Sep 17, 2010

SPAM, That Forgotten Mystery Meat

Kue creator Jubatajuno Noyes is offering this tres delicious homage to That Other Mystery Meat that you can win for free. *mwuahs Jubatajuno Noyes*
You get 2 versions in this free lucky board prize: one for wearing SPAM on the head (you "shed" a trail of nice plump pink slices as you saunter around) + another SPAM "seat" with 2 sitting poses, 1 for you + 1 for your non-SPAM-averse friend of choice.
One little-known fact about SPAM: it casts a strange, powerful, meaty spell over les menz. Scientific studies show that it's got something to do with its unique "pork, shoulder and ham" fragrance. -- As you can see, Gavin was rendered utterly powerless against my smelly SPAM powers here.
Processed mystery meat love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who might be brave enough one day to actually try SPAM)

SPAM headpiece + seat: Kue - [Cafe Gamma] Spam-Walker and [Cafe Gamma] Spam-Chair - lucky board prize (you can also win 1 or the other in the free daily gatcha prize; the walker "sheds" SPAM slices as you walk) - free
Hair flowers: Couverture @ Designers United 4 - couverture*narcissus... Hair accessories +DU4 - $150L
Hair: Lamb @ Hair Fair 2010 - !lamb. Lovage - Butterfinger
Shoes: Glow Studio @ Designers United 4 - [glow] Narcissus Shoes Silver -
Skin: Tres Blah @ Designers United 4 -tb- {Tan} DU Echo - Light Winged Brows
White tulle skirt w/ tiny blue crows: Deviant Girls - *dg* swallow tulle skirt -
Bottom (worn with skirt): Hucci - ::HH:: Hucci Dance Darling - White
White corset: Trilobiteware - Leather V Underbust Corset - Star
Tank top (worn with corset): Aura/Lingerie Boutique - Aotearo - White Leanne Corset Top
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Moonlight