Apr 1, 2012

Snapshots From the Grid: Berry Patched.

When I saw "Strawberry Festival" pop up on the Phoenix Viewer login screen the other day, I grabbed Gavin + hopped on over to check it out. Quietly tucked away in a forest clearing + hidden within the thorny bramble, we saw giant red + snow-capped berries dangling low from the forest ceiling; juice bubbles floating everywhere; and a bountiful feast of all things strawberry -- from jelly rolls to glaced petit fours, to berry-topped cheesecakes + jam waffles + baskets of plump berries -- all free + well-attended by li'l squirrel friends making off with their own stash of macaroons. Take a look.
I just luhs places that are lovingly packed with details + free fun things built for others to simply enjoy. What's so fun are the li'l animations tucked in everywhere: you can "pick" your own berries + you can even catch strawberry "juice" droplets in your own snail pail.
Now we just have to wait for RL strawberry season in a couple of months. Berry patched love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
http://slexyfashionista.blogspot.com/ To get to the Strawberry Festival: Head here + click the lone sign on the ship when you tp in. Walk into the giant strawberry bramble for a strawberry treats feast (nearly everything on the middle table is free); click the yellow bushes on your way up to for strawberry "picking"; click the small basket on the ground for a free basket; sit on the stumps near the feast for free glowing snowberries that you can hold; and finally, don't miss the snail pail that you can hold up to juice. Berry good times await you!