Sep 11, 2010


Most of us have already scooped all the goodies at Modavia by this point, but here's a quick look I threw together using the free pretty Lelutka @ Modavia skin.
The rest of this look are some recent gift finds: a free bohemian top by Pop Feel; a free denim floofy skirt (yeah, it's a li'l '90s, but as Dream and I were just saying, retro vibes in fashion just wont go away) + some nicely detailed free white lace leggings, both by *mocchi*mochi*; a mussed $1L shortie hair by Hair Oh @ Hair Fair 2010; and what inspired this look, a free feather headpiece + upper arm bracelets by Primalot.

In other news: check out this giant floating double-decker ice cream cookie "seat." With giant orange kitty. With whipped cream on his head. For $10L. 'Nuff said.
Now a personal note by me: today is September 11, which for those of us NYCers who distinctly remember it as a weekday, feels a little strange to fall on the weekend. People who live here think about that fateful day every day (not just today) so I'm choosing to commemorate today not with any special T-shirt (although I'm not downplaying those; these are beautiful gestures too), but rather with the same attitude I feel every time I look at the vast expanse of sky that used to be the Twin Towers: that I'm grateful for the chance to live. That all those people are just gone. That I truly can't imagine what it must have felt like to be in those buildings or on those planes or rescuing those people (even tho' I've thought about it countless times). That I can't believe that health care for the first responders has been quietly and silently denied. That despite the bitter battle of what should be built down there now (i.e. on extremely valuable Manhattan real estate), to me, that site will always be an enormous graveyard.

That being said, SL is important, and especially today: for me, SL fires the imagination and stirs my own creativity, even if its vehicle is thru mere digital pixels. I celebrate the golden joy of the everyday by posting just another look today.

Reflective love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(whose heart feels very, very heavy on this day)


Skin: Lelutka @ Modavia - [LeLutka]-LOLA_skissed-MFW2010(L Brows) - touch square sign on desk to get for $0L - free
Hair: Hair Oh @ Hair Fair 2010 - [OH] DOLLARBIE -
Top: Pop Feel - *pop feel*Tunic one piece-Heart - group gift (join group for
$0L; touch sign above bar) - free
Stockings: *mocchi*mochi* - *.amato.* lace stockings (buy sign for
$0L on wall) - free
Skirt: *mocchi*mochi* - *.amato.* denim_skirt 01 boxed (buy sign for
$0L on wall) - free
Feather headpiece + upper arm bracelets: Primalot - PRIMALOT 'Silent Guard' bracelet & head piece (groupgift) - subscribo gift (touch subscribo; then touch white envelope thing next to subscribo + type "all" into local chat) -
Woven brown bracelet: Fairy Tail @ Le.Look - [Fairy Tail]Leather Bracelets 19 -
$1L (special gatcha price for this weekend only)
Necklace: Twisted & Spoiled - Hello Kitty Necklace (part of Twisted & Spoiled LC Kitty in Brown outfit) - lucky chair prize -
Pose: Olive Juice @ Hide & Seek - Olive Juice- Opening Gift (Greatest Hits) - buy gift box at front of store for
$0L - free
Giant kitty float: Kue - [KUE!] Orange Kitty Icecream Cookie Float -
$10L gatcha
Sack with kitty in it (held): Kue - [KUE!] Kitty Stocking -wear - subscribo gift -