Dec 24, 2009

What $37L Gets You

As some of you may know and/or suspect, I'm kinda obsessed with the peek-a-boo buttie look. I wanted to share with you an awes find I picked up while scooping the free holiday gifties at the PARADIS store. -- I've been in luhs with this store ever since I grabbed their "Spicy" tank tops some time ago, which I still think are some of the prettiest I've seen anywhere + are still currently available in a color fatpack for the low price of . . . free.
This first look pairs the pink "Spicy" tank with these smexeh $37L overall pants. No doubt this look is a tad bit naughty, but hey. Whoever said fashion was only for the timid? Hee.
I'm also wearing the new "Dolled Up" shoes by Atomic which I think are pretty brill. The round-toe platform style is way girlie-wirly + you also get a HUD to change both the bows + socks colors.
Here's the same overall pant in gold. I've paired it here with a gold bottom from Cherry Girl + a shiny black itsy-witsy, teeny-tiny top from one of my fave latex 'kini stores, Nyokos Wears.
The henna tat is a former freebie from the CyberStar BodyArt MM board (+ one of the coolest henna ones I've seen, since it wraps both the upper arms + the torso). I also luhs that this henna shade totally matches the lipstick hue from the new Tuli group gift skin (which btw, really is as good as everyone says it is. I haven't taken it off for days).
There are several other pieces at PARADIS that are similarly slashed down to this randomly low price of $37L, like this smexeh heart cutout cropped turtleneck top. I thought the free candy cane "doll key" from Kissed by Lithium was le kyootest addition to these red suspenders.
Here I'm showing the black version of this heart cutout top, which I've paired with some of my favie pieces from League, like these ribbed tights + brown mini with angels wings imprinted on the buttie area. The free BAX boots gift from Le.Look! were a total 'natch with this gray + brown look.
It's a bit hard to tell (since I realized after I did these shots that my long hair got partially in the way of showing this top . . . le grrrr) but the heart cutout on this black top is really perfectly situated for a la good bewbies tease.
FYI the PARADIS store has been doing its own 5-day mini-Advent calendar event (all 5 gifts have stayed around for the duration of the event), which gets you a skin, some supercute lingerie + other really nice things. Right-click around the Christmas tree and/or mantle to find the gifts with the "Buy" button activated for $0L. *FYI: this store is jammed today since I believe it's the final day. -- Please also note that I'm not sure when this $37L sale ends, so you might wanna scoot on ovah to PARADIS now if you like any of these looks.

This free handheld balloon gift from Miyoko Magic is tres fun. It changes color + "bobs" up and down while you are floating in the air. It's adorables and floats you around at a leisurely pace (the way a balloon should).
There's tons of awes skybox gifts now but one in particular that I wanted to mention. It's the free skybox profile picks gift by Lithium. This thing is a mere 37 prims + it's seriously awes. It comes with snow falling outside your window (which you can actually see out of); your own fireplace; several cute snuggle poses; a fur rug, complete with a few pillows; + 2 his/hers snowboards. The inside walls are this pretty multi-color brick texture. The shading + visual details in this skybox are really top-notch + this is not one to be missed.
Hope that everyone is eating lotsa yummy treats + scooping lotsa of gift bounty (in case you can't tell, I'm a total fan of the gimmies). *giggles quite unashamedly*

For Gavin, Dorothy, Ethan + all the SLexy Fashionista crew, here's wishing you a very happy and safe holidays. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who could totally use another $37L right now after all her holiday shoppingz)

Pink tank top: PARADIS - Spicy top Pink - free
Pink overalls pants: PARADIS - Superstar2 Pants: Pink- $37L sale
Black bikini top: Nyokos Wears - Nyoko's - Kini Latex Black
Bracelets: [ glow ] studio - gold think bracelets -
previously free
Gold overalls pants: PARADIS - Superstar2 Pants: Bronze - $37L sale
Gold bottom: Cherry Girl - Cgirl*H* Bikii Gold Print
Shoes: Atomic - Dolled Up - Black
Gloves: F.A.T. Designs - F.A.T. Black Glovez-Gold -
previously free
Pink + yellow gold earrings: U&R Dogs - Cinderella Pierced Earring - previously free
Necklace: House of Hucci - Plush Key Necklace
Bracelets: YourSkin&YourShape - Xmas 2nd GroupGift - group gift - previously free
Skin: Tuli - Eva (tone6/br) dec VIP gift - group gift - free ($250L group join fee)
Hair: 69 - MOG group gift - Brown (color fatpack) - free ($300L group join)
Tattoo: CyberStar BodyArt - CSBA fully body tattoo MEHNDI - MM board gift
- previously free
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) - Large Iris - $30L
Lashes: Mstyle - Mstyle Lashes - Elf

Candy cane doll key: Kissed By Lithium - Candy Cane Doll Key - free
Floating handheld balloon: Miyoko Magic - Christmas Ball Flyable - subscribo gift - free

Black open heart cutout cropped black turtleneck: PARADIS - Sweet'n'Cute-Black - $37L sale
Green earrings: Donna Flora - Poison Drops gift - $1L
Brown miniskirt: League - Wild Angel Booty - Micromini Skirt
Brown ribbed tights:
League - Ella stockings - brown
Red overalls:
League - Grandad Braces Red - previous $50L Fridays sale
Stiletto boots: BAX @ Le.Look! - la femme boots - free

Poses by: Torridwear

Skybox: Lithium - skybox [Winter Gift] - profile picks rewards gift - free


Rain said...

hello. the balloon is cute and makes it fun fashion, very sexy looks blog

Gavin said...

You have done a great job on another post. There are so many fans of your blog that I have been recognized by readers.
You look amazing in the peek-a-boo buttie pants. I may need to get you a stick to fight off all the gawkers. LOL

Tesh said...

Awww thanks guys ;o) kisses xoxo

G - you always give me the giggles. But that stick sure woulda come in handy when I was shooting :O)

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