Apr 4, 2010

Toy Story

This is the story of a rabbit named Gyaku-Usagi. Let's call him GU for short.
GU was a happy rabbit. Sure, he had a few run-ins with Linden Labs (specifically, they used words like "anti-establishment" and "needs attitude adjustment") but such unpleasantries aside, life was good for this not-so-petite rabbit.

One day, GU was wandering around the grid when he happened to overhear Gavin McGinnis saying loudly (to whoever would listen), "Rabbits? Pfffft. Second Life would be so much better without those overgrown pests wandering around the grid. They're such weaklings too, always looking for carrots + veggies + stuff. Ha!"
GU also noticed Gavin's unfortunate choice of fashion.All of this made GU mad.
GU decided to teach Gavin a lesson. Just when Gavin finished his anti-rabbit lecture, GU decided the moment had come to show Gavin who's boss. "Weak? Who's the weakling now?" demanded GU.
GU dragged off Gavin to his favorite grassy area. He made sure to go over all the big rocks and tree stumps.
GU stuck Gavin in a cage to make him think about the unkind things he'd said. This was a wake-up call for Gavin, since Gavin hadn't had a time-out since he was like, 5 years old.
Gavin tried to chill out GU by showing him his favorite rabbit mouth toy.
But this only made GU madder. "Dressing up one of my fellow rabbits? And then wearing him . . . on your mouth?" Wow was GU P.O.'ed.

GU thought the cage would hold Gavin, but when GU wasn't looking, Gavin quickly jammed the door open + grabbed GU.
GU countered by giving Gavin a forced bunneh hug. This really freaked Gavin out.
GU finally let Gavin go. Gavin ran away. Far, far away. To this day, Gavin is still a trash-talker, but he can't hear the word "rabbit" without suppressing a shudder. Long tall bunneh ears frighten him too.
~The End~

ღ Many thanks to Ethan Kanahoe and Jaecin Melody for attending Gavin's anti-rabbit lecture. Special thanks to Ethan for graciously letting us shoot this little bunneh adventure at his gorgeous home + very special thanks to Dorothy Button, for showing us where to grab the lovely GU for free.

on Gavin McGinnis:
Jeans: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Black
T-shirt: terri.tees - chocolate bunneh tee -
Sneakers: 2Real - Pure

GU (includes dragging, lifting, other poses): Naho's Funny Shop @ Kuri*Gohan - =K*G= Gyaku-Usagi -
Hugging GU (includes hugging, punching poses): Naho's Funny Shop @ Kuri*Gohan - =K*G= nagurare-usagi - free
Cage: Naho's Funny Shop @ Kuri*Gohan - Ori-Nage -
Cage HUD: Naho's Funny Shop @ Kuri*Gohan - =K*G= Mochiage-Usagi - free
Rabbit mouth toy: Schoen - $5L group gatcha


Anonymous said...

LMAO times million! Fantastic lol

Boot Janus said...

Love this post! Real blogging hehehe

Dorothy Button said...


Gavin said...

Bunnehs are so so EVIL. I am still recovering from everything that EVIL bunneh did to me. Everyone just pointed and laughed as I was attacked. What happened to my following of anit-bunnehs.
If I ever see GU again he better run and hide because the next time I see you I'll be having hasenpfeffer.

Tesh said...

Evie + Boot - thanks so much for reading + so glad you like!! :O) PS. Now you see why Dorothy, Gavin + I are scared of cute bunnehs!! Hee hee xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

omg the dragging picture made me lol so much reading it haha. well done.

-Rhia J.

Tesh said...

Thanks Rhia!! :O) *gives bucktoothed bunneh air kisses*

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