Sep 13, 2010

Crow'ed & Droll'ed

Hello SLexy readers. Today I have yet another homage to my long-standing wuv affair with the almighty feather. Check out this plush, rust-toned feather "collar" on a naughty lace-up dress by Deviant Girls, which btw was priced at a very reasonable $150L.
A dramatically short bob hair by Hair Oh + these spectacular "bloom" ankle booties by Glow Studio completed this look.

In other news, I'm living for this light tan Tres Blah skin. Living.
And now my inspiration for this look: these utterly fabby free bird's "nest" coat hanger earrings.
The deets are tres fierce here: check out the mini Robin's eggs + mossy grass touches inside. I must say that I'm tickled by the earring "hook" + entire bird's "nest," made entirely of miniature coat hangers (!) Take it from this RL jewelry designer: this fresh, whimsical design is the very essence of droll couture. *mwuahs Ruby69kill Moonites*

Crow'ed love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who loves stumbling upon droll things, of any kind)


Earrings: Deviant Girls @ World of Water - *dg* crows nest hanger pierece - subscribo gift (touch small red square subscribo on wall near exit to get for $0L) - free
Dress: Deviant Girls - *dg* rusty crows nest:hanger -
Shoes: Glow Studio @ Designers United 4 - [glow] Narcissus Shoes BLACK/GOLD -
Arm bangle: Atelier AM - .+*AA*+.feather bangle *dark
Nails: Candy Nails - Candy Nail #P053 Aqua Green
Skin: Tres Blah @ Designers United 4 -tb- {Tan} DU Echo - Light Winged Brows
Hair - Hair Oh @ Hair Fair 2010 - [OH] ::::(o_x):::: BOB BROWN -
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Moonlight
Face close-up pose: Deviant Girls @ Themis Island - free microphone poses (buy sign near lucky board for $0L) - free
Standing crouch pose: With Love & Squalor