Jan 3, 2010

Arcade Games (i.e. Pizza & Ice Cream Night)

"G, I've been hitting the treadmill like a crazy woman all week. Where can we go for some yummeh ice cream?"
"This place has great pizza + old-school arcade games. But I wanna shoot some hoops first. We can get your ice cream after."
"Listen, they don't call me Gavin "Hoops" McGinnis for nuthin'."
"McGinnis drives in from the outside for the 3-pointer!"
"All those hoops sure made me hongry. This pizza sure looks tasty."
"But G, I don't want pizza. Besides, this vending machine has my Cheetos."
"Woman, don't argue. You're going to eat this pizza and like it."
"But G . . . I really want a club sandwich. With no lettuce and extra tomatoes."
*best cute face*"Um yeah, can I get a club sandwich for delivery please. No lettuce and extra tomatoes. That's right I said no lettuce. And could you guys hurry? Kinda gotta hongry bear situation over here."
"Awww, they even remembered to put the little flag in it! Too bad they forgot about the lettuce tho'."
"Looky G, I can munch my club sandwich + play Skee-Ball at the same time! We women are such awes multi-taskers."
"And I haven't been real thrilled with all your bossyness tonite. Your PacMan ass is grass, McGinnis."
"Dream on, Wycliffe. I've held the PacMan Hi Score here for like, a bazillion years."
"Fine, Mr. Bossypants. But I got mad skillz on this here Dance Machine. Try to keep up, buddy."
"No, it's right, THEN left!"
"You can't beat my Soul Train moves, G. I watch it every Saturday, right after America's Next Top Model, so now I'm like, le good."
"That's mighty impressive + all, but I am the Whack-A-Mole king."
"OK Mr. King, knock yourself out. It's strawberry ice cream time for moi."
"Well I prefer vanilla anyway, so that's what we call a win-win.'"
"Dibs on the cherry. Ha. MINE!!"
Ahem. We wanted to kick off the new year right with some arcade games + junk food (take that, resolutions!) Not to mention some good old-fashioned competitive spirit + a teeny tiny bit of female (sandwich) manipulation.

Plus our outfits just seemed so wrong for a retro arcade games setting that they just had to be right. You know how that goes sometimes.

Btw this arcade had a fabby lucky chair, where you can win everything from free '80s movies posters to a free arcade games set for your home. Too awes! (Somebody holla at me if they spot a "T").

Happy new year everyone! Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who always has room for puffy Cheetos, pizza + ice cream)


on Tesh:
Hat: Indy & Co.: Fedora du Gaulle: Black - $1L (gift earlier this week)
Dress: Ayumi - Zippers - Black
Feather earring: Shade Throne - Feather earring black - group gift -
Cuff bracelets: Shade Throne - Heroin Bracelet silver - group gift - free
Necklace + silver earring: Donna Flora - VITA - group gift - free
Silver heels: YourSkin & YourShape - New Year's Eve group gift - Playa Llevante II NewYear'sEve - free
Updo hair: Hair OH - Oh my Holiday - BL - $100L
Skin: Vive9 - Marianne [tan] Babydoll *teeth/freks* -
Tattoo: Broken Rulez - Dragon Tattoo - free
Eyes: Umedama Holic - Gift7 - UH::Frozen eye (gift07-M-TypeA) - free
Lashes: Mstyle - Mstyle Lashes - Bad Elf

Giant cherry-topped cupcake: Elisa Poses - Cupcake Choco-Cherry - $1L (until 1/5 only)
Giant sundae: Elisa Poses - Giant Icecup (flavor change) -
$1L (until 1/5 only)
Club sandwich: Atmosphere Works - free

Poses include those by: Pretzel Poses - free; Elisa Poses; Long Awkward Pose

on Gavin McGinnis:
Jacket: Aoharu @ LE.LOOK! - l'homme - Jacket - previously free
Ripped jeans: MIASNOW - JEANS Ripped ~black (unisex) - Down the Chimney Hunt gift - previously free
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Tattoo: Broken Rulez - Dragon Tattoo - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes - Lagoon - $30L
Hair: Junwave - Natural Short (black) - previous $50L sale
Shoes: Hoorenbeek @ LE.LOOK! - l'homme - Boots - previously free


J Tatham said...

that G is kinda mean, I hope you beat him on the Pac-Man!

luv the funny stories here

Michelle Luckstone said...

>FAINTS< what a fun night out LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Gina said...

I agree that G was kind of mean but I kind of like that in a man myself.LOL.

Anonymous said...

Tesh if you ever want a real gentleman let me know. Ill give you all the club sandwiches you want babe


Tesh said...

OK some interesting comments here :O) J - you better believe I kicked some PacMan butt, hehe. Gina, Gavin wasn't really mean per se, more like wearing his Mr. Bossypants :O) Don, um thanks but I'm pretty sure Gavin’s got the club sandwich thing covered, hehe. Thanks for reading everyone :O) xoxo

Gavin said...

I still want a rematch on PacMan. The sun was in my eyes. I did end up getting you a club sandwich and picked off all the lettuce when they got the order wrong. I couldn't say no to you when you do your cute face.

Anonymous said...

hey girl, I found the comment section yayyyy! I absolutely luv r blogs and you look so gorgeous in all of them...I don't know how you manage to find the best freebies. I always get compliments because of you! Thanks for all of your hard work. HUGS GIRLFRIEND...Dreamangel

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