Sep 16, 2010


A woodsy look for ya inspired by this free leafy crown from the Snow White hunt (you actually get tiny red apples at the tips of the crown branches). A free hot pink strapless dress by zozo, some $1L rainbow striped tights by Petit Ange (that I saw on Newreem's blog here) + 2 purses finished this look: a "flying pig" purse + another hanging neck purse, both by Natural.
This gift included the craziest thing: a wearable Snow White coffin "scene," complete with les bunnehs to watch over you. And fireflies. No Prince Charming, tho'. -- Which kinda makes ya think that the whole Snow White tale could be thought of as Just Another Example of a Man Being Late. Heh.
Strange happenings in these woods. Woodsy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who typically becomes mosquito meat in the woods)


Miniature apple + leaves crown: Natural - Apple_Snow White(Wear) - NOTE: Some instructions since there are 2 stores here. You will likely get defaulted into Heureux (the grungy tat store). Walk outside that store to Natural, the cute girlie store next door with the miniature train inside. At the entrance, click the "HINT" sign to locate the (real) grayish/silver spinning apple (it's not hard) in the Snow White hunt to buy for $0L; after unpacking, "touch" the mirror to get the gifts inside! - free
Dress: zozo @ Petit Pas - :zozo: bare top Dress (Pink)/Lucky letter - lucky board prize (join Petit Pas group for $0L by touching sign in mall to touch boards; tons of lucky boards here) - free
Blue & gold cuffs: MeteoRain - *MR-Pierced earrings & Bracelet (GoldxBlue) - buy floating sign in water near 2 lucky boards; includes matching earrings - $1L (previously blogged)
Hanging "necklace chain" purse: Natural - WearTouchrace bag(black) - buy for $0L near entrance; poses + another "hanging necklace" purse also free; tons of lucky boards here + a Snow White hunt gift here too - free
Black bead necklace: Frippery - ET~The Blood of the Rose Necklace - find white/silver spinning apple; buy for $0L (HINT: too much TV is bad for you!) - free
Pink flying pig purse: Natural - PigbabyBag6 (random gatcha prize; buy for $10L near gatcha machines inside) - $10L
Tights: Petit Ange - *an*knit_tights_multi_socks (buy sign on wall near tights, labeled "$1L") - $1L
Shoes: Lurani - Lurani:Neuicci-OrangeRedSole (buy orange shoe on top of dresser) - $10L *mwuahs Emmy* for telling me about these!
Gloves: League - *League* Fingerless Wool Gloves -Multistripe- $1L
Skin: Tres Blah @ Designers United 4 -tb- {Tan} DU Narcissus - Light Thick Brows
Hair: Dernier Cri @ Hair Fai2 2010 - (Dernier Cri) Kira - All Shades *mwuahs Asuka Martin*
Lashes: Redgrave - Showgirl lashes
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Azure
Standing pose: Pretzel Poses
Natural - Apple_Snow White_Rabbit90Prim(Wear) - included in the Snow White hunt prize; find/buy grayish silver spinning apple for $0L - free