you can double up and wear 2 at a time if you like. More importantly, it won't interfere with any spine attachments (like fur collars or other necklaces) that you might wanna layer it with.
If you're like me, your tummy always starts rumbling just when you hit your shopping stride. This free mouth nom by /ME is so handy to ward off those inevitable treats cravings. This one comes complete with note to myself that reads "Merry Christmas From ME." Super clever for a li'l mental pick-me-up.
The Girls Style store has some pretty free gifts out right now. This look combines 2 of this store's newest freebies for a warm, layered look.
It's all about the mix + match. See how the first free shimmery lavendar Digit Darkes miniskirt totally works well here instead, if you wanna ramp up this look into something sexier?
Check out this back detail too. This long lavendar sleeves look with the hot pink cable-knit texture on top is tres perky for Wintertime.
These free glittery snowflakes lashes are super pretty. (I had some trouble editing them since as you can see, I didn't get them exactly right). Still, these teeny tiny snowflakes stuck in the lashes are tres cute. They are just the thing to channel my Fairyland mood. I paired these with my beloved, oh-so-liquidy Negaposi "Water" eyes in the icy blue "Azur" color (love that all of their eyes are a very reasonable $30L).
I'm so living for the new Curio "Winter" skins series (both 1 + 2) and this "Frost" skin with the angelic icy blue makeups + light pink frosted lips is just beyond. (FYI nothing is free about these exquisite skins, and the fatpacks really are a better deal). Both of the "Winter" series give you these lush, rosy cheeks for that sensual, I-just-got-me-some face. To. Die.
One of my go-tos for smexeh gear, House of Hucci, had a lovely free gift out for the recent Glitterati SIM opening (it was still there earlier this week). It's basically a pink sequin party for your body (complete with a luxuriously thick, waist-cinching belt). Plus I am forever in love with backless style. So so so smex.Here was Gavin showing me how much he liked this dress by demonstrating his Spiderman-like sense of balance.
These huggable Frosty arm toys (another free Snowflakes Hunt gift) were way fun to play with. At least Gavin seemed to think so.
Since this smexeh outfit was purrr-worthy, I totally had to slip on this free white tiger hat + mittens Snowflakes Hunt gift from Cutie Honey. Looky the inside of the tiger ears: pink!
The mittens are script-resizable too, which is great if you have tiny hands (in both SL + RL!) like moi.
Gavin preferred the free Candy Cane Hunt gift also from Cutie Honey. His candy cane-striped ears + tail kept twitching all night. Here kitty kitty.
"I am the white tiger and therefore your superior genetic forerunner. Recognize." Miao.
The new December $1L gift from one of my all-time favie stores The Plastik includes this long-sleeved cutout dress in a rich, purple-brown wine color that is so flattering on every skin tone (a thoughtful touch that makes /me heart them even more).
I paired this dress with one of the cutest (and most detailed) fur mufflers I've ever seen. It's by UchU and this lush, yummeh peachy-pink color is exceptionally flattering for any skin tone.
You get matching earmuffs + this playful "stars antennae" headband too. (For anyone who has time to browse this supercute store, there's also a free keychain available + a giant rotating snail with extremely phallic eyes that's worth a look-see).
Check out the teeny tiny stars embedded inside the fur lining. Aren't they ahhhdorables? I luh this level of crazy detail.
This free "snow grass" gift from the Snowflake Hunt is one of the coolest hunt gifts ever. Totally goes with the free snowflakes emitter you can find in the I<3> group gift for an ultra-snowy Wintertime effect. See how little these snowflakes are? Its so relaxing to see these tiny guys fluttering all around you.
There's also many ridic cute non-hunts gifts out now. Check out this free low-prim sparkly particles tree from Candy Nail (the particles float down in lavendar + pink!) Notice the lovely detail around the base of this tree -- it's a little bowl made out of lavendar + hot pink mosaic tiles.
These $1L snowflake globes lights at !SyDS! were such a find. They come in 2 sizes each in red, green + white colors and are such an awesome touch to any windowsill. The glowy white color is my fave.
It's kinda hard to see, but check out this free "Winter Breath" by Clover (you wear it). Mmmmm my breath is tres minty-fresh. Either that or Gavin and I are magically smoking sans ciggie.
In case you hadn't noticed, martial arts poses are tres fitting with this girlie lavendar pink stuff. All of the badass poses used thoughout this post are from Niqotine -- where all poses fatpacks (and many others too) are totally + completely free. (No idea how long this freebie bonanza is gonna last, so any photogs might wanna skip on over to scoop these ASAP). Here's Gavin demonstrating his roundhouse kick technique. Pretty good huh?
It's also worth noting that these free poses are some of the finest martial arts poses around -- you can tell that someone who actually knows (or has studied) something about RL martial arts created these. Plus you just gotta love a store that labels its fatpacks names like "Scary Bitch." Hee.
I'm off to dip myself in some lavendar pink frosting to round up this whole girlie color thing properly. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who never needs a reason to celebrate pink or lavendar)


Dress: Digit Darkes - Barely Rose - group gift - free
Hair: Nouveau Miranda - Amazonia/Amber -
Headband: Trixxy's - Christmas Light Hair Band -
Skin: Curio - GP: Sundust [Dark] Winter-Black Ice 1
Negaposi - Glass Eyes - Raven - $30L
Boots: J's - Thigh High Boots - Pink
Gun thigh strap tattoo: I>3 Rien - "Power Doll" - lucky board gift - previously free
Heart necklace + earrings: Periquita - Heart Soul Necklace -
Long links necklace:
CentoPallini - December group gift - free
Tattoo: S.Loves - I State Facts Tattoo (buy girl next to sign) - previously $1L
Long black hair: - Rashelle - Sensitive Black -
$75L sale
Shorter black hair: - Jasmine 2 - Paranoid Black - $75L sale
Blonde hair: - Lucy.2 - Anxious Blond- $75L sale
Brown hair: - Jasmine - Cranky Brown - $75L sale
Gingerbread man mouth treat: /ME on Floyd - Gingerbread Noms (join the I<3 style="font-style: italic;" size="2">$0L; gift is in Notices) - free

Top: from Girls Style - GS*Knit*Milky Pink
Skirt + pants + fur wrist collars: from Girls Style - GS*Group Gift *Holly Night pk
Skirt bottom: from Digit Darkes - Barely Rose - group gift -
Lashes: WWI - Snowflakes on my Lashes - Peace on Earth hunt gift - free
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes - Large Iris - Water - $30L
Hair: - Jasmine 2 - Paranoid Black -
$75L sale
White fur puffball choker: Schoen - Fur Choker - lucky board prize -
previously free
Skin: Curio - GP: Sundust [Light] Winter-Snow Angel 2

Dress: House of Hucci @ Glitterati - Hucci Saturday Night - Pink/Black Sequin -
Pink rose choker: Pinky*Gals - Dress01 Choker -
Black boots with white fur trim: Multiple Personality Designs - Christmas Treats - free

Tiger hat + mittens: Cutie Honey - Tiger Hat & Gloves Set - Snowflake Hunt - free
Skin with tiger hat + mittens: Curio - GP: Sundust [Light] Winter-Pure 4
Snowman arm toy: Kokee's - Mini Frosty - Snowflake Hunt gift -

Burgundy cutout dress: The Plastik - Galizie - Garnet - December gift - $1L
Fur stole + earmuffs + stars antennae headband: UchU - Fuwakira Star Fur set - Daisy
Boots: Vignette - Toasties Dirt - free
Socks: Noju - Laceup Socks - Azuki
Blonde hair: - Lucy.2- Anxious Blond- $75L sale
Mouth necklace: Laciecakes @ Glitterati - *LC* (C!) - Piper NomNom Necklace (mouth) Pink/Silver - Glitterati opening hunt gift - free

on Gavin McGinnis:

Snowman arm toy: Kokee's - Mini Frosty - Snowflake Hunt gift -
Kitten candy cane ears + tail: Cutie Honey - Tiger Hat & Gloves Set - Candy Cane Hunt -
Shirt: Zenith Fashion - 1932 jacket(male) - lucky board gift - free
Jeans: Zoobang - former hunt gift - previously free
Shoes: SoReal - Superstars black/white
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Magnoria II (Dark)
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded) - previously free
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) Large Iris - $30L
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free

Lavendar-pink particles Christmas tree: Candy Nail - group gift - free
Snow grass - Murflies - Snowflakes Hunt gift (12 prims + copyable) - free
Globes lamps - !SyDS! Snow Flake Light (red, green or white) - $1L each
Winter breath - Clover - Winter Breath - free

All poses by Niqotine - The Ruthless Tiger + Kiss My Gun fatpacks - free


Anonymous said...

This, honestly, feelings like a dreadfully long spam-post. You should learn to decrease the number of images.

Tesh said...

Hi there Anonymous reader.

I am a bit confused by this comment since a) I *only* shoot what I genuinely like, which I actually pretty carefully select each week amidst tons of really great things (and anyway, what's the point of spamming my own blog?) which b) in fact creates *significantly more work* than just slapping up the normal fashion blog post which only has 2-3 images of just clothes.

Also, please note that c) the point of this blog is not only to do a quick-and-dirty showcasing of products or fashion. It's as much about displaying images + stories + ideas.

I'd love to chat about this with you further since I do appreciate my readers comments + would sincerely like to make the blog better. :) Thanks for your comment!


Dorothy said...

I can understand why someone would think this is long, because it is a story after all, but it does not resemble spam in any way. I know Tesh works very hard on these posts, coming up with a story and taking photos to display her story in a fun and unique way. This blog is not like the other fashion or freebie blogs, and although it takes a little bit of scrolling and reading, it is extremely creative. Please keep it up Tesh! I love ya and your blog xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have never readed blogs....this is the only blog that I read....and I enjoy it....
You can find here many nice free things that they offer in crazy Sl world.....and Tesh has realy a taste for picking things that are free.
Also this blog has different storys...that are inovative and funny....
So....i have to say that this blog is far far from just a spam post....


Whisper said...

Hi Tesh.... brought to your bloggy by a friend.. and I have to say.. OMG OMG OMG I want that NOSE candy cane! I love the large pics cus I am f((& blind and love to actually see the items.... Blogs are here to expand our inventories... and are lots of fun to see how others put things together.. Its your opinion and I know it takes lots of work to keep up on a busy blog.. Thank you thank you for taking the time to do it.. the benifit is its fun to do and it gives you lots of great freebees.. but thats all perspective.. Free isnt so free if you work your ass off taking pics making links and showing us consumers the way! Hurray for bloggers.. Now about that nose canycane was it actually designed that way or is that your own special interpretation of where you shove your candy canes... I loved it.. gimme candy.. but I want my own cus yours has Your boogies on it.. and I dont know you that well..

Gavin said...

Tesh, you are an amazing writer. You have created a blog that is unlike any other for SL. Each of your posts incorporates fashion and humor that follow a story line. This makes it fun to read for anyone, including people that aren't as excited about fashion.
It is sad to see when people feel the need to make malicious comments when they are jealous. Don't let this person, hiding behing an anonymous comment, bring you down.
Keep up the great work. The SL fashion world would not be the same without your blog.

Holli Thespian said...

Heyy Teshy <3 Being a blogger myself, I know what does goes into these so called "lengthy spam" posts that some like to call it..anyhow, I LOVE your pics and I actually want my pics to be bigger and easier to see like yours. Lets hope I can figure it out *laughs* Keep up the good work and I saw the candy cane up your nosey, new trend? ^^ Holli

Tesh said...

WOW everyone, I sooo hearts you for all the love!! :O)))))) Thank you sooo much for such kind words. I really do try to offer something different than the usual fashion stuffs + I'm glad you guys like it!! :O))))

Whisper - here is the slurl for the candy cane up the nose: - if you paste it into local chat it should work . . . it comes that way (up the nose). The box is on the ground and it says "Holiday Freebies Cause We Love You." Boogers rule!! :O))

/me luhs you all!! xoxoxoxoxo Tesh

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